The PE Teacher Did Something to My Friend, and I Kept It a Secret
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The PE Teacher Did Something to My Friend, and I Kept It a Secret

The next story is something so
personal that not even my mom knows, it’s the time I betrayed
in the worst way my BFF and myself. As a kid, I was very shy and as a result, I didn’t have any idea
of how friendship worked until I changed schools
in 5th grade and met Cloe. Cloe was a really
important part of my childhood because she taught me
how to be an A+ student while being a sociable person, she taught me that beauty isn’t everything
a woman should need to succeed. I remember having
my fondest memories with her and the rest of our circle of friends. It all started when I was in 7th grade, as I was the newest student in the class no one trusted me
with secrets or rumors. I remember feeling really left out, sad and desperate. One day, after PE I was on my way of walking
up the stairs to my next class when I suddenly heard sobbing… Since I wasn’t really great
at comforting people I tried to take another direction but it was too late since I was spotted. Taking a close approach, I realized that it was my friend Cloe
who was crying next to Veronica, one of our closest friends, who was trying to comfort Cloe. For me, it was really unusual
to see someone crying so I asked; “What’s the matter?” They both exchanged looks and then Veronica goes; “We’ll tell you, but promise not to tell anyone.” I pinky promised and then
Cloe proceeded to speak “I hate the PE teacher, I just don’t want to go to school anymore!” Cloe sobbed. I asked why but then she cried harder
so Veronica had to explain; “The PE teacher has been
kissing and touching Cloe in private places without her consent and told her that she couldn’t tell anyone if she didn’t
wanna be mocked for being a [].” Hearing those words were shocking for my 12-year old self, I was so upset that I dropped tons of questions. How long has this been going on? What has he [] done to you? Have you done THAT? Why haven’t you told your parents? Cloe, after she calmed down a little, explained that it had been
going on for about 3 months, that she subtly avoided the [] part but that he had already
touched all her body, and that she hasn’t told her parents because she believed it was her fault for not following the appropriate
skirt length in the dress code. A couple of days passed and all I could think about
was Cloe’s secret. I wanted to tell my mom so bad but I kept my mouth shut. Reason was, I didn’t want
our friendship to break or – correction – I didn’t want MY connection – all the great moments –
with her to be left in the void. Even when my mom asked
why Cloe looked so worn out I didn’t think for a sec about telling her, how stupid of me to care more
about MY relationship with her than the horrible psychological
experience she was going through. Long story short, Veronica was the one
who told Cloe’s parents about the [] abuse
Cloe was going through. A couple days later, the school was notified and
the PE teacher was fired and sued. The classmates and parents
were super supportive with Cloe and she slowly got better
within the next months. Yet, this secret still haunts me, how selfish I was and how I never took the courage
to mention the event again and apologize to Cloe. But now, even if she is in another school I will apologize because what I did was wrong
and she deserves better, the only thing left now is
to wait for our paths to cross again now that we’re in different schools. Being silent about
this kind of situations is never the solution and seeking help needs to be one’s first priority rather than to coward with the risk
of ruining someone’s life forever. In my case, Cloe didn’t end up pregnant or sick but be aware that many cases
can have much worse endings than Cloe’s if you don’t speak up.

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100 thoughts on “The PE Teacher Did Something to My Friend, and I Kept It a Secret

  1. I know what your going through something like this happened to one of my family members and she only told me I wish I would have said something a long time ago but I didn’t and our family doesn’t believe her and think she is making it up for attention and I feel bad but luckily it stopped a couple years ago

  2. I feel like all these stories are fake because people don’t call authorities or confront anybody, I know people are shy but still

  3. When I was 4 my middle school now's p.e teacher was accused of the same thing. But the girl was lying and he was innocent. This might be it tho.

  4. Parents should teach their children on such things and always ensure them that they r there 4 them whatever happens.

  5. This happened to me a few times but I fought back. The first time it happened to me I did nothing. Then the second time it happened to me in 6th grade a punched the Gym teacher in the nose. 😡

  6. Minute videos: this story is very personal, and not even my parents know about it.

    Guess I’ll tell the internet 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1:07 :Veronica the hell is wrong with you?

  7. My PE teacher walked into the girls changing rooms while i was still getting dressed so the next PE lesson i kicked him in the balls in front of my entire class

  8. this is never the victims fault. short skirts isnt a reason to harass. the attitude of them still isnt a reason to harass. the looks of her isnt a reason to harass. even her damn consent isnt a reason to harass either. HE IS THE ADULT HERE. HE IS THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO THINK PROPERLY HERE.

    if any of you know anyone who has this problem, dont be afraid to talk to them, tell them youre going to make it okay, and tell an adult

  9. “This story is a very personal one that not even my mother knows” bruh u just told the whole story to millions of people

  10. My friend knocked out a computing teacher who threatened to quote on quote "break his neck" and yeah i was there, my friend literally punched him that hard he got dropped then he tried to stand up and my friend may or may not have kicked him into a wall and broke a plastic chair off his head so yeah my friend is badass

  11. Everyone says the P.E. teacher stands for 'PErverted Teacher' but really, P.E. stands for 'Pointless exercise'.
    Me: He's a gym teacher…

  12. I Have A Gym Teacher In My School Who Walked In-In The Girl’s Locker Room without Caring “He Is Like 50-60” I Think He Wanted To See All That And He Saw Girl’s Change And He Got A Boner…..He Is Still Hired And I Very Much Am Scared Of Him Cause He Is Now My Gym Teacher….

  13. A girl named veronica and Chloe joined my school veronica left my school the following year and veronica and Chloe had a friend group too soo

  14. My sis has been through this but it's worst we are court and I'm very happy this man is going to jail for what he did to my sister

  15. My PE teacher was like this he undressed and touched a girl in my school and then another teacher caught him so he got arrested.

  16. “The next story is something so personal, not even my mom knows.”

    *Posts on YouTube, a site/app with over millions of users*

  17. "it's something so personal that, not even my mom knows"
    a few mins later
    "a few days later, the school was notified, and the P.E. teacher, was fired, and sued. the classmates and parents wer-"
    me: * pauses video *

  18. Hah. At my school there is this gym teacher that will take girls one by one into his office to do squats. He is still working at our school but when he talks to me I remind him of who I am bcuz technically my whole family are part of some big school thing so my dad is his bosses bosses boss sooo

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