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The MBA Experience: Year One | London Business School

>>MORGAN: I used to work in banking specifically
as a credit risk analyst for a number of years. And I wasn’t quite getting what I needed from
the job.>>LOIC: I’m sponsored by my company which
is Hermes, the luxury brand.>>BRENDA: Before, I came to London Business
School, I was working for an airline in South America.
I was a risk manager in charge of all the routes between Brazil and the rest of South
America.>>JAMES: Prior to coming to LBS, I was a
civil engineer. I decided to establish my construction company and I’ve been running
that for two years. On a professional level, I thought it was time to come and actually
re-establish myself in the UK.>>AMISHA: Prior to the MBA, I worked for Shell
Oil Company. I wanted to get an MBA because I spent my whole career working in the energy
industry and I wanted to be able to see what other industries are out there.
>>BASSEM: I decided that this is the right time to go do my MBA as a way to step back
to try to make sense of what was going, what can happen in the future.
>>BRENDA: The first term was amazing. It was the term where everyone wants to meet with
everyone and everyone wants to have fun.>>JAMES: I was so overwhelmed with the number
of clubs. Energy club, finance club, consulting clubs. I joined the wine and cheese club,
the salsa club which was my wife’s idea.>>MORGAN: I’ve joined the Woman in Business
Club.>>BASSEM: One of the things that happened
in LBS’ all-day trips organized by students, we go to the Alps for one week. Someone like
me from the Middle East, I’ve never had the opportunity to see snow before, and I was
like, Woooooah!>>MORGAN: It’s great the partners can get
involved in all the social and sporting perks on campus. My partner is important to me and
I want him to be able to be part of that life.>>AMISHA: London Business School is located
right in the city. London is a huge hub for business and finance. There’s lots of Theatre,
fun stuff to do.>>LOIC: We had a good opportunity to discover
about different companies and industries in London with their London Business Experience.
I have chosen to go to Saatchi & Saatchi. What I signed up for was the Chelsea Football
Club.>>AMISHA: I’m going to visit the Coke Factory.
That makes it such much more alive and vivid for you.
>>JAMES: Career Services have really greatly assisted me helping me identify where I may
wish to pursue my career. Also preparing me for interviews for my internship.
>>BASSEM: One of the interesting things that we have at LBS is the entrepreneurship summer
school. You apply with a business idea then you go through classes for almost a week and
then you fly back to your home country or wherever you’re going to launch the business
and you start doing market research.>>BRENDA: I always wanted to do my own business
but I just didn’t have the right idea and they know how to teach you and how to show
you what they’re supposed to be looking for. The idea just came. It was clear that I wanted
to introduce coconut water in Chile. So that’s, that’s my business idea.
>>AMISHA: I’m doing my internship this summer at Cargill in their strategy and business
development group. I’m going to be located in Minneapolis.>>LOIC: In June, I spent two weeks here in
Paris. It was an opportunity for me to meet different people at Hermes, preparing my future
when I will come back to the company.>>: I’ve just finished a 10-week internship
at McKinsey & Company. I really had a great time. I learnt an incredible amount.
>>JAMES: This summer I was at Nomura, the Japanese investment bank. It was really good
experience, thoroughly enjoyed it.>>LOIC: London was an opportunity for me to
reflect, to have time to ask me what I really wanted to do and what I didn’t want to do.
>>BRENDA: I think’s it’s been an amazing experience. I learnt a lot. I met incredible people.
>>BASSEM: Reflecting back on my first year at LBS, it went by so quickly, I wish I had
more time to do more stuff.

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