The Time Zack Morris Lost His Teacher’s Car Investing In Potatoes
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The Time Zack Morris Lost His Teacher’s Car Investing In Potatoes

♫ Zack Morris is Trash – [Narrator] Zack Morris
asks Mikey if he can borrow $300 to replace his
father’s new video camera. Zack accidentally dropped it off the roof while secretly filming
his twin teenage neighbors practicing aerobics. Miss Bliss is teaching her
class about the stock market. The class invested $50
in a small airline that recently merged with a larger airline, pushing the price of the
stock up three dollars and generating $150 in
profit for the class. This gives Zack a great idea. He asks Miss Bliss where he
can learn more about stocks. She says the library. Then he asks Miss Bliss: – Where is the library? – [Narrator] The question
every 8th grade teacher dreams to hear. Mylo tells Miss Bliss
her beat up, old car is, once again, leaking oil
all over the parking lot. Miss Bliss says she
finally saved up enough of her school teacher salary to buy a new car that will be arriving in four days. Zack and Mikey break into school at 6 AM. Zack convinces Mikey to
join his plan by promising him enough money to buy a
room full of video games, a trip to Yankee stadium,
and a private jet with Justine Bateman from Family
Ties as his personal stewardess. And what’s Zacks plan? When he went to the library,
for the first time in his life, he read about a guy who made $300,000 in potato stocks in 15 minutes. So Zack wants to sell
all of the classes stock without their permission and
invest the money in potatoes. When Mylo asks what they’re
doing at school this early Zack says they’re here
for a special project. Then he asks Mylo what
he knows about potatoes. Mylo says potatoes are
the food of the nineties, and it’s National Potato
Month, which is all Zack needs to hear to commit fraudulent trading before first period. Zack convinces the rest of the class to go along with his
bold investment strategy with this compelling sales pitch. – Therefore, potatoes equal mega bucks. – [Narrator] Lisa and Nikkie aren’t sold, so Zack tells them
they’ll make enough money to pay for a Beverly Hills shopping spree and a habitat for the endangered condor. When Nikki’s about to ask Miss Bliss what she thinks of all this,
Zack tells her it will ruin the surprise when they
use some of the money they make to buy chrome rims for her new car. Zack shows up the next day to
announce their potato stock has gone up $6,000, which
comes to $300 per student. The amount Zack needs to replace
his father’s video camera. Zack says it won’t be long
before he’s able to buy Malibu and rename it Zack’s Beach. Mikey tells Zack they’re
playing a dangerous game. They bought the potatoes
on margin, which means if the stock price drops
they’ll owe a lot of money. Zack tells Mikey to relax,
and they should wait 24 more hours to sell
because he’s got a great feeling about these potatoes. The price of potatoes
plummets ten minutes later. When Miss Bliss asks what’s
going on, Screech explains Zack took it upon himself to
take all the classes money and invest it in potatoes. But it wasn’t just the classes money. Because Zack bought the
stock in Miss Bliss’s name on margin and then it crashed,
Miss Bliss now owes $1,500. Miss Bliss says this is
the most dishonest behavior she’s ever seen and is no longer
able to afford her new car. Miss Bliss comes to class the next day and apologizes for being,
understandably, pissed off that Zack made the whole class
lose her hard-earned money. Zack was going to sell his dirt
bike to pay Miss Bliss back, but now he doesn’t have to. Miss Bliss announces she now
owns 3,000 pounds of potatoes, and tells the class it’s
their new job to sell them, so she can hopefully buy
a car sometime next year. So, now, instead of
learning history and math, the class is cold-calling
people in the phone book trying to sell them potatoes
and Miss Bliss is stuck driving a junker car that leaks oil. Lets review. Zack Morris broke his fathers video camera spying on teenage girls. Broke into school to commit
fraudulent stock trading, so he could invest the
classes money in potatoes. Convinced his classmates
to go along with it by promising impossible riches. Got greedy after he made
the money he needed. And lost everything
costing his teacher a car and his classmates a decent education. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zack Morris is Trash

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100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Lost His Teacher’s Car Investing In Potatoes

  1. 1: Ms Bliss was dumb for using real money in the project in the first place
    2: You forgot to mention that Zack commuted identity theft

  2. Hold on, he PUT A SCHOOL TEACHER INTO DEBT via fraudulent misrepresentations to his fellow students? As a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN? Who the fuck wrote this guy's character!? I can't tell if Zack gets worse or better as he goes through high school, but judging by the fact that there are MULTIPLE SEASONS of this video series, he never seems to learn any lessons.

