The Insane Way I Cheated On A College Test
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The Insane Way I Cheated On A College Test

– My freshman year of
college, I cheated on a final, and this is that story. Okay, before we start, cheating
might be a strong word. Actually, maybe it’s not. I’ll leave that up to all of you. Okay, here we go. So I was home on a
little break from school. Nothing holiday related, just
a weekend at my parents house. It was Sunday and I was leaving that night to fly back to school. My point being school and home
were not close to each other. If I’m being honest, it’s a little tough to go to school in a place
that’s far from home. Especially if you’re someone like me who gets homesick from time to time. Anyways, it was end of
April, Spring semester was winding down a.k.a finals season. The pressure was on. I’m gonna be bold here, I’d classify myself as
in intelligent person. Now when I say that, would
I call myself a genius? I don’t think I would. Would I call myself dumb? I don’t think I would. And I like school, I like learning so I’m not really sure what came over me on that faithful day. Before I knew it, I was heading back to school on that Sunday night. I had a final the very next
morning, Monday morning. For whatever reason, before
I even left my parents house, I thought to myself, I’m not
taking that test tomorrow. I’m gonna email my teacher now, tell him my flight got canceled and I could take it later that week. My thought was, I could buy
myself a couple extra days and get ready for the test in my own time. It was a slam dunk. I guarantee a surefire plan. Maybe I was a genius. I sent the email, got on to
my very not canceled flight, and went back to school. I’m feeling good, real slick. Until I get back to my dorm. There’s a reply to my email. “Hi Brigid.” Perfectly acceptable greeting. “No problem, sorry to
hear about your flight. “Just bring me proof of your new flight, “and we’ll be all good.” (clock ticking) How did this happen? This was supposed to be an easy plan. Okay, okay, okay, just calm down. I have no choice but to
own up to my mistakes and face the situation that I’ve created. Or… Or, and hear me out, I look up I don’t know, a template
for a plane ticket, create a fake boarding pass
to present to my professor. I was in too deep. I couldn’t confess. This became Operation Fake Ticket. We arrange a new time
for me to take the final, that’s a few days away. I needed to craft something
that was believable. Actually, more than believable, authentic. He’s a smart guy, he’s
a college professor. He could probably look
up if a flight was real. So I just needed to make it
seem like I was on that flight. I was starting to feel like
I was a character on Lost. Somehow, after days of
studying, and terrifying nights of dreams of expulsion,
I completed both tasks. Not only was I ready for my final, I was ready for the greatest
trick I’d ever pull. It was the day of the test. I walk into his classroom, my heart is pounding out of my chest. There he is. I’m trying to figure
out what he’s thinking. So far, he seems oddly calm. I think I’m ready for this test, and oh here’s that airline
information you asked for. I hand over the goods, he
looks them over briefly and sets them down. Internally I’m like, and
that’s how it’s done baby, we just pulled this off. “Okay, cool! “So while you take the test,” “I’ll just give the airline a call “to make sure you were on the flight.” Excuse me? I’m surprised I didn’t
just burst into flames right then and there. Yeah, no, of course, that sounds good. I’m trying to play it cool. He hands over the test, I take a seat at the desk in his classroom,
my life, it was over. This is it. This is how it ends. He leaves the room, I take the test. Oddly enough, he never returns. I leave my finished test on his desk, leave the classroom and never looked back. Do you have any idea how hard it is to focus on a test when your teacher is trying to catch you in a lie? I could feel my brain melting. I sprung back to my dorm,
collect all my friends, explain the new development in the saga. “I feel like you can’t
just call an airline “and get that information.” Says one of smart friends. Yeah, yeah that makes sense. For whatever reason, I had my friend call instead of me and ask the airline if my name came up in a flight manifest. They wouldn’t give the information out. Delightful. Nice try buddy. I did it, there’s no
way he could call me out on my fake plane ticket now. And guess what? A week or so later, I found
out I got an A on that test. This wasn’t all for nothing. Heads up, the craziest part of this story hasn’t even happened yet. Freshman year ends, I end up
transferring to another school, it was closer to home and
just a little more my speed. One day, I’m sitting on campus
waiting for a class to start and suddenly, there’s
an odd shift in the air. You know when you can just feel when something is about to happen? “Brigid, right?” I hear a voice ask. I look up, my heart stops. It’s my fucking teacher. The guy that I duped. He’s staring at me. Yes, it’s me, Brigid. How are you? “Good to see you.” He says. Starts to walk away, I swear on my life, I’m not making this up. “Nice job with that plane ticket.” What is this? A goddamn movie? People don’t talk like that, this doesn’t happen in real life. Apparently this happens in my life. What was he even doing here? Why was he at my new school? I have expected him to do
that thing in scary movies where he crosses a street, a
bus drives by and disappears. Obviously, I go home and
look him up immediately. Turns out, he’s an adjunct
professor at my new school. Oddly enough, we never crossed
paths again after that. I think he just wanted to see how far I would take my lie. And he got his answer. I took that lie all the way. Did I learn my lesson? Yep. Would I do it again? Nope. Stay in school kids. (upbeat jazz music)

