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The Man – The School of Rock (3/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

Are you going to
teach us anything Or are we just
going to sit here? Just do whatever you want. (sighs) I want to learn from my teacher. Besides that. Freddy, What do you
like to do? I don’t know, burn stuff? Just go out and have recess. My parents Don’t spend $15,000 a year
for recess. What, you want
to learn something? Yes, I do. You want me to teach you?
You want to learn something? All right, Here’s a useful lesson for you. Give up. Just quit. Because in this life,
you can’t win. Yeah, you can try. But in the end, you’re just
going to lose, bigtime, Because the world is run
by the man. Who? The man.
Oh, you don’t know the man? Well, he’s everywhere. In the white house,
down the hall– Miss mullins, she’s the man. And the man ruined the ozone, And he’s burning down
the amazon, And he kidnapped shamu And put her
in a chlorine tank, okay? And there used to be
a way to stick it to the man. It was called rock and roll. But guess what?
Oh, no. The man ruined that too
with a little thing called mtv! So don’t waste your time Trying to make anything cool
or pure or awesome, ’cause the man’s
just going to call you A fat, washed-up loser
and crush your soul. So do yourselves a favor
and just give up! Oh. Mr. Schneebly,
it’s after 10:00. On tuesdays, The children have
music class now. Dewey:
Right. Okay. Uh… Good work, people. We will continue
with our lecture on the man When we return. Have a good music class.

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