The School of Web Design & New Media – 2017 Spring Show
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The School of Web Design & New Media – 2017 Spring Show

[DC Scarpelli] The Spring Show is important
for a couple of reasons. Within the department, it is important
to have all of our students present
their best work to the world, and this is the time when it really does emerge
beyond the department and their personal portfolios
into a larger communal space, and that’s really important. [An Nguyen] The best thing about being
a part of Spring Show is that you get to meet
people from many different industries here. It’s all about connections. You get to talk with people. It’s a good way to create connections,
and maybe, like, an internship, or even a full-time. [Ramiz Sheikh] We spend so much time
sitting in front of a screen, or in whatever lab environment
we work on our projects in, and networking is a really big part of that as well. This is kind of like an environment
where you can have that opportunity to step away from your work, meet some people — meet other creative people who you
could potentially collaborate with. And also — at least just go to a Spring Show,
see the level of work, and if you’re really dedicated to the art,
then you should try to be in there as well. [Scarpelli] A lot of industry folks have been by our area, and are really interested
in a lot of the VR stuff,
a lot of the IOT stuff — stuff that they may not have seen too much of before,
and certainly not produced at a student level, so for our students to get to talk about their projects –
because those projects are new to people —
that is particularly exciting. [Nguyen] Everything is built within Unity. That is the best tool right now
for 3D programming, and VR programming. I have some modeling and animation
experience before my undergraduate experience, so it helps a lot in building all of the assets
and all of the props inside the game. I do most of the modeling and the animation, and I do the lighting and a little bit
of particle scripting for the game, and my partner Kai works on the game mechanics. [Sheikh] I think the key to having
a project that gets selected is definitely the time you put into it,
and the attention to detail. And also being open to feedback
from other students and teachers, and making sure to do that really often. [Scarpelli] What we are looking for are pieces that push
innovation, that push the boundaries of what’s hot, or what’s coming in tech trends — that really come together to form a big,
satisfying creative project.

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