The Reason I Hated High School
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The Reason I Hated High School

Today I’m gonna tell you my story of why I hated high school. This is gonna be probably one of the most personal video I ever made and- I’m gonna be very vulnerable and open with you guys. But before we begin, there’s probably a couple of details about my high school that I should probably let you guys know about So in my high school, there was two main huge groups of kids and they were The “Hillwalkers”, which were basically the rich kids that lived in the hills. And the “Bottom dwellers”, who were the poor but tough kids who lived at the bottom of the hill, a.k.a the valley. The Hill Walkers thought they were better because they were rich, and we thought we were better because we were tough. That’s right, I was a bottom dweller. And ironically my best friend was a Hill Walker We’re just gonna call him Manny and we met in middle school and became close ever since. But we’ll talk about my friendship with Manny later. Before that, let’s talk about my friends in the bottom dweller community. I had three close friends from my neighborhood Ray, Bobby and Jimmy. But I was always a little bit closer with Jimmy, and just like Manny, we also kind of met and became close in middle school. Now growing up as a bottom dweller, We didn’t have fancy cars. We didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t have what the rich kids had, so we had to more or less just improvise and find our own ways to have fun. We skipped school together. We fought together. We got in trouble together. But it was around my freshman year of high school when all of this changed and I realized that I had to start making different choices. You see at the beginning of freshman year, everybody was required to write an essay and that essay was supposed to entail what we wanted to major and study in college. Now a lot of my friends in the bottom dweller community didn’t really know what they wanted to write about and myself included I wasn’t sure, being a freshman in high school, what I wanted to study in college. So I just thought logically and realistically, and I chose structural engineer because I knew that it was a good job and I knew that if I really wanted to I could probably do it. And just thinking about that essay made me start thinking about my future, and I started to realize that if I continue making these choices. Skipping school, not doing my homework. Overall just wasting my time, I’m not gonna end up anywhere. And it was at this point in my life where I more or less Started hanging out less and less with Ray, and Bobby and Jimmy. In fact, I actually tried to hang out with the popular kids and this is where Manny comes in. You see me and Manny were always close since middle school. But once we both got to high school, and the divide between the hill walkers and the bottom dwellers really hit full circle with everybody, it was kind of hard for us to associate with each other. But, I did my best. I started doing more events in track and field and started making more friends in more places. I even did something I was always afraid to do and that was join the wrestling team. Me and Manny started hanging out more, all the while Jimmy and the rest of the bunch just continued doing their own thing. Everything was good for a while. I was making friends Manny was inviting me to hang out with him and other Hill walkers at his house and parties, but unfortunately That’s where it starts to take a turn. You see despite the fact that Manny and I were friends His friends didn’t really approve “Dude, why do you keep inviting Terry to hang out with us?” “What do you mean? I mean, we’re friends, you know, he’s my buddy.” “Yeah, but he’s a bottom dweller, dude.” “Yeah, so?” “So he’s not one of us. Look at him. He doesn’t live here. He doesn’t dress like us. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten kicked out of school yet” “Dude. He’s chill. Don’t worry about it.” “He’s. Not. One of us.” As much as they tried to convince Manny to turn against me, he wouldn’t budge. But that still didn’t really help with the cold shoulder I received from everyone else every time I went to hang out with them. And so my high school career continued. Although it wasn’t the smoothest, it was steadily moving along. It was now my second year on the wrestling team and I actually improved a lot since last year. Until, one day. It was during my first match of the season. I was going up against a kid who had a better record than me, but not a better technique. “Come on Terry! Let’s go Terry!” Pin! The referee blew the whistle, and just like that, I had won my first match. My team chanted and cheered for me. My coach gave me a big pat on the back “Good work Terry. That’s what I’m talking about! Keep it up!” And I was excited because this was the first time that I actually got to be the starter, meaning I got to Be the person who’s match is actually counted from my weight class. And unfortunately, this is where it all starts to go downhill. “Hey, you got my iPod.” “Yeah, why?” “Gimme it, come on.” Now the thing about being on the wrestling team was that there was a certain trust and camaraderie that flowed through the entire team And because of that we trusted each other. We had each other’s backs and we trusted each other so much to the point that not only did we shower together after matches and practices, but we also never locked our lockers. “Hey, come on, hurry up” That day as I was sitting out on the court ,watching the other matches next to my coach, That’s when they snuck into the locker room. “Come on. Hurry up. Which one’s his?” “Umm, this one.” He unzipped my backpack. He put his iPod inside and then zipped it back shut. “All right. Come on. Let’s go.” I had no idea that this would be my first and last win. After the match, Cory told the coach that his iPod had gone missing and he was worried that somebody had taken it. “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I mean ask around see if anybody’s seen it if you can’t find it, we’ll have to check in the lost and found in the morning.” Unimpressed with the coaches response, Cory went over to my locker as I was showering. “Umm, Isn’t that Terry stuff?” And then he pulled out his iPod. “Is my iPod part of Terry’s stuff? Coach!” “Terry, get out here.” I had no idea what was about to happen that day. “Can you explain this?” “I