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The Social Classroom

(students talking) – I got you there. (students talking) (student laughs) – We use a social context
to learn about the world. We learn from others by watching
what they’re interested in, and we learn by collaborating with them and discovering their ideas. When I went to school, all
the desks faced forward, theater seating, and the
teacher was at the front. And learning was thought
of as a one-way street between the teacher and the
vessels, we were the vessels. Pour in the information, and
everything’s gonna be good. But not we realize that learning
has to be more interactive, and this notion that interactivity comes from a social context. So what does that say about classrooms? It says that kids ought
to face one another, that circles, or U-shaped,
or anything that gets kids looking at one another,
interacting with one another. Also, classrooms that allow
kids to move and regroup, that they come together in
larger groups facing each other. They come together in small
groups facing each other. They work one on one. Anytime in which students
have access to one another and are allowed and
encouraged to move and act on the knowledge, and create
together, co-create, co-design, that’s the classroom that
will be more successful than the face-forward,
one-way street that many of us experienced when we were children.

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