The Most Important Thing School Never Taught You
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The Most Important Thing School Never Taught You

The first 500 people to click the link in the description are going to get a free two-month trial to Skillshare where you can easily Learn to start your own YouTube channel, or business the major advantage that humans have over every other species is our ability to think rationally It’s allowed us to build cities cars computers and essentially bend nature to our will the quality with which we think Determines the quality of our future it’s undeniable quality thinkers are critical thinkers In my last essay you may have seen that after the first two years of college 45% of students showed no gains in critical thinking 45% that’s almost half, it’s frightening because the same system that made our cities so powerful school is now becoming a system of Indoctrination for our young the quality of our future is defined by the quality of our thinkers The quality of our thinkers is determined by their abilities to think critically before we can dive deeper into critical thinking we need to discuss rational thinking so let’s define rational thinking a perfectly rational being which doesn’t exist makes decisions purely based on Logic data and empirical evidence Let’s assume that it’s the highest form of conscious thought critical thinking can be seen as a necessary step towards perfectly rational thinking a Critical thinker thinks offensively they take active ownership of their learning and understanding Just as a bodybuilder finds a natural habitat in the gym the critical thinker finds enjoyment in mental strain They know a tough mental workout will strengthen their ability to think rationally A passive thinker thinks defensively how can I fit in what will make people accept me? What will help me pass this test they avoid mental strain and outsource the difficult thinking to others they default on the opinion of experts Instead of forming their own a critical thinker thinks in terms of systems But a passive thinker thinks in terms of goals the passive thinker asks What will get me an A on this essay the critical thinker asks? What are the traits of an excellent essay the end result for both is the same a? Perfect grade on the surface the two paths may seem the same But they’re not the critical thinker formed a system that can reproduce the same result in multiple situations for very But the paths of thinker achieves the result in a specific scenario The passive thinker is focused on outputs while the critical thinker is focused on inputs This is a very subtle, but important difference in character So what benefits do habitually critical thinkers obtain over others firstly? they’re better at decision making critical thinkers are less likely to make sudden judgments without a clear understanding of the information at hand as a Result, they’re less likely to make irrational and emotional decisions or be manipulated by others secondly They’re more empathetic Critical thinkers understand that we all have our own unique view of the world They avoid judging others until they have attempted to step into their shoes and try to understand how they see the world This ability helps them diffuse tense situation and aids in persuasion It’s an essential skill for any great leader or teammate Critical thinkers are deeper learners when they don’t know something critical thinkers admit that they don’t know They only speak on topics that they have actively studied for themselves and lastly critical thinkers are more creative without critical thinking creativity would not exist if Creativity is the creation of something original then critical thinking is a crucial part of the recipe? Critical thinkers refuse to blindly accept the ideas and values of others which results in the generation of new ideas So critical thinking is important and beneficial, but how does one become a critical thinker? That’s what we’ll discuss in the next video Thanks to skill share the first 500 people to click the link in the description are going to get a head start and making their Passion a full-time job Whether that’s potentially creating your own successful YouTube channel Business or even becoming an expert under the topics of photography writing or videography skill share has got you covered one of the most common questions I’m asked is how I make these videos and the answer is I use a software called Adobe Illustrator to create my assets and then I use a software called After Effects to animate it all together These are immensely powerful tools that can make even the most ambitious projects a reality But they come with a pretty steep learning curve Skillshare has thousands of courses designed to help you learn a new skill Learn to start your own YouTube channel with an easy-to-follow course like After Effects for beginners or illustrator for beginners Whether it’s a school project a business venture or even starting your own YouTube channel these great tutorials will give you the perfect head start Again the first 500 is sign with the link below We’ll get two months of learning for free after that is just $10 per month Thanks to skills sure further support and to all those helping the channel

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100 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing School Never Taught You

  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for watching and supporting for however long you've been watching the channel. It means a lot to me. The next two videos are just about done and I am flipping back into writing mode. I have a little surprise planned for you guys in the near future to show my appreciation. Again, thank you!

  2. Critical thinkers are also not necessarily the most intellectual, but can become one via the mind set demonstrated in this video. For example a critical thinker may not know all about, say the how hard it is to open a business. But when he admits it he can then proceed to obtain the information from other sources, analyze it, and extrapolate his own conclusion.