found this in your backpack.” All the other boys were gathered around now. They started whispering, murmuring. “What do you mean you found that in my backpack? Yo-you went through my stuff?” “Terry. Is it true? Did you take his iPod?” “No coach, of course not? Why would I take his iPod? I have one at home.” “Probably wanted it so you could sell it or something.” “Cory, shut up. Look at me, Terry, I’m only gonna ask you once. Now you can be a man about this, and I want you to be honest with me, Did you take it?” “No” “Hmph. Alright. Everybody go home for the day. We’ll settle this with the Principal.” “What?! Coach, you know, I didn’t do it. You know me Coach.” “I thought I did Terry. I really thought I did.” After that as you can probably guess, I got kicked off the wrestling team. Even though I was willing to take this to court because even though I wasn’t planning to be a lawyer, I remembered enough from one of my AP history classes to know that because Cory went through my belongings, my stuff without a warrant and without my permission, anything he would have found in there and tried to bring into court would technically be seen as null and void. Meaning that I would have won. At least I think. Like I said, I’m not a lawyer. Unfortunately the school didn’t see it that way. You see, they didn’t want this to get out. They didn’t want a student going to court against another student just so we could stay on the wrestling team. To them, it seemed like the little guy vs the big huge school that gets tons of state funding. And that’s something that they could never let go public. And so my only choice was to Accept being kicked off the wrestling team and face no other punishment Or I would be suspended indefinitely. Yeah, that’s not even exaggerated. That was actually what they told me. After that, I realized that there really is no place for me here amongst the Hill walkers. But at least I still had Manny right? “But Terry wouldn’t do that.” “Well, he did dude. I don’t know what to tell you. I found it in his backpack. Everybody knows about it. The teachers, the coaches, us. Now, it’s up to you.” “What do you mean?” “You need to make a decision, dude. Is it gonna be him or us?” They left Manny no choice. He either had to drop me as a friend, or they would drop him, and to be quite honest, I don’t entirely blame Manny for choosing to drop me. I mean, it’s not like he could just hang out with the bottom dwellers, right? Right. As time passed by, I realized I had no friends left. Eventually, I called Jimmy and asked him to meet up. We met down by the docks, which was a frequent hangout spot for the bottom dwellers. “Well, well, well. Look who it is. Is that a Hill Walker? I don’t know, I can hardly tell.” “Very funny.” “I’m just playing. So how you been dude?” “Well, I.. Can’t say I’ve been worse.” “Oh, yeah. Why is that? Because you got kicked off the wrestling team?” I didn’t say anything but I guess news had already traveled to Jimmy about what happened. “You just couldn’t resist, huh? You stole Cory’s iPod.” I didn’t steal anything. You know, I don’t do that anymore.” “Yeah, anymore, I mean we used to do it quite often back in the day.” “Yeah, a long time ago, dude, I don’t that anymore.” “Yeah, cuz you left us. To go hang out with a bunch of Hill Walker pansies?” “You know why I left.” “Oh, sorry, go shower with a bunch of sweaty guys after you’ve already rubbed up against them enough.” “Go funk yourself” “I’m just busting your chain, dude.” I didn’t say anything but just looked off into the distance.” “Sigh, that bad, huh? “Look, man, I hate to say it, but, we miss having you around. I mean heck, I miss having you around too.” “I miss you too, man.” “Yeah, well, what are you doing later today?” “Just gotta finish some homework.” “All right, man, after that come down to Bobby’s. His dad’s out of town But he’s got the cable password so we can watch anything on demand. You know what I’m talking about?” “And then what?” “And then.. I don’t know. Maybe smoke a joint, see who wants to play football?” “And then what?” “And then….. I don’t know. I could see if Hannah could sneak us out in here for dads whiskey. And then we party!” “And then what?” “And then I don’t know I go home I wake up and I do it all again. Why do you keep asking?” “So that’s it then huh? You just go around chasing every temporary high? What kind of life is that? What kind of future? I mean, what are we even doing with our lives? Don’t you get it? There’s so much more to life than just, this.” “Maybe for you, Terry, But not for guys like us.” “Yeah, you’re right, cuz unlike you, I’m gonna get out of this town. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday, I’m gonna be somebody.” After that, I stopped talking to Jimmy and we went our separate ways. It was at this point that I just couldn’t wait to graduate. Even during lunch. I would get my food from the cafeteria. I would look around. Hill walkers and bottom-dwellers both. There was no place for me there. I would take my lunch and leave, and go to an abandoned old stairwell and there I would eat my lunch, every day, by myself. Because it was the only place where I felt like I can be alone and The only place where I felt welcome. Once graduation came I held my head up high. I walked on stage, Shook hands with the Principal, and kept walking, and I never looked back after that. Anyways, That’s my story and that’s why I hated high school. Okay Can we just pause for a second? Holy crap Is this guy dramatic or what? Hey guys, it’s me, Anime Terry. I just wanted to point out that I know this video came off as super down and super sad and super dramatic. But I wanted to let you guys know that my entire high school career wasn’t all drama and you know just moping around. There were definitely happy moments and times that I miss. But when I think about my time in high school and I try to just condense it down to one singular video where I have to cut a lot of stuff out. Then I feel like this video does a pretty good job summarizing what the overall feeling was. So with that being said, there might actually be times where I touch back on my time in high school and it might not actually be a sad story It might actually be a happy one. Anyway, So that’s all I really wanted to say. Back to you Terry. If you guys enjoyed the video, Be sure to leave a like, subscribe if you’re new, and until next time, I’ll see you guys in the next video. Goodnight.

