The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election
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The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election

The Electoral College. America’s unique way of picking her President. For it or against it, you might want to know there’s a plan to use the Electoral College to subvert the Electoral College. It’s a sneaky plan and to understan(d), remember that: while it feels like citizens pick the president in one big election, they don’t. The 50 states pick the president. Oh and, District of Columbia. But not you, Puerto Rico — come back when you’re a state. How the states come together and how they vote is what the Electoral College is. Each state gets votes proportional to her population (plus two) and is free to cast these votes however she wants. Most look at how their citizens voted and give all their Electoral College votes to the state-wide winner. But they don’t have to. A couple states cast their votes proportional-ish to their citizens’ preferences. But states are free to vote however. Including against the preferences of their citizens. Let’s make a note of that. But back to this plus two, which is why some citizens *really* don’t like the Electoral College. The plus two means: the states less populous produce preponderate presidential picking power per person. At the extremes, some states get one vote per low hundred thousand people and some states one vote per high hundred thousand. This is how the Electoral College sometimes picks a president that nationwide most citizens didn’t. Because roughly 80% of the state votes are given by population and 20% aren’t. This is on purpose. Dividing power between the levels of citizen, state, and federal is (and was) a central point of the Constitution. It’s a Compromistitution. So if you went back in time to when the states were about to finalize the deal, yelling: (as Future Grey)
Don’t sign that document. I’m from the future. You’re creating an Electoral College where votes for president are distributed proportionally-ish not *perfectly proportionally*. (as present-day narrator Grey)
The reply would be: (as New York girl)
Yes, that’s one of the many compromises we agreed upon. (as Future Grey)
But because of that sometimes a president will be elected with a minority of the popular vote! (as New York girl)
Yes. (as Future Grey)
But the people… (as Constitutional Convention)
The people? You can’t trust the people. Do you think this Compromistitution is for a direct democracy lawl? We’re building a republic here. (as Future Grey)
Yes, I know but would you just look at this spreadsheet of improportion–? (as New Hampshire girl)
–How many states are there in the future? (as Future Grey)
50… maybe 51 depending on how… (as New York girl)
–Wow! What a tremendous success! Go Compromistitution! (as Future Grey)
No, can we focus– (as New York girl)
Do you even own land? (as Future Grey)
No… (as New York girl)
Then why would we listen to you? Goodbye. (as present-day narrator Grey)
Thus the Electoral College is doing what it was designed to do (totally on purpose) and the Supreme Court has reaffirmed this. So if you don’t like the Electoral College, then tough noogies for you. And if you do, then nothing to worry about. The Electoral College, in a fortress of axiomatic constitutionality, has survived for a thousand generations of this republic. The only way to break through the front gate would be with a constitutional amendment. But getting enough states to push on the same side of that gromulent tool (while not theoretically impossible) is legislatively improbable. This is where the sneaky plan comes in. (Did you forget about that? Don’t worry, I got carried away.) There is a back door that, if breached, can turn the constitutional fortress protecting the Electoral College into a prison. The sneaky plan is named: the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. It’s a terrible name. Probably on purpose to hide sneakiness behind boringness as bureaucratic paperwork camouflage. But I’m calling it NaPoVoInterCo. Which is sort-of-not-really better, but whatever. Here are the sneaky deets. 1. Assume destroying the constitutional protections of the Electoral College is impossible. Point 2 is the note from before that, States can cast their Electoral College votes however they want. These are just facts. But if a state signs on the dotted line, Point 3 is the big deal: NaPoVoInterCo members agree to cast their Electoral College votes for the candidate who gets the most votes from citizens nationwide. This is the “National Popular Vote” in NaPoVoInterCo. The idea behind 2 plus 3 is to make it impossible to have a president most of the citizens didn’t vote for. A state would look not only at the result in her borders, but the results nationwide, and vote that way. Which is all fine and dandy if the state citizens voted with the majority anyway. But if they didn’t, well, you can see a flaw with the plan. Any singular state assaulting the Electoral College on her own, carrying votes against her own citizens, it’s political suicide from without and within. So the plan, had it only three points, is something no state would agree to, requiring one last sneak. Point 4. The plan does not go into effect until enough states, with enough votes to control the Electoral College as a block, join. So, as states sign up, the total number of Electoral College votes they control goes up. But nothing happens. Elections pass and states still vote the traditional way, while recruiting allies to the cause. (as Electoral College)
What are you guys up to over there? (as NaPoVoInterCo girls)
Oh us? Nothing. Just chilling. Just hanging out. (as present-day narrator Grey)
But once a controlling majority of Electoral College votes is reached, Point 4 is satisfied and — when it’s time for the next election — CHARGE! All together, all at once, in through the back, the Electoral College is captured. The fortress is now a prison. From this moment on, the NaPoVoInterCo block promises the candidate who gets the most citizen votes nationwide gets their controlling majority and becomes the president. Without amending the Constitution, the Electoral College has become totally pointless by using its protection of state’s rights to vote however they want, into the vital tool to functionally remove state votes entirely, making the presidential election into one not of states, but of citizens. And there’s no problem with this plan at all. Except, of course the instant this popular coup occurred, states outside the compact will storm the Supreme Court, who will then be forced to deal with everyone yelling all at once about the future of how the president will be elected. Which will be amazing to watch, no matter which side the gavel of constitutional interpretation comes down upon. That’s the plan. It’s been around for a while
That’s the plan. It’s been around for a while and has enough confirmed signatures to be more than half way to the trigger point. And in theory, enough states have laws currently pending in their legislatures, that if passed, would put NaPoVoInterCo into action for the next election. Though, of course, it’s easier to agree to things while they’re far away and uncertain to happen and the reality of voting against your citizens merely theoretical. So it may be much more difficult to get the final triggering two percent than the promised first forty nine. But the Electoral College, for it or against it, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is the sneaky plan to use it to subvert it. [jaunty swing music continues]

