The School of Graphic Design – 2017 Spring Show
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The School of Graphic Design – 2017 Spring Show

Spring Show is a very important event. You get to meet professionals, you get to see what your peers have created — it’s just an honor to be here. [Phil Hamlett] It’s the single most important
day of our year. They get to see a lot of people
in a relatively casual setting, and it allows them to kind of sharpen
what it is that they say about themselves, and how they present themselves. [Ashlee Rice] If you are a student, it’s smart
to go to Spring Shows throughout your program, so you can kind of get an example
of how things are laid out, so when it comes to yours,
you can be prepared. [Hugo Ugaz] You can talk to the people in the industry, so they can take a look at your work and see if you could be a good fit for their agency, or a design studio or anything,
so it’s definitely important to try to make it here. So far, it’s been a really good experience. I’ve talked to a lot of people and they’re always very positive
about the Academy of Art’s work. So yeah, it’s been really nice. [Juan M. Corredor] You see
the different levels of design — different classmates have different talents — some are illustrators, some are better in color, some are better in type, and it’s helpful when you come and look
at all their work and you get inspired as well. Mostly it’s for the inspiration. [Phil Hamlett] Everybody that’s here today
has a portfolio. We spend quite a bit of time coaching them
about how to present their work. Throughout the program, students are asked
to speak about their works, defend their choices, document their process — their entry into the professional world
is not a shocking experience, it’s something that they graduate slowly into, and this is obviously a big moment. [Esmeralda Ruiz] When I was preparing, I thought — okay, so what are the people going to need? Do they want me to bring business cards? Of course I’m going to bring my portfolio, but what else? So I brought different books,
I brought different projects, the packaging,
and iPads so that they can see my website. Just being sure to be able to show your digital,
your print site, and even your packaging if you need to. [Hugo Ugaz] The thing that helped
prepare me the most is getting used to accepting my own mistakes. Since there is so much ego in the industry, sometimes it’s really hard to see where you’re failing and you sometimes don’t want to accept it, so one of the things that helped the most
was to be open to what my instructors were telling me, but at the same time
trying to grow as much as possible
to come up with my own ideas. [Ashlee Rice] I think just to be very much yourself, when you’re designing your book
and your whole system, so that when you’re presenting it,
you feel like it’s ownable. [Esmeralda Ruiz] Having a good idea
of what it is that you want to do
when you move forward is great on the conversations — being able to really be able
to show off your work — show them a book and talk about your project
and how the process was — that’s really important. [Ashlee Rice] From the beginning,
think of your projects as — are these going to be portfolio pieces?
And really put everything into it. And when you start portfolio,
you have to work really fast. Because the Spring Show’s here before you know it.

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