The Teacher Project | Austin’s Story
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The Teacher Project | Austin’s Story

Music was always a big part of my life. The stuff that they’re doing, makes me want to keep going. There’s a lot of students that don’t have access to music education in their schools, so part of my work is in working with teachers who are trying to implement music education and then part of my work is with the Resonate initiative. Resonate started as a music conference for High School students to attend. Since then it has grown to involve lots of different activities and events that we have put on throughout the year and they all kind of connect and relate to each other. We wanted to connect kids to other kids who might share some of those interests that they just don’t have access to in their schools. On Jamming Fridays, I make that class open to virtually anybody to come in. It was a perfect class for Austin to also join in on, and also a great opportunity for my students to see somebody else playing a different instrument that they don’t normally see and see how that fit in to what we were doing as a class. So Austin started coming to my class every Friday and just blended in perfectly. We just started working from there. Miss Worman asked me, uh, she asked me like “What are your goals?” and I was like “Well I kind of want a band” and she’s like “Okay!” So then the next thing I know, she’s like “Yup, I got a pedal steel player, I got Dave Carter, he’s playing guitar and Bernie, he’s going to play the drums.” I’m just like “Woah”. We were just blown away, and, just the fact that she had put together this band with you know, people that would play the music that Austin wanted to play, because you don’t have a bunch of 15 year olds that are, you know knocking down the door wanting to play Bluegrass music and, you know, Johnny Cash and stuff. She has a passion for music and she sees it in other people, and she’s able to bring that out in them and she goes above and beyond. Like I don’t know, it just makes me want to move forward with my music and like just don’t quit. Like that’s my thing, I’m not going to quit this. I’m going to try and push this as far and see where I go. We just can’t thank her enough. When there’s a teacher that sees what you see in your child and just tries to help that blossom, it’s the best feeling in the world.

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