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100 thoughts on “The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election

  1. All the legally illiterate losers mad and tryna say this is illegal are laughable. Aren't you all still mad about the 17th Amendment too?

  2. The concept of giving slightly more power to the "learned elite" or whoever who is in charge of a less populated state makes sense, and I would otherwise support giving slightly more power to the people who know what the hell they're doing, but the problem is the Founding Fathers didn't study evolution and so never got their heads around the concept of a Really Long Time. In one election it can perhaps be assumed that a person who is running a state is probably smarter than all the random hicks who populate their less populated state, but after many many many elections the random hicks will eventually elect hicks to run their states instead of people who know what the hell they're doing, and this happens faster in places with more hicks than non-hicks, IE less populated rural areas, and now we have come to the tipping point where literally every Republican Senator and Congressperson is a fraud, an idiot, or both. Oops.

    Democracy either needs supervision from more powerful smarter people at every level, or it must be equal so that smarter people in aggregate cannot be so easily overpowered by the stupid in aggregate taking advantage of a stupid system.

  3. If only you had posted this a few weeks earlier I could have just sent it to my dad instead of having to explain it myself.

    An interesting observation is that most of the state's that have signed are solidly Democrat. If I recall correctly, about half of the state's signed during the Obama administration.

  4. Point 4 is functionally useless. If a NaPoVo block forms and votes against one of its constituent members choice, what is the mechanism for no-take-backsies on membership in the NaPoVo coalition? The coalition will only last 1 election until the disgruntled states withdraw from the compact. If you want to change the system you have to go through either the front gate, or reach natural mathematical tipping points where population is soo disproportionate that the absolute advantage of the proportional body gives power to a handful of populous states anyway.

  5. Why do I just see a bunch of states who signed up for that thing vote the other way… there leaders would have to have balls of steel to vote against their own state citizens. Plus this is the kind of thing if you went hard against the citizens of your state riots are always potential.

  6. that 2%… you know, if they were REALLY that clever they would assign a group of sympathetic states to vehemently oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. because it is so easy to agree with something with huge consequences down the road, you can lure the actual last states into the pact then BAM! those with cold feet are left holding the potato. though there would have to be some sort of punishment for backing out of the deal. i assume there is one or else the whole point of making the pact is toothless.

  7. Great video! I think I found an unlikely loophole.

    If this agreement were to go into effect, couldn't more states (that may not agree to the terms) be created, giving the dissenters enough power to "turn off" the agreement by going below the required 50% acceptance?

