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100 thoughts on “The Missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students (Full Length)

  1. I'm from Michoacan and every summer that I go it gets worse and worse. A few towns over a family was killed and thrown into the streets and so have many others. In town you can't go alone because you'll get kidnapped. The saddest part of all of this is that it's all normal to the people who live there

  2. No debe olvidarse qué quienes gobernaban ese estado cuando desaparecieron los estudiantes eran apoyados por el actual presidente de la República y los estudiantes estaban robando autobuses, las cosas como son.

  3. Mexico is going to have to rise up and take the country back. This is only going to continue and get worse. Or the United states and it's allies.

  4. This is what happens when you take guns away from innocent people. Now all the bad people have guns and everyone else is left unarmed and cannot defend themselves. Such a tragedy.

  5. Fantastic report, thanks for bringing this to the light, for the world to see. It is true that the cartels ordered the massacre, they own the agencies that are supposed to protect the people….very sad situation.

  6. Just the other day in 2019 Mexico's Military was gunned down in the streets during broad daylight… many lost their lives because they took El Chapo's son into custody. So many Soliders died that the Mexican government released El Chapo's son… Goes to show how much power these cartels have!

  7. How has Mexico, at this point, still not considered a completely separate government agency (with its own armed force) dedicated solely to weeding out corruption throughout the federal and state law enforcement departments and agencies?
    I honestly sympathize with police officers, who probably go into that career with idealistic morals, quickly realize how seriously dangerous it is to actually stand up to all of their paid-off colleagues. It’s inevitable to lose hope when you’re fighting a war at home AND abroad. What’re a few good men and women to do? Realistically?

  8. They high jacked two busses and threw rocks when they were met with force to stop them…. Typical leftist. And vice is just trying their damnedest to spin it in their favor. Leftists covering for leftists… Whats new.

  9. We have to pray for people that kill and kidnap. Pray for their salvation so they may realize right from wrong. Tell them to be saved in Jesus' name.

  10. In a political standpoint, I understand the government's hostility against them – all because of the Communist ideals.. socialistic ideals is a lot better than communism.. but their approach was bad.. why kill people when you just have different ideals? It's okay to kill when they have been so bad.. but if they were just students, I would really feel bad..

  11. I hate Fucking violence and I'mvery much Support Western Democracy and/or the US Style Constitutional Republican System! BUT as a Person, who grew up in Eastern Europe beyond the "Iron Curtain" under Communist Dictatorship and the control of the Soviet Union and their Local "Blood Hounds" Governments, with NO Free Elections, No Right to Practice Religion (I mean we were allowed to Go to Church, and Pray in Church or at Home, but we were Despised and made of Examples, however it was Highly Illegal to Preach the Gospels of Jesus and to Pray in Public!} We could only Travel to Western (Capitalist) Countries once every 5 yrs and only if Direct Family Members stayed Home! Like if you were a Family of Four, Married and had 2 Children you had to leave one Child, or the Father/Mother Home. So only 3 of the Four of you could Travel to the West outside the "Iron Curtain" One of you had to stay, to make sure you would Not Defect, because the Communists had Either one of your Children, your Wife or your Husband' at home to do to them, what they Please to do so! Then in 1981 my Dad got charged and Imprisoned bt the "AVH" State Secret Police, for Printing and Distributing Political, Anti-Communist, Anti-Government Propaganda to Citizens whom Supported the Underground Resistance . He then Caught Tuberculosis and Hepatitis and with extremely minimal and shitty Medical "Care" he Passed Away in February 1983. While imprisoned 2 years I only allowed to see him less the 10 times! So in '85 Christmas Eve I sneaked across the Border lines including a Mine Field and High Voltage Electric Razor Wire Fences!!! Took us My late Wife, well back then my High-School Girlfriend and I over 6 hrs. In the End we were Creeping on our Bellies, when the Communist Border Guard were Shooting in the air and screaming at us to Stop and Turn around and get our "Fucking Asses" back or the Next Rounds are not going to be Fired in the Sky, but into our Spines and into the Nape of our Necks. Zsuzsi my GF got so scared she shook and couldn't breathe and was Seizing up. I wanted keep going but I believe She couldn't and she had a Bad Heart since Shewas a Baby! She had ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) which is one or multiple holes in the Heart! So I figured we were on our way back to Sopron and then a few years in the Same Prison my Dad passed away in, but then I heard German and English, Speaking asking what's happening. They were Austrian Border Soldiers asking as who we were so I told them in English that we are Political Refugees escaping Communists my GF is having a Possible Cardiac Arrest She's only 19 yrs old I don't want to lose her She's 4 month Pregnant (She was only 3 weeks to a Month Pregnant, but 4 months sounder more Urgent, if She had an Arrest!!!I told them the Commie Border Guards ar Shooting at us and ordered us back but we refuse and asking for Austria's Help and my Lady's Hospitalization. I also said they Murdered my Father, and asked for them to Protect us from the Commie Guards Well they did they pointed their Sub-machine-guns cross the Border and told the Commies that we were not on the Land of the People's Republic of Hungary anymore , we were on "No Man's Land" and they have No Authority nor Right to Stop us, and they will Protect us Anyway they need to as it's written under whichever Amendment odf the Austrian Constitution! So if they didn't want an International Border Shoot out Incident, for Illegally stopping Refugees on No Man's Land and end up in Prison they better let us go! Well they did ! The Austrians gtook us to a small local Hospital/Clinic called the Gendarmerie who took us to Vienna in the Hospital. put me up in a Hotel! For 6 months we stayed in a Refugee Pension House up in the Alps Waiting to Immigrate to Canada where I was born. I could have go right away as I had Natural Canadian Citizenship but my Wife wasn't she was a Refugee so we had to wait for Paperwork and Bureaucracy! Anyway What I wanna say that there are only ONE WAy to Deal with Communists! I'm talking about Communists whom Willing to start a Civil War and Murder People whio have Different Political views! And the way is Seek and Destroy them before they do it to us!!! And these Students were Willing to use Violence , Extermination, so so! As they were forcefully Commandeered Buses, and used Violence even Reportedly they murdered too! So Communism is a Dangerous Cancer to our Society! Eradicate it!

