The Life of a Brown Student
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The Life of a Brown Student

Hey, First Gens. I’m Nya. I’m a Junior concentrating in Modern Culture and Media and Political Science. I’m Felipe. I’m a Junior concentrating in history. I’m Julia. I’m a Junior concentrating in neuroscience. And we’re three First Gens that just wanted to show you around campus and show you all the
places that you might be hanging out when you get here in the fall. So right
now we’re at the Main Green. It’s the center hub of campus. A lot of students,
professors, visitors of the campus pass by here daily. There’s lots of classrooms on the Main Green and there’s also the Campus Center where a lot of students hang out. We’ll show you. Hey Guys. This is Pembroke. This is one of the main areas where all first-years live. As a first-year, you have a lot of resources within your own dorm that connects you to different people. So, you get your own unit which is basically the floor that you live on. And each unit gets RPL’s so these can be normal RPL’s, women peer counselors, or minority peer counselors. And these are upperclassmen who are there to help you, people that you can go to and talk to about any problems you’ll have and just basically be a support system for you on campus. Hey Guys! So behind us is the Sharpe Refectory. Otherwise known as the “Ratty.” It’s a very important place on campus because this is where you eat. So, you are what you eat. That saying is actually a really wise saying. You need to make sure that you eat really well during your time here at college. Despite the intense academic environment, make sure that you are taking care of yourself, getting good sleep, eating healthy, balanced meals — these are all really important things. Luckily, there’s plenty of food at the
Ratty. They have an omelet bar and a salad bar and also big tables where you can
sit with other students and have family dinner, the big dinners with other
people. Also a place you can just study throughout the day. And if the Ratty doesn’t suit your cravings, there are a bunch of different little eateries and another main dining hall known as the “V-Dub” on campus for your selection. This is Thayer Street. Now we’re in J. Walter Wilson, one of the tallest buildings on campus as you can see from the beautiful view around me. You have a lot of things going on in this building. So you have meal services, and you also have a lot of small seminar classrooms which you may be taking some of your first-year seminars in. You also have a lot of academic and personal resources including Study Abroad, Financial Aid, the Chaplain’s Office, the Writing Center, Health Career support and a lot of other personal resources that you might need including Counseling and Psychological Services. Hey Guys. So now we’re at the Brown Center for Students of Color. This is a resource for the whole campus community, and in particular students of color. It is a great place to get connected with other communities on campus and school clubs and also find resources
from the Administration. It’s also a great place to study. Now, we’re at the Sci Li. This is one of the main libraries on campus. It’s 14 stories. So, there’s lots of individual and group study spaces. One of my favorite floors is the 3rd floor where they have the Science Center. So there’s tons of resources and people available for STEM’s units. They have group tutoring options pretty much every night. This is the bus stop. Fun fact – you can use your Brown ID to get anywhere in Providence for free!

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  1. Julia is the only one that's going to make real money when she graduates. Her major is Neuroscience.

  2. Enroll Lupita!!!! paul walker, alex mcpherson, CHEAP, W., tawana blount, THAENA, COSS came thru, Phillip (family and god friend) and Alexi (model stylist and fashion HOUSE Entrepreneur)- she my daughter♡

  3. I actually know Felipe, he played the piano really well, and was a soloist for one concert for the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Providence, RI. He performed Grieg Piano Concerto

  4. Brown has billions in the bank. dont be fooled taking out student loans for this place, they could give free tuition for the next 25 years if they wanted to

  5. they should be smart enough to know the federal tax money they take could be better spent on something like the medicaid deficit, considering they have enough money already

  6. The neurosciences science lady is set for success, the other two massive social sciences bimbos are up for failure

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