The new OneNote for Windows 10 is great in the classroom
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The new OneNote for Windows 10 is great in the classroom

(light playful music) – OneNote is a natural extension of every other space within the school. It’s just where we work. – Over the last year, we
spent countless hours, talking with students and
educators around the world, about why they like OneNote, and how we can empower
them to achieve more. We’ve heard from your colleagues. You want speed, simplicity,
and accessibility. The new OneNote app on Windows 10, brings together all of these, with the features you know and love. – So feedback was a
really interesting process for our students. They of course, were
introduced to the OneNote team, and they were excited to
start out with the app. And so we gave it to the kids. They said okay, here’s
where we have some concerns when we’re using it in the classroom. And through an ongoing conversation over, say three to four months, we’ve finally come to a point where it’s an actual classroom application that actually makes it usable space. – Although it’s similar, it’s like a really different design than the old OneNote. It kind of just looked
more modern and high-tech. – Once I got used to it
and figured out what to do, it was really easy and I love it. – In our quest to truly understand what students and teachers need, we’ve added a number of new features based directly on your feedback. – My favorite thing
about the new OneNote app is Ink To Math. So, basically if I have a problem that I’m not quite sure how to solve, it will give me the answer. Not only that, it will
explain it in a way that I can see how every
single step that they did, and then I can apply that
to the next question, try and solve it on my own. – I think the look of the
new app is a lot cleaner. And I think if I can have
as little information on the screen at one time, it allows me to really focus on it. – I really like the glitter
pens and the stickers. I think they’re really
fun and they kind of add a bit to your work,
even when it’s boring. – I mean I have to admit
when I first saw rainbow ink, I thought it was, I’m
a math teacher, right? It’s trivial, it’s excessive. But it’s actually what
students do in paper notebooks. They want the physical stickers that I use to put on their actual papers. They go out to the shop
and buy glitter pens so they can mark up their notebooks. They want to be able to do that, that doodling, within their space. And that’s what the new
OneNote allows them to do. It allows them to extend what
their used to doing on paper, into the digital space. OneNote was always great with capturing mathematical content. Now it’s a much more personalized
space that they’re use to. – With this app, we’re able
to bring you new capabilities, faster than ever before. To improve learning, and save
you time in the classroom. – I guess as an educator,
I want folks to use OneNote because of its simplicity, its structure, its convenience, its
approachability across whatever device they happen to be using. The focus is on what their learning, and not on actually how
they’re learning it. (light guitar music)

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10 thoughts on “The new OneNote for Windows 10 is great in the classroom

  1. It seemed odd that all the people using the surface in this ad didn't have their hand resting on the screen.
    I palm rejection still active in the new one note, or have they never used the surface before the ad?

  2. They have to add ruler, page size control, snap to grid control, Right-click with pen or an option like Duplicate or Copy (copy and paste process is a hassle).
    And removing Recent Notes tab that messes up all pages and give us a headache going back to where we left off.

  3. Hi Microsoft Education, thanks for the video and information. I would like to ask you about something. I used to produce videos using the Stylus pen and screen capturing software along with PPT. PowerPoint is great as I can hide my points and show them one by one, but the pen tool and functionality is so weak and unfriendly. I switched to OneNote as they have nice pen toolbar and options. However, all the points will be on screen and no way to show them one by one as in PowerPoint. My question, how I can have nice pen toolbar and to show my points one at a time either in OneNote, PowerPoint, or any other software?
    thanks and regards

  4. I want to learn to help us in other parts of the continent like Papua can also use information technology to facilitate the teaching and learning process and work to build our region.

  5. technology has been very helpful for people in learning and working especially to provide so fast and easy information flow to others, why we have not been able to have and learn all this because we are far from progress or we are not given the convenience to access information with progress to create new things?

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