  3. When it comes to critical thinking, I only really share the deeper learner and creativity aspects of it, maybe it's because my ASD affects the empathy side of it and such… I wonder.

  4. Critical thinking is very useful skill to have. I used to study to get a good grade and that didn't pay off with high enough grades for me. I do study a hard to master subject so in the third year of my study I developed a new way of learning that didn't depend on memory which is my weakest skill. I learned how to understand a problem and think through it, to get a correct answer. My grade average increased form 3,45 in my first semester to 5,0 in the current one but the time taken for studying decreased from 7 days to 3 days. In that 3 days the first one I use to gather all needed materials, in the second one I read all I gathered and the last day I make notes about important topics and I think about an answer for every problem. This wont work for social sciences like law or economics but this will pay of for natural sciences that are based on logic.

  5. all is good but the ultimate outcome of critical thinking is realization that everything is bs not worthy of engaging all that thinking to win the game of life titled "who wanna be a (controlling) parasite".

  6. So refreshing to see young people thinking again! My generation was taught: "Think before you speak", "Look before you leap", "Take responsibility for your actions". Today's kids are taught: "Go for it", "Just do it", "It's not your fault", "I'm a victim".

  7. 45 percent? How is it possible to measure critical thinking? And just as important, how is it possible to measure improvement in critical thinking?

  8. NO…. this is the most important thing every man and woman needs to learn… know the truth and the truth will set you free… and this truth's time has come… might want to do a presentation on this first.

  9. Wanted to focus on the dialogue but music was very distracting. I wish youtube would have a system which allowed youtubers to record background music and voice in "separate streams" so to speak which would give users the option to mute the music.

  10. my younger brother used to be a strong critical thinker then he got sectioned under the mental health now he is scared to move without asking permission that iz what they do to anyone who thinks different because I find myself turning round to him telling him that I got the idea from him he cannot work this out and seems to think that I'm off my head does this make any sense. at all?

  11. I'm something between a passive and a critical thinker. Tho' I think you can't be a true critical or passive thinker, you can only have some traits from both of them.

  12. I believe in hocus pocus and fairies. My holy book (the KJV) contains about 30% irrational superstition. And it fills my life with hope, dreams, wonder and joy. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  13. I took me until my second year of college to wrote about this. Roughly 5 months later I find this video. It's sad that we still find this with in ourselves, we need to help change the paradigm in our education to fix the lack of critical thinking.

  14. Bend nature to your will?

    Hold that position when you're hungry, lonely, angry, tired, horny, or really really have to pee. If Silicon wasn't a semi-conductor, there would be no Silicon semi-conductors.

    First few seconds into a Critical Thinking video and you make such a claim. Methinks you're not thinking as critically as you think.

  15. Schools do a bad job teaching you critical thinking. So instead, let me, with a Wikipedia article, instruct you on what it should look like

  16. I have a question regarding critical thinking:

    Why do we always use 'x' to find out a value in algebra?

    It's not a joke…..

  17. Is it just me, or does the video uses reversed music for its background music? It especially seems reversed when I play the video at 2x speed.

  18. I'm too lazy to be a critical thinker, which is why when I grow up I'll be some loser who sits in front of their computer and eats instant ramen for breakfast. On the bright side, I have a possibility to be like Sora and Shiro.

  19. Emotion isn't as bad as you make it out to be. For instance, when you see a child being hit by an adult, would you resort to debating about the ethical nature of the act in your head or would you take an impulsive step to stop/ punish the adult/ call the police etc? There are many situations where one needs to act rather than think, and the domain of knowledge-seeking also entails situations where one must act on their feet.

  20. According to your explanation am a critical thinker but I think I do a lot of passive as well. I like to get my results in the shortest possible time so I don't do complex. How to get an A? find out what you need to know and study for that. why would I want to know the structure of an essay? And that is why I cannot code or learn a foreign language but at least I know Photoshop.

  21. idk why you are saying that school is kinda killing critical thinking, I mean, every time when teacher says something that makes no sense or what is wrong with things which he said earlier you can't tell him this because you will get yelled at by him for being ,,rude''. seriously in past 3 or so years I was just calmly looking at teachers and thinking why are they so retarded sometimes. its kinda sad for me that in school the only truth is what teacher says so even if you are wrong it doesn't matter…

  22. It makes me so frustrated that we don't teach our young how to Critically Think since now everyone I know only make decisions with there feelings without any thought to consequence or what would happen if the situation is flipped. And don't get me started on USA politics!

