The Teacher – Salomon Running TV S4 E04
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The Teacher – Salomon Running TV S4 E04

This is so cheesy. I always set up
classrooms in my room at home and I would, my Dad has
a tractor in Vermont. So I would stick kids in the
back of the tractor and drive them around like
it was a school bus. I think a part of me always
wanted to be a teacher, but I never actually thought
I would be a teacher. You know I hiked when I first
moved here eight years ago I didn’t really get into running
and then I did one race, I’ll never forget, it was the
Cart-to-Cart from the town of Crested Butte to Crested
Butte South to where I live, 11 Miles and I was dead last. I was never a competitive person
and never once did my parents think I was going to fly
across the world to do a running race,
nor would I. And, you know, I don’t even know
when the competitiveness started in running. I might have
won a race here or there and tried another one
and from there it got a little bit more,
bigger if you will. My first international race was the
Sierre-Zinal Race and Pablo Vigil asked me if I would be interested in
running it and because I was already going to be in Europe,
I thought “Why not? I had a great year last year and a lot
of it had to do with the support from the community and it’s just, it’s a great feeling to know I have this whole town’s support. My reality is I’m a second grade school
teacher and it’s not easy finding the balance because I
want to be a great runner and I would love to be
a wonderful teacher. I missed some days last year of school
and instead of the parents being upset with me, they bought a present to congratulate me. Yeah, and these kids, when they get
something, when they finally read that sentence they’ve been struggling with for a week, it’s the most amazing moment as a teacher to know that you helped them get there, or you are at least there to see it. Teaching like the trails, every day is
something new.Those kids come in every day with a new story to tell you,
everyday there is some sort of excitement in the classroom. I like how teaching brings something new every day. I don’t really know what my ultimate goal s for running these races. Yeah, I’d love to win everything but
that’s just not going to happen, and I’m getting old too, so that’s
not going to happen anymore. I’m no spring chicken so this is
going to come to an end here soon. What I’m really trying to start
telling myself is ‘You can only do the best that
you can on that day.’ And I’m just trying to go into every
race with that kind of attitude and hope that the best works out.

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  1. Salomon videos are always great. However, I prefer the old series. They made me dream and wanted to go out there to run. The current videos are less inspiring…

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