    Then the states that want the agreement could split and sway the agreement back into effect! We will end up with thousands of microstates!

  8. Even more amusing would be if the individual electors, appointed by the state, just ignored the compact and voted with their state's populous. Of course, as soon as this happens it would probably trigger another Civil War.

  9. Should have Electoral college in each state. That would eliminate the mob rule and tyranny of the large cities. Over 90% of all counties in the presidential elections vote Republican, yet the large brainwashed cities vote democrat. Electoral college in each state would combat that.

  10. So the plan is to hope politicians work together for the good of the citizens instead of, say, taking a fat bonus check to the bank? Sure, good luck with that. In the mean time I’m going to not vote because it still seems pointless to bother trying. Also this plan pretty much makes it so nobody running outside of R or D parties will ever get elected as those are the only two parties the majority of the country would vote for. That would kill every other party.

  11. Difficult balancing act between preventing city-dwellers occupying tiny amounts of the country, but in high-densities, who know little of life outside cities forcing policy on people living difficult realities usually made worse by statist interventions, and people feeling their vote doesn't count because the focus is always on swing-states (or here in the UK, marginal seats), meaning they have no faith at all in democracy.

  12. So there trying to go from a republic to a democracy ,because history shows that's a good idea right (just so you know that's sarcasm democracy is a terrible idea it's called mob rules for a reason)

  13. why are people so bent out of shape over the EC?

    if it was a problem then well over half the president's elected would have won the EC but lost popular vote.
    only 5 presidents in history has won the EC and lost popular vote. 3 in the 1800s, 1 in 2000 and 1 in 2016.

    so the EC is not a problem at all its working as intended to allow the minority to have some voice over the majority at times.

    this whole "anti EC" movement is just an "orange man bad" movement because their arguement is relies on a "maybe."

    if anything the EC has had little impact on who was chosen considering the ratio.

  14. Nah. I love the electoral college. It keeps the big cities and states with a much larger population from being tyrants to the more rural areas of the country. It's well know that different geological areas have different cultures, principles and needs. The only amendment i would be willing to vote for is that the state can divide its votes proportionally to the way its citizens voted and never vote against its cutizens. Even proportional voting would be risking that big left leaning cities would out vote the majority right leaning part of a state. (Virginia for example)

  15. Oh sounds fun. I for one can’t wait until Chicago, los Angela’s and New York get to elect our president. Especially when they start to dictate how the rest of the country live. That won’t end in Balkanization. Nope… not at all….

  16. This means small states will never see I repeat never see a presidential candidate campaigning .. only California new york can select a president for the whole country .. awesome logic

  17. The Electoral College exists because you get your opinions from Facebook and Twitter. Further, you think you possess facts. You do not. I do not. None of us do. But you are too stupid

  18. Rbg is almost out for the count. Meaning the Supreme Court, if trump wins re-election, will have another conservative supreme justice and the Backdoor will get swatted down so fast it’ll just be a footnote.

  19. The initiative is very much democratic which raises some problems since its their decision on when to trigger this thing. It's a sort of 'I win button' in case the horse you bet on suddenly loses via electoral college. No sane democrat is going to trigger this thing if a person sitting on the top is also a democrat. That's what didn't get put across. That this benefits one side more than the other.

  20. I think it’s important to realize that the idea of the electoral college was to provide support for smaller rural states who contributed largely to the economy and had to compete with the far more densely popular urban states. However, now farming and agricultural jobs only make up around 2% of jobs as opposed to the original 50%, and most of these states have urbanized as well. If we want a legitimate democracy we need votes by the people to matter. Every vote counts

  21. This plan is entirely predicated on small states being willing to give up their own representative power – why would they ever want to surrender their own disproportionate representation?

  22. If you're wondering why the U.S. desperately needs an electoral college, look at California. Debt, poverty, crap in the streets, the state is a master at what not to do. The electoral college means their voting power is limited. Just because your state is large doesn't mean it gets to dictate what others do.

  23. I say get rid of the Electoral College and go based upon the popular vote by passing the states! However if you want to keep the Electoral College the Electoral College must match the popular vote if not we go back and vote again until it does keep doing it until it does then the government might decide to get rid of the Electoral College!!!

