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100 thoughts on “THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Official Trailer (2018) Maggie Gyllenhaal Netflix Movie HD

  1. Brilliant scenario, brilliant Maggie. The movie is very interesting. It is a real drama. There is no annoying kindergarten atmosphere. There's a lot to think about behind this story.

  2. Yes, they set this up to be wrong and creepy but at the same time, the creators of this stuff love that they give to live out a fantasy. And want to make you question if this is really wrong or not."Look how wrong this is. A grown woman and a little boy alone in a hotel room, swimming in a lake, touching. Just look at how weird, just look, look. Fill your mind with it." Just reverse the roles. If this was a grown man with a 5-year-old girl how would that change how you watch this?

  3. Watched this film the other day, incredible acting by all involved. There is no paedophilia; there is no sexual/romantic relationship between the teacher and the child. Is it inappropriate? Yes, but she is purely about 'nurturing' his talent and trying to make sure that he doesn't fade away and become ignored in the society obsessed with technology and kids growing up too fast. Maggie Gyllenhaal was incredible as a woman descending into madness and none of her actions are at all encouraged or made to feel like they are supported or shown in a good light.

  4. I hope people realize that this is just ENTERTAINMENT and it's not real. The movie isn't condoning pedophilia. It is showing how one woman's interest in a child's talent becomes an obsession. There's a reason why the movie is rated R. If there were no villains in movies then movies wouldn't exist.

  5. Poetry is touching…. Anyway just my 2cents
    Child gets no attention or is being listened to.
    He expresses himself – Oscar material indeed.

  6. The ending just crushed me having just watched the movie.. Give this movie a chance if you're on the fence. Its heartwarming, yet unsettling and scary at times. However the ending makes you feel to the child and the warning his teacher stated about his talent not being appreciated. Damn near breaks you're heart..

  7. This movie had me uncomfortable from the first 15 mns into it!!! Definitely pedophilia!!! Are you guys MAD!!! Her obsession to nurture his talent doesn’t involve KIDNAPPING him from school and taking him to the beach!!! Tf is wrong with you people! I know it’s acting but sheeesh!!!

  8. Reading all these hate and “ew” type comments just makes me think how narrow minded people really are. Yes, the theme is dark & heavy, but it’s reality; it showcases a fracture in our society. Look at it from a perspective of understanding a message, because that is what every art has to offer. This project is brining awareness, maybe even a reality check for those who might have similar tendencies. If we walk away from the bleak aspects of life & stay content in the banal platitudes, then we fail to as a society…

  9. I clicked to see what this movie is about since I work in a kindergarten and obviously work with kids same age as this boy in the movie. Only to realise a few seconds into it that this is creepy and just not was I was expecting. Why tho really

  10. Some of you should seriously watch the movie and stop jumping to conclusions. They're not trying to "normalize pedophilia", AT ALL. If anything, it portrays how she got so obsessed with this kid (because of his talent), to the point where she doesn't realize she basically kidnapped him, until she hears him calling the police.

  11. I don't think it's anything pedo by far, all I see is she is looking for discovering the success in a child who's gifted which she couldn't get all her life

  12. It's not about pedophilia. The woman was delusional about the kid's talent, not sexualy atracted to him. Her idea was to protect his talent from the world. Since she thinks, as she witness with her own family what the world by now disturbs creativity. Her dreams of being an artist herself and to have an ideal family fell down due to that. So she kidnaps the kid as a way to say "fuck you" to the modern world. Not about pedophilia. Nontheless she still comited a crime

  13. Kidnapping is brutal and wrong, sure. But her intentions are good. Is it better to grow up with parents, in a society, where ones talents are crushed and the child later on in his life develops depression or psychological disorders? The majority of the human kind lives in fear, lack of self worth and disappointment because of the fact, that the stupid, structural norms are forced upon children, destroying creativity and fantasy, which is the essential key to happiness, joy and success. I rather let my kind kindergarden teacher take me away from my ”family” than stay home with people, who live their lives like robots and don’t nourish my intelect, talents and creativity.

  14. Wait a 5 year old has a cell phone & his teacher is calling him to take him out on a date?
    Netflix got creepy AF😳😨

  15. I don't think she's a pedo. She's just passionate about her delusion that the world needs another mozart. Whereas, clearly, the art world and its idealism is very exclusive and doesn't include people with low-social status. But if there was someone that came from that and was celebrated, well, most likely that artist is just packaged and exploited to entertain high society's eccentric taste for luxury items such as high priced artworks.

  16. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, messed up but looks tempting and…you wish you'd thought of writing this story don't you?!!!

  17. If the roles were reversed with a man and a little girl it be considered beyond inappropriate. Down right Pedo.

  18. I'm pretty sure this film was on netflix for a DAY cus i am almost certain i fell asleep watching this but now i cannot find it???

  19. It's a thought provoking film in that the teacher genuinely cares about the kid but she can't seem to stop herself. There's no pedo vibe though at all- after all she helps the kid dial 911.It's more of a warning about joining a poetry society.

  20. I get what she was trying to do but it was just a very bizarre and creepy way of doing it.

    It was an amazing movie though.. Finally something with a meaning that comes out of Hollywood in awhile.. great story !

  21. I think the metaphors escape most that have watched it by blurting out spoilers which have little relevance to its true message – that one person can actually identify an authentic voice.

  22. WHAT?!?!?! She Just Kidnapped a Child?!?!?! She Should Not Have Done That and The Movie and Trailer Are Creeping Me Out

  23. imagine if a man did this instead of a women. he would never see day light again. the society is becmoing more and more a hyena society where women are making the laws and rules .

  24. Just saw the movie …though the teacher is wrong in all way but last words of the boy after he is in the police car.. I have poem …and no 1 listens just filled my heart..

  25. Even as she ages Maggie Gyllenhaal is still so totally fuckable. PS the movie trailer creepy-shitted me out ! Weirdo bitch !

  26. I have not nor will I ever watch anything on NETFLIX (or Amazon streaming) for a start I use proper quality hard formats BLU-RAY and the occassional DVD. Beyond which NETFLIX has war criminals on their corporate board and they are totally CIA. Every script for all their productions is submitted to the CIA for vetting. Some studios submit to the Pentagon screenplay vetting office others to the CIA some voluntarily adhere to approval and censorship from both. Just look at how their documentaries glorified Ukrainian Fascists as democratic fighters for justice and the overtly Jihadist fake-news producing White Helmets as a humanitarian NGO. Every word in those docs was 100% CIA/Mi6 disinfo policy. WAKE UP PEOPLE. This is the shit the digital dystopia is feeding you !

  27. That kindergarten teacher is really an annoying one. More likely she is mad.
    And it is really just beyond understanding how become some muddy words great poems…

  28. Pick up a copy of "weapons of mass instructions" or "the underground history of America education" by John Taylor gatto.

  29. 🤔Maggie Looks Like A Margot🤷🏽‍♀️Maggie Is Either The Youngest Looking Elder😏Or The Oldest Looking Youngin🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩🤣

  30. the teacher : that`s not right u should give ur child the tools to know what`s right and what`s wrong and let him choose his own life … u must give him the choice to choose between normal and rich life
    and not forcing his decision

    the teacher kidnap the kid to force him to be come rich and famous
    i have seen this episode from black mirror miley cyrus was great in that episode

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