  12. The president Enrique Was obviously involved in this shit. Since the 43 students planed I’m doing a protest, he send polices to track them down and kill him. That fucking president did nothing but corrupt Mexico. He did nothing to make México a better place. He only thing he cared about was money. He was involved in many situations but got away with it. We want the 43 students back no matter what. Since they were taken alive, we want them alive. If not, then send the bodies to their families and bring justice back!!🤬😤❤️

  13. Mexico's president is no good his a bigtime crooked for them money is important than people's lives!!!!!kill all the police involved and their leaders

  14. If people are prepare to protests against their government and shit like this happen to them. You should know where the call came from and there is no other than your elect president. Remember when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty. The Law of justice will protect the people of your nation is the same law as the Constitution of the United States protect the right of the American people. Don’t vote for words vote for proof.

  15. Feel terrible for the good people of Mexico, is time for
    The Mexican people to rise up and armed themselves to defend
    Their families , the government is incapable and unwilling or in bed with
    The cartels.

  16. They stole buses to go do their riot thing, one of those buses was loaded to brim with drugs headed north. They inadvertently robbed a cartel and heated up a plaza

  17. They don’t get killed just Bc they get killed Bc they with cartel too and they owe them money 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  18. One thing that has to happen is for US to stop the allowing the drugs to come in. Where there’s demand, cartels will supply.

  19. Because of the billions of dollars the cocaine trade generates most government agencies are corrupted from politicians to the whole law system letting the cartels basically run empires on lawless tyranny and those who dare to speak out or turn down their blood money are executed along with family members. Now add that with the poor wages and you get a situation were there really isn't any other option. Only when you wead out the rotten ones starting at the top with politicians all the way down to police department then you can make any progress and then all resources can be used to fight the cartels. But there's that much money in the cocaine trade it will never be stopped.

  20. I can't believe our government polices whatever country they want, but not Mexico. Somebody's taking money in our government for this blindness to happen.

  21. Holy Bible (ILLEGAL immigration)
    John 10.1 Verily, verily, I say unto You, He that Entereth Not by the Door into the sheepfold, But Climbeth up some other way, the same is a THIEF and ROBBER.

  22. WTF …this is so confusing …i really dont understand…the very people that are "suppose" to protect are thee ones who took them away…WTF…

  23. Milton Friedman's school of something for nothing! Favoritism for the rich, organized crime, and corporations against the general population. He is still working his evil from beyond the grave!😯😲😨😵😬😩😠😡

  24. This is crazy, all those innocent people turning into criminals cause their state or police arent doing there job! They want answers, they want to be treated like any other human being.
    Police do your job and help your country.

  25. It’s crazy how my mom when she was a child in Mexico she told me they never had to worry about cartels or cops being like this and corrupted everything was fine just some old Mexicans working hard and students attending school all they had to worry about was just horrible weather when they had tornadoes and stuff that’s all….damn how times changed.

  26. And people think that this kinda government is just in “other” country’s…..its right here in AMERIXA TOO! This isn’t America it’s now become AMERIXA. Disgusting and pathetic and corrupt just as any other country is. Hillary aka the Clinton and Obama administration are the biggest untrusted President’s AMERIXA has ever seen. Many more deaths under their presidents than any other.

  27. So what happened to the piece of shit Mayor and his dirty cartel wife? The ones responsible for the killing of the 43 students, were they ever found and prosecuted?


  29. With so much corruption, who knows if this is true…They may just want to put the parents to rest & get all this to stop….Can’t blame the people for being angry & wanting justice for their children…

  30. https://medium.com/@blacksimba/the-scattered-hebrews-tribe-of-issachar-642f9469e854

    Maybe that explains why mexico is going through alot of suffering the ancestors abandoned the one and only true God and made themselves idols/false gods

    Exodus 20:5
    You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,

    Mexico have natural resources and food they can be a great country but a foreign country is enjoying mexicos riches

    Proverbs 5:8-10
    Keep to a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house, 

    9 lest you lose your honor to others and your dignity to one who is cruel, 

    10 lest strangers feast on your wealth and your toil enrich the house of another.

  31. 32:48 is it argentinan forensics or Austrian forensics. ???? Argentine forensics were called in initially to investigate the first mass grave. When the remains were found in the river it was stated that the remains were sent to Austria for forensics. But later on commentary stated they were sent to Argentina. Can some one clearify please?

  32. Mexico needs to flush out! because too much government corruption gives the gang's more power. because it's coming from the top from those who are in authority! so you must have extreme violence which is a major problem in Mexico.

  33. “Too bad you don’t shoot at the narcos.” – that statement hit me hard. It’s disgusting how corrupt my country is.. You can’t even trust authorities. They’re supposed to protect you and not betray you. They work with cartels and they won’t even flick a finger to them but would do so in a heart beat to innocent people.

  34. Ugh, the clip of them at the park zooming in on possible victims. Sick! When I was 10-11 I encountered an old couple at the bowling ally who had me come sit in the man's lap, and he asked if I wanted to come home with him to play with other kids. Now, I wonder if they had ever kidnapped someone or something and I was lucky that day. God, people are disgusting.

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