THE TEACHER’S COUNTRY | official trailer
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THE TEACHER’S COUNTRY | official trailer

Good morning class! Sit down. Our today’s lesson is about 50 years of Tanzania Mainland. Within this 15 years of independence there have been so many things. Good and bad things. Maybe 50 years for a country is very still very young. But still it’s a time to reflect
on what progress we have made since And also there is some
debate also on what is the right path to follow from now on. I cook today
because today is a Friday. So we don’t have the fish. So if we don’t have the
fish I just cook a chicken – kuku! I’ve never tried this but I know it’s
not easy It’s not it’s not impossible it is not
easy. It is in our hands. It is in the hands of the leaders. Leades who have decided to work for the Tanzanians. And not fake politics as what we see today. I have four cans of energy drinks. The moment you see me pull out one of
those cans than you know it’s getting serious. I’m the VOV and the VOS – the voice of
the voiceless and the voice of the silent people.

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4 thoughts on “THE TEACHER’S COUNTRY | official trailer

  1. Ich habe heute das Vergnügen, den offiziellen Trailer zu "The Teacher's Country" präsentieren zu können. Schaut ihn Euch an, wenn er gefällt, zeigt das durch ein +1, teilt es auch auf Facebook oder anderen sozialen Netzen, erzählt es allen! Danke!

  2. Hey Magda! The film will have its official premiere by the end of the month at the Afrikafilmfestival in Leuven, Belgium. Later on there will be DVDs available. Just drop us a message to info 'at' theteacherscountry 'dot' de and well include you in our mailing list.

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