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100 thoughts on “The Reason I Hated High School

  1. I loved the book The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton and some people are saying the video is similar to that or that I just "copied" the story. While I agree and did compare my upbringing to The Outsiders at times as a kid while growing up, my life aside from having a socioeconomic divide between wealthy and less well-off people, was completely different (as shown in the video). There were (spoiler warning) no knife fights, no murders, no being on the run from police, no church fires, no dead parents, etc. If you want to make the claim that having two rival groups of kids growing up is similar to the Greasers vs Socs, that's perfectly fine, because it was similar. That was a part of my life and it really does happen in some places. But to say my entire high school story was just "a copy of The Outsiders" is just pleading ignorance of American society and the book itself. Situations like this happen in real life, not just in fantasies. After all, where do you think most literature is inspired from? Thanks for reading and have a great day!~


  3. I hate my high school life too.. I have only 4-5 months until my examination. After that I'll be free and happy..

  4. That Is what actually happened to me ….I was accused of stealing money for 8 of March and they called my parents the whole school new about me …the whole school accused me of stealing ….but I didn't do it….I didn't …even so you know you are not in wrong you still fell bad …so I fell you

  5. Dang when he said I'm gonna be somebody that hit me hard. Now he's a successful YouTuber with millions of subscribers. Keep on leading.