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100 thoughts on “The Insane Way I Cheated On A College Test

  1. So here’s how an Arabic girl cheated on her test.

    So she wears a hijab and no one can see her ears. She used her hidden ears to her advantage and wore AirPods, she calls someone and that person tells her the answers. When she’s telling the person on the other end the question it would go along the lines of “Where is Rome’s capital city? I don’t know, what the hell.” She did used this same tactic for every test and was basically an A student forever.
    Then when she wanted to go to the bathroom, her AirPod fell out. Fell. Out. Yeah, I didn’t think Tim would be possible either but it happened. It fell on the floor and the class tattletale said “Oooooh, (forgot the name of the girl) has AirPods. The teacher picked up the AirPods and asked her why she was wearing them in class. She stayed silent for a few seconds so the teacher put on the AirPods so she could hear what she was listening to. The dude on the other end said “Yo, (girls name), you there? (5 seconds later) Bruh, do you want the answers or not.” That’s when the teacher knew. She was suspended for 3 days and had failing grades for every class. Don’t know what’s happening to her right now but it remains a mystery what her mother did to her.

  2. When the teacher accidentally sees this vid on his recommend page. “YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUAHSVAJEBWJWHWIHWWHUEBWB BOCHT RHHRHRJRJRJW FUKCBC YOYOY

  3. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. you know what would be crazier? The Prof calls the airline and they actually find another person with the same name on that flight and turns out she has already wrote that test with the Prof a day before.

  5. I tried to cheat on my developmental biology exam by saying that I was having surgery. I actually was going to get it but something happened with my health insurance that wouldn't let me get it. I decided not to tell him and then my professor asked for my post OP paper work. I was "in too deep" so I had to come up with a response about how disrespectful it was for him not trust to me. Eventually I got sent to the dean and I had to confess my lies. They let me go without any trouble. It was such a scary process. I could have gotten expelled or something. But I made it out alive :].

  6. I dont know if this is an actor presenting the story from another person or this is the real person.. i feel shes an actor.
    and if she is then I DO have a problem with buzzfeed for them not including a disclaimer..

  7. so like this wasnt a cheating like write the ans in a paper and read it while taking the test its more like making a plan to get a longer study time🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣

  8. oml, you really needed just a few extra days to take that test? i bet you would have gotten an A even if you didn't lie.

  9. Amazing story my teachers wouldn't believe it but technically she didnt cheat she postponed it but that doesnt mean she cheated on it

  10. That's a scary story. I once cheated because my friend didn't study anything for the math exam. I was good a it and understood everything. We did all the questions together but she put two wrong answers to somehow show that we weren't doing it together. I got an 100 and she got a 92. WAT A RELIEF WE DIDN'T GET COUGHT

  11. You need to watch Judge Judy. Your parents never taught you that if you tell on lie you will have to lie to cover up the previous one, just like the judge said.

  12. Já fui ao hospital, tomei injeção e soro só para conseguir um atestado pra faltar a uma prova… deu certo, mas não faço nunca mais 🤞 rs

  13. I’ve watched this over and over again for like a year and literally JUST realized:

    If she wanted the teacher to believe her, why didn’t she give him the actual info of her new flight since she was instead flying in later that week???

  14. This was nothing compared the lie I gave my math teacher that I did do my project even though I obviously
    didn't do it, all I had to do was make her think she lose it. p.s. this project was like 40%-50% of my grade 
    and I didn't have to do anything at all

  15. Bro I used this glasses that tell music and the teacher didn’t realize since it travel by sound waves and the teacher didn’t hear it

  16. It would’ve been easier to just study in the first place…
    Also this never would’ve happened at my school. It was so small I would’ve had to hole up in the dorms so no one would see me.

  17. he probably just saw you on the campus at a time that you would have been on the plane if your flight got cancelled and wanted to mess with you.

  18. An airline cant give information on whether or not someone was on a flight but they can inform people on whether or not a specific flight was canceled soooooo

  19. I watched this hecc of a video since last year and since then it gave me the motivation to leave school when there's an incoming deadline of projects and exams. BRING ME BACK MY DISCIPLINE.

  20. It's actually pretty easy to check if a flight was cancelled, just head on over to flight radar or ANY flight tracking website for that matter.

  21. I only cheated once in my life but god damn it was all in or go home.

    I have to write a 900 word essay on a book in an advanced french class.

    During the exams, my teacher would actually let us listen to music, but we couldn’t touch our phones and we had to keep it in front of us on the desk.

    So on the last exam of the semester, I told myself I got an idea 💡

    I wrote the ENTIRE TEXT at home.
    Read slowly but surely +900 words and recorded it.

    I was scared shitless. I was also sitting right in front of his desk, but he ended going in the back of the class to watch everyone during the exam.

    But before the exam I tested to see if I was able to switch from the recording and to the music so that if he looked at my phone, it would be like I was listening to music.

    It was a stressful 3 hours but I MADE IT! I was listening to every word and I wrote it down lol.

    I ended up getting 92%
    Worth it but I wouldn’t do it again lol

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