The School of Rock (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Rock Band Project (2003) HD
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The School of Rock (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Rock Band Project (2003) HD

Now, listen, you guys,
you know what? Normal kids would have
been stoked to slack off, But not you guys,
’cause you’re not normal. You’re special. And because I think You guys have the
right attitude, I think it’s time we started
our new class project. A science project? No. It’s called… “rock band.” Is this a school project? Yes. And it’s a requirement. And it may sound easy…
But nothing could be harder. It will test your head And your mind
and your brain, too. Will other schools be competing? You could say that. You could say
that every school in the state Will be competing
for the top prize. What’s the prize? A win will go
on your permanent record. Hello, harvard, yo? The thing is, we’re not
supposed to get started Until next quarter,
but I think we should Get a leg up on the competition,
don’t you? I do. Who else wants to go
for the gold? I do.
I do.
Yeah. All right. But if anyone finds out
what we’re doing in here, We’ll be disqualified. So let’s just keep it
on the down-low, shall we? Can we tell our parents?
No! Just trust me. They don’t want to know
anything about this. Keep it zipped. All right, you guys, Let’s kick it into overdrive. What are the rest of us
supposed to do? You just sit back
and enjoy the magic of rock.

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98 thoughts on “The School of Rock (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Rock Band Project (2003) HD

  1. Anyone knows the name of the song the little black girl sings? The blondie sings "Tomorrow", and the other girl sings a song I cant find! Thanks a lot

  2. alguien que por favor me diga cómo se llama la canción que les enseña previo a esta parte, donde le da la guitarra al chico y toca el inicio de una canció…cuál es? por favorrrrr…que no puedo recordar su nombre.. graci

  3. You know…kids do learn a lot from music schools. Read, timing, hand eye coordination, words, team work. It's all educational. Technological I guess too…everyone does need to learn. but yeah…way to sabotage children future by ridding everything else. Lol

  4. (Jack) If anyone finds out what we're doing we're bound to be disqualified so let's all just keep this on the down looww shall we?
    (Rebecca) Can we tell our parents?
    (Jack) NAAAOOOO!! Trust me they don't wanna know anything bout this keep it zipped!
    LOL One of my favourite parts of the movie

  5. Miranda cosgrove is my favorite out of all of the kids in this movie I bet if she has any babies they would be bitchy like her

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