  6. Sir what you were experiencing is a little thing called the middle class not rich not poor right in the middle and in my opinion that's the best way to live

  7. Bruh tell me why your whole school situation the bottome dwellers and the hills sound like greasers vs socs from "the outsiders"

  8. I actually wanna cry right now this is basically my life I've went through this I only have one friend at school I can trust I've seen shit I've been in fights I've been bullied I've been insulted no one cares about me that's the fucking point go through one grade of hell then do it all over, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! It's simple no one cares about how I feel,I'm alone,depressed,traumatized,scared for life.😢

  9. Wow this is worse than my high school experience..worst but better because it ended well for you….😭😭😭😭😭😭I only had one friend and she ended up sleeping with my boyfriend and getting pregnant then I ended graduating and I’m a babysitter and I get paid to watch THIER KIDS😡😭😭😭😭highschool is the worst

  10. I’m gonna be honest here but Why in every story his is the nice one and he is WAYYY stronger but is the bigger man.I feel like it’s one of those channels where they tell the story to make themselves seem cool. I understand these stories are possible but come on.EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  11. I'm sorry for what you went through during high school Terry and I have to be honest if there was a divide between people the cause is always childish. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor ish but you all help each other it's stupid that the hill Walker gave you cold shoulder and if in situation I would have been way more aggressive than you were.

  12. I hate math. My honors math teacher (I was never supposed to be in that) was a horrible person; she once gave me a demeaning message on the corner of my test saying, (The entire class got a bad grade on it) “read the directions” with x’s all over the page. I stressed the hell out that year because of that stupid decision. I hate her, and at some point I got a 59 in her class. I almost had to go to summer school and got ferociously yelled at by her, and she made my ADD symptoms so bad, that I had horrific nightmares that could’ve caused me to kill myself or become a school shooter if my mom hadn’t intervened. Also, the district didn’t even punish her; she was just moved to another school. My district is the one of the wealthiest ones in my state, and they did NOTHING. She should have gone to jail or been fired.

  13. Terry, i like ur decision to dump jimmy and his choices. Even though it brought you through a tough time, your right. Drinking,smoking, and partying isn’t a good life. For me, imma do all of that. But, ill also do stuff serious like school and jobs and stuff. I just want to live my life right.

    Ik this was deep and unnecessary lol

  14. I don’t hate school, I just dislike it because of the atmosphere In it.

    dang this really hit hard, what am I doing with my life wtf

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    lets look at this
    school = okul
    death= ölüm
    did you notice anything ?

  17. I can totally relate to your story. Basically if I summarized the majority my high school career, my story would be very similar to yours.

  18. Pretty sure nobody enjoys school. And I ain't talking about the type of people there or friends. I'm talking about studying, unless you are passionate for that subject then it's alright.

  19. Terry,we all had those moments in our lives. Actually you've become some one.oh and i suggest that you call those guys and tell them who you've become.

  20. You definitely couldve taken them to court if they kicked you off for something you didn't even do. The lockers don't lock, anyone could have access to them. I would have tbh who cares, the school was in the wrong.

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    I’m sorry but I don’t want another guys nuts in my face

    This is just one of my personal reasons why I don’t do wrestling

  22. 2 months ago on June I’m finally graduated from high school, it was the best and happiest moment of my life I’ve always hated school and kept my word on getting my damn diploma, high school for me was like hell, but I did had some great moments, I keep telling myself to move on and just forget but some part of me would just find a way to start over on the things that I’ve missed out on, but hey I graduate and I’m proud of myself for not giving up.

  23. I don’t have Friends at all, I’m mainly to myself everyday and focus on my school work. Officially a Junior now almost there.

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