  23. This is so relatable. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  24. "The quality of our future is defined by the quality of our thinkers." This statement is way too broadly stated and abstract in its ways that it can be interpreted to be just left alone like that in your video. How do you define "quality", how "future", how "thinkers". Before that is established, to my mind the whole rest of what follows doesn't make any practical sense.

  25. This mirrors a thought I've been having on a completely different subject.
    Namely, Jungian archetypes.
    "Thinking" versus "feeling" has always seemed empty and meaningless, as if it implies that certain individuals don't think and others don't feel.
    The best I've yet been able to come up with is that the closest thing to the differences described are priorities. Namely, that some would prioritize the process and doing things the correct way, whilst others would prioritize the goal and achieving it at any cost.
    And aside from the "They're more empathetic" bit, which seems a tad counter-intuitive considering my starting point, it lines up pretty well with the critical versus passive thinkers comparisons.

  26. In my experience, the most vocal people who call themselves critical thinkers only think critical about things that don't fit into their worldview.

  27. I have the goals of becoming a craftsman. I take advice from my teacher and use ways thought to me for designing ideas. But I make my own ideas and my own way of doing so.

  28. Thinking outside of the box is getting more and more disencouraged these days… Most people (specially due to the totally outdated and creativity straining school system) tend to think that it's better to become an efficient command follower, rather than being a independant/thinking for yourself. And that's really depressive.

  29. As someone who is a critical thinker, I hate high school. It's based off 100 year old industrial revolution ideas, that were created to make more obedient factory workers. Time for a change, and higher wages for teachers.

  30. i beg you please stop using these background music tracks with the reverced chords they are so annoying and disrupting

  31. My school won’t even teach me cursive… Guess I’ll never sign anything.. Thanks Mississippi School System

  32. Wow, the "critical thinker" seems like an one-dimensiomentional moron. Like the creator of this video. You confuse "productive" conformism with critical thinking. Moron. Unsubbed.

  33. I think I'm a critical thinker.
    I tend to act relatively slower than others and sometimes be blamed. But this is because I want to understand the meaning behind the act.

  34. Schools are for brainwashing (social adaptation) and discouragement to learning. Just a part of human farming and nothing to do with growing thinkers.

  35. Now I fucking get why I hate school. You get an assignment and I always think: “What would be the best way to handle these types of assignments” rather than just “do the assignment” or “what would get me a good grade”. Teachers even encourage this type of thinking— “Do the homework and I’ll give you an A regardless of how many you got right” is one of the examples I hear the most. I’ve gotten into a nasty habit of skipping and honestly, my grades aren’t the best. I’m absolutely terrible at managing my time because I want my assignments to have effort put into them (Not perfectionism, just me thinking about the assignment rather than just doing what will get me a good grade) but have no time because we fly through things so quickly. I hate doing my English work for this very reason, and I have a low grade in a class where I should be strong. I’m thinking of simply quitting pre ap and ap classes completely and simply adhering to mediocrity at school because I want as little as possible to do with it. I’m also an artist and sometimes can spend up to 2 hours a day drawing, especially since on Mondays I attend an art class out of school. I’ve thought more critically in that room, surrounded by that small class as we all bounce ideas off of each other relating to the stories we tell through our art and where we can go next. I’d rather apply critical thinking skills anywhere but school.

  36. imho, all people (probably) were once passive thinkers who developed enough skill to become critical thinkers. Everyone must have that initial knowledge from experts ( 1:45 ) to develop critical thinking

  37. Unfortunately, modern education punishes a system based thinking. You'll be wasting lots of time doing meaningless memorization.

  38. Bend nature to our will, more like irresponsibly exploit nature and don't know how to fix or build a system to replace it.

  39. This is very informative video..but MUSIC !!! like I am gonna die 😂 but the video is cool 👌 as for me I should put a relax music instead of it 😂

  40. If this video was things they dont teach you in school, the entire video, if it only shows stuff from like a primary school, i would become albert einstein

  41. I don’t know how to pay bills, buy a house, do an interview or how the world of business works but thank god I know how to add linear expressions.

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