  3. I mean, if they sell those potatoes at $0.60/pound then she'd make her money back and then some lol. Problem solved? I'm not sure what the potatoes would go for in the 80s, though.

  4. I didn’t watch this show as a kid….so this all new territory for me watching this awesome series. And…wow….were we supposed to be rooting for Zach? Because this just seems like the diaries of a high school sociopath to me….


  6. This is a good morning Miss bliss episode or this mite bee apart the re-runz of SBTB….I'm new here n this shit rite here nigga is 🔥

  7. You do know Zack is a made up character written by someone and he's just an actor…right? You made a whole season on this shite. Come on.

  8. When I was a kid and watched reruns on TV I always thought whenever he did stuff like that it was just 'classic zack morris' bit now I see he's just a jerk

  9. "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."
    -JP Morgan
    "My favorite holding period is forever."
    -Warren Buffett
    "Potatoes equal megabucks"
    -Zack Morris

  10. Proof that Even before it was “saved by the Bell” and was a show about a teacher (miss bliss), the zack Morris character was trash!

  11. "Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris lost his teacher's car investing in potatoes?"

    Can't say I do, since it was Good Morning, Miss Bliss when that happened, not Saved By the Bell…

  12. I know it was Good Morning Miss Bliss before it was retooled & became Saved By The Bell & Zach(k), Lisa, Screech & MR Belding were magically transferred to California & Bayside & I don't think they ever came up with an explanation about it. But I'm guessing Mikey, Nikki & Milo were grateful to be rid of Doucheboy Morris !!

  13. Would you do how tim allen is trash on home improvement? Also would you do Ross and Joey being trash, esp. Joey from friends?! Also would you do one on how all of the males on the show the league are trash!! 📺🙏🏻👏👍👏🙏🏻👍😻🤩🥳

  14. Also would you do examples of how a diaries of a whimpy kid is the same type of Zack trash programming! 📺🙏🏻👍👏🙏🏻😻🙏🏻

  15. Also would you do some on how Brenda from 90210 was the queen of mean trash?! Also please do will and Hillary on the fresh prince?! Also Alex and Mallory Keaton on family ties?! 🙏🏻👏👍💕😻🥳🤩😍📺🙏🏻

  16. WTF is with the selling potatoes at the end? That not how stocks work, unless someone wanted to trade the stocks she owned for real potatoes.

  17. She definitely could have contested that since Zach purchased it fraudulently. Sucks, but his parents should’ve been on the hook. He can figure out how to pay them back.

  18. Zach always did things no real kid would dare to do. In the first season it was good morally, till later when it got pretty ucky. Zach is any popular guy or girl's idol.

  19. You should learn how to equalize volume bro. Seriously I shouldn't have to turn my volume up to hear your soft ass voice just to be ear raped by an overly loud "zach morris is trash"

  20. When I was a kid watching this, I thought this Zach was a winner. Instead, he really is a loser. I mean, he fails in EVERYTHING he does. Aside from the fact that he is trash. Of course.

  21. Any character who is never seen again on GMMB & SBTB, didn't kill themselves!
    That's fake news!

    It's obvious Mr. Belding ate them, which explains how he became so fat!

  22. Imagine a telemarketer calling you trying to sell potatoes. Now imagine some kids calling you trying to sell it..You wouldn't buy from adults calling you. Why would you buy it from a bunch of kids?

  23. The only thing I remembered about this show when I was a kid in the early 90's was Slater being a total dick. Needless to say, I had it the other way around.

  24. Had Zack put in a stop loss, he would have protected his gains and the teacher wouldnt have had to take delivery of 100,000 lbs of a potato futures contract

  25. Why did they replace mikey with slater? Nicky with kelly? Where did jesse come from? And wasn't the first season somewhere in the midwest? How was it all of a sudden california? And what happened to miss bliss?

  26. I just wish this series had a Felony, Misdemeanor, and Expulsion counter with an end of season wrap. he should have been locked up by 18 until his 30's on financial crimes alone

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