The Time Zack Morris Stole School Supplies To Sell Spaghetti Sauce
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The Time Zack Morris Stole School Supplies To Sell Spaghetti Sauce

♪ Zack Morris is trash. (bell rings) ♪ – [Narrator] Zack scans the
class for fresh meat to torment. He tries to pressure Robin into a date, but she quickly deduces he’s broke and therefore not worth her valuable time. The gang’s assigned a cable access show. Kelly wants to do something original a young audience can relate to. Zack wants to rip off a stale format made specifically for adults. Zack appoints himself co-anchor
of his sloppy morning show that leads with a principal interview. Sure the kids are gonna love that. Then a weather report
that’s just an excuse to put Kelly in a bathing
suit and get her soaking wet. Time for the spaghetti sauce
segment, for the teens. Screech’s sauce is a hit,
fans are clamoring to buy it. Zack sees Robin, who he knows would probably do hand
stuff for a rich guy and gets a great idea. He yells, they’re going
to sell Screech’s sauce and be millionaires. Only his plan attracts Robin to Screech, because she is not interested
in middle management. Robin tells Screech to buy her lunch with money he doesn’t have. Zack commandeers the school kitchen with beakers he stole from the lab and labels he had Lisa
print in the library. Kelly wonders if they might get in trouble for using all these Bayside resources to sell spaghetti sauce. Zack says it’s fine, a lie. Screech returns from
his pricey lunch date. Kelly says Robin is bad news. She only sees dollar signs. Screech is in denial, which Zack ignores to start his marinara empire. Zack packages the recipe
he stole from Screech in equipment he stole from the school in a sequence he stole from I Love Lucy. Then Zack uses Bayside’s AV gear to shoot a commercial that features every Italian stereotype
under the Tuscan sun to be broadcast on
airtime that was intended for their class project. Zack sets up shop without a permit inside a restaurant he
is now competing with, displaying large color signage
made on school printers. Then has the girls’ neglect
their real cheerleading duties to rally up some sales. Meanwhile, Screech is in way over his head with his gold-digging lady friend, buying her lobster and expensive jewelry. The girls beg Zack to intervene. Unwilling to lose his female sales force, Zack finally agrees to talk to Screech. When Belding inquires if he knows anything about these exorbitant
bills for tomatoes, beakers, and printing materials
he does not recognize, Zack hands him a beaker
full of tomato sauce with a printed label to
throw him off his trail, but before Zack can tell Screech what he should have told him about Robin, minute one, a man from Betsy Crocker Food says that sauce they’re selling, it’s from their published recipe book, cease and desist. Zack takes no responsibility
for his latest business, thrown together with no due diligence, and plans to murder his friend. – I’m gonna kill him. – [Narrator] At least Screech has Robin. Zack, at long last, informs him, she only wants cash, the
entire reason Zack alerted her they were getting into the sauce biz. Screech, who should have stopped
believing Zack years ago, understandably doesn’t trust him, until he overhears Robin’s cruel laughter. Zack and the gang are packing up. Zack is stoked they didn’t get
sued and made a little cash, a good day at school,
in his deranged book. Belding walks in with the
smoking gun Zack gifted him He wants the $1500 they spent by tomorrow or they’re all suspended. Zack says they’ll just have to pay back what they stole from their profits, only there aren’t any. Screech spent every dime on Robin. This gives Zack a great idea. He has Screech tell Robin he’s exhausted from making all this dough so he’s selling the recipe, today, to spend more quality
time buying her lobsters. Zack shows up to the meeting looking like a goddamn Indiana Jones villain. The gang runs a very hacky bid, saying the sauce is a goldmine. Then begins a bidding
war with this stranger, who looks nothing like Zack. Robin takes the bait and
writes a check for $2,000, a $500 net profit on their theft, that Zack greedily grabs. Let’s review. Zack Morris took an opportunity to make a new show for a young audience and turned it into uninspired chaos. Then when one quality thing
somehow emerged from his pile, he schemed to use it to get rich to gain physical access to a shady woman he knew only wanted money, and when his noisy plan got
Screech involved instead, did nothing to try and stop it until the damage was done because he didn’t wanna impede the profit margins of a business that has zero overhead since every part of it is stolen. Then, to pay back his theft, after handing over damning evidence to his sole investigator, used his flare for dull showmanship to steal one last time, by robbing a girl with
a spaghetti sauce recipe he never even owned. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash. (bell rings) ♪

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100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Stole School Supplies To Sell Spaghetti Sauce

  1. Lab quality Pyrex flasks by the dozen …yeah don’t worry they’re totally so cheap the school won’t even care or notice. They’re basically like solo cups. Just be glad they didn’t go with priceless mason jars, that would be serious theft.

  2. And we never saw Robin again because she probably realized she’d been duped and realized how much of a butch she was and then went and fucking killed herself..

  3. Zack once fucked Kelly, Lisa and Jesee in a hardcore 3 way. You just mad cause you wanted to be like him in HS.

  4. Should you have ended it with " We never hear from Robin again, because she probably fucking killed herself"?

  5. It’s hard enough selling charity candy bars in high school but this episode makes it seem like there’s some hot marinara market for teens no dummy has ever tapped into.

  6. “Zack shows up to the meeting looking like a goddamn Indiana Jones villain” I thought he looked like a serial killer, like H.H Holmes.

  7. Actually I don't think that guy has any right to give them a cease and desist letter, because recipes are public domain, you can't trademark them. That's why companies always keep their recipes as secret as possible, only listing ingredients to their products. Basically if that guy's company was so stupid as to publish the actual recipe of their product then it's their own fault if people started copying it.

  8. You can sue someone for corporate espionage to get a "secret" recipe from you, but you can't sue someone for using your recipe: Especially a recipe that you published publically. How could this 90's childrens show mess up U.S. patent law?!?

  9. And we never seen Robin again because after she found out she got duped, she probably fucking killed herself

  10. I have a feeling the narrator is jealous of Zack's looks and popularity and is trying to destroy the legacy of Saved by the Bell in revenge.

  11. And we never see Robin again, because after realizing she was not only scammed, but that she probably deserved it for being a gold digger, she probably fucking killed herself.

  12. Is this Zack Morris is trash jingle going to be stuck in my head forever or will it eventually leave anybody know?

  13. Seriously these crack me up – genius. I was addicted to watching Saved by the Bell as a kid – what an eye opener on how awful Zack was. Now Im binge watching these – thanks!

  14. Zack probably would've won that case if they HAD sued.

    You can't copyright or a trademark a recipe. They can be patented, but only in very specific cases and it can't just be a recipe for an existing food, such as spaghetti sauce. And the recipe was clearly not a trade secret if it was in a cookbook.

    I'm no lawyer, but I'd certainly consult one before I just up and stopped selling this very profitable product just because some suit said some stern words to me.

    But Zack is too dumb to know that (or at least ask a lawyer), and chances are even if he did win and could sell it openly and make enough bank to pay for his own damn canning supplies, he'd probably STILL steal school supplies because he's just that big a piece of shit.

  15. He reminds me of a white Will Smith from Fresh Prince. XD
    I swear, they are almost the same character.

  16. Looking back on this now as an adult I would love to know if the writers intentionally wrote Zack as a complete self centred douche bag tool of a kid. 😂😂😂😂

  17. Trash or not, you got to comment his intelligence in coming up with solutions whenever he messes up, lol. Ripping off the gold-digger was effective and sort of a well-deserved comeuppance for the gold-digger.

  18. Shoulda told the lawyer to F off. Recipes have no legal protection. That's why people go to such great lengths to keep them secret

  19. How did Betsy Crocker know the recipe I'd it was supposed to be kept secret?

    And we never see Robin again because she probably fucking killed herself!

  20. His friends are just as guilty. He didn't force them to do anything. It isn't like he put a gun to their head. Is friends always agree with him pretty easily so I guess they're just gullible

  21. I've made it a point to thumb-down every one of these videos because, while Zack Morris is trash… Funny or Die is AIDS

  22. 2:02 they had a problem with m telling them to hold their defecation, but lemme educate ya silly, that’s not defamation!

  23. Saved by the Bell should have ended the way Seinfeld ended, where all of the people who supposedly "fucking killed themselves" come out of the woodwork to testify against Zack and send his ass to prison.

  24. Hold up. No one stole school supplies. Those are bought and paid for to be used by students. Yes, it's a grey area, but I'm sticking by it. The only thing he did wrong was to sell the supplies because they no longer became items used by students. Scamming the gold digger at the end was kind of epic though.

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