  24. One thing else to consider…the people most agitating for this are Democrats in reliably blue states. There is the possibility that the compact would backfire. Take CA (please), for instance. There's probably no question that, no matter who the Dem candidate is, CA will vote for that candidate overwhelmingly. 55 electoral votes, under the system as is, would go to the Dem candidate. But what if the election was won by a Republican on the popular vote, as was the case in 2004? Do you REALLY THINK that the residents of CA learned that their 55 electoral votes would go to a candidate that the majority of people in that state did not vote for would fly? You think they would shrug their shoulders and say, "Oh well, we'll get 'em next time." If the unrest in CA over Trump's election is anything to go by, I GUARANTEE that the compact would dissolve before that presidential candidate took office, or the very next CA election would be a blood bath in removing state congresspersons who refused to take up abolishing the compact. This system can only backfire on its advocates. I do agree, however, that should they succeed, it will be entertaining to watch the aftermath.

  25. There would be an uprising if they tried that. CPGrey doesn't know Americans well. We tend to take up arms when the Constitution is violated.

  26. The sad part about this is that you can give Democrats the cheats to win yet they'll still trip over themselves & fail miserably.
    EVERY chance they had to overturn things in their favor resulted in exposing themselves or eating each other.
    Democrats are the Team Rocket Jesse & James of politics.

  27. Hm maybe lets not remove the one thing making it so only 3 states control everything? Instead make every state worth 1 point in the EC. Popular vote doesnt matter when its only a tiny bit of the actual nation in terms of culture and life style.

  28. I like how Grey provides both sides of the argument here.

    You can hypothetically have a President say “Fuck this state in particular and everyone who lives there,” lose in that state in a landslide, win the nationwide popular vote, and have the state be forced into voting for a president that has a grudge against it.

  29. What's the point? All you are voting for is social policies. Anything important that the government does happens behind very boring sounding bills that get passed through at midnight by lame ducks. Somebody needs to tell me where they got the right to tell me what to do in the first place…

  30. "Sometimes a president will be elected with a minority of the popular vote!" "Well obviously because we'll have multiple candidates running each with solid positions who compete against each other." "Oh….. ummm… about that."

    That being said I enjoy the fact that you start this by explaining the point of the Electoral College without mindlessly parroting the same BS people use to complain about it.

    Also lovely to see the exactly the problem with this plan, can't wait til some state betrays this.

  31. This sounds like a great way to start a civil war. If history has taught us anything, people don't like change, so this is a terrible idea. Plus direct democracy is bad, it's how you get socialism to rise up in a country, and we all know what happens to socialist countries.

  32. Colorado debating on signing the petition is a good example of how we have changed from red state to battleground and now that we’ve moved over to blue we want to join the popular vote. Idk what this means or how this answers any questions but it’s interesting.

  33. I would be hilarious to see this plan backfire on the Democrats, spectacularly, in the coming decades, especially with declining liberal populations, as lefties are producing less and less children. Hope I live to see the day when this happens.

  34. The vast number of veterans who would stand up and oppose this subversion of the constitution might make the political figures who might try this, stop and rethink their political future, and the future of their children.

  35. The electorial college is so every STATE has a say in the elections vs just the leftest blue cities riddled with election fraud!

  36. This is quite silly and undemocratic to the states and gives the federal a lot more power. Just do an amendment to make it popular vote if anything.

  37. Representation only if you are a land owner?
    I'm starting to really like the original ideals of the founding fathers.
    Englishman out.

  38. Okay so you're telling me that the sneaky backdoor puts the popular vote as the deciding vote?
    Considering what the Dems did in the last election and how they want to bring others in to vote for their candidate this is a bad, bad thing to have.

  39. One key problem, You said voting against the populus in your state would be political suicide, but the problem is that the electoral college are not elected officials and can not be held accountable for how they vote.

  40. Man I can't wait for the elections to become so streamlined we elect people randomly and just kill them when they do things we don't like.

  41. I think where people get most confused is that they think we are a democracy and it’s kinda brainwashed into us that we are, even politicians say we are and for presidents. But we are not a democracy we are a republic. The root of evil is mob rule, that’s why they set it up this way. To protect minorities and have the system freely flow between one party and another when we get tired of certain policy’s.

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