The Funniest TEACHER – STUDENT Texts
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The Funniest TEACHER – STUDENT Texts

Sweetie me and your teacher are gonna bang tonight so you don’t have to come in early. What’s this better be an autocrat? Ha ha mom read your last text god. I hate those Auto pricks. That’s exactly what I thought I was like whose mom is gonna write this what autocorrect I’m Serious what? Serious I’m moving out I would – that is so awkward and so weird it’s like now you’re gonna have to sit in class and be like so, uh You and my mom eh Would you do to my mom last night but now like he has to give you the grades at least right I’m I’m a believer that there’s always a positive every scenario now this this suck Nobody wants this but on the bright side. It’s a can it be better I’m kidding. This sucks. No matter what Hannah the teacher has your phone the teacher has her phone. Why are you messing with her? It’s you just gonna read this Emily. I want your phone as well bring it to the front of the class honestly how stupid seriously how stupid but first of all Can we talk about how the teacher misspelled your phone your I need to call the students stupid? What type of teacher is this this is not like my teachers these are not the teachers I had Hey, Dad, come pick me up. I’m Suspended what did you do this time? Nothing My teacher asked me a simple question and I gave a simple answer What did she ask and what did you say and by the way? rounded Grounded. She said I had five bottles in one hand and six bottles in the other What do I have and I said a drinking problem? That’s funny that’s funny I don’t think you should get suspended for that That teacher it’s live a little Just lighten up a little I think that was kind of funny unless like you’re doing it for every question You should be allowed to Make a joke. You’re ungrounded or learning my smartass. Tell it See dad has a sense of humor dad’s like I find that funny your smartest. I’m a smartass Hey school was awesome today a lot of laughs I need a smiley face. Hey what happens? Well, my maid was hitting her calculator on the edge of her desk because it wasn’t working. So Then the teacher shouted her Holly. How would you like it if I banged you on the table? Oh My god That’s totally not the teacher meant this is like one of the situations when you say something and it’s completely innocent and you don’t mean it to sound wrong, but it comes down you’re like Can I take it back? Can I take it back? Did anyone notice what I just said, please? Nobody have noticed This is my life I never mean to say any for everything But then sometimes I’m like that sounded bad and everyone takes it the wrong way and it’s it’s it’s funny It’s funny for other people. Not for the person who happens to do Hey mister are I already a read Huck and Finn over the summer. Do I have to read it again? Any book worth reading once is worth reading again even Twilight? I said it had to be worth reading once I Also think it’s weird that people are texting their teacher. Our teachers. Never gave us their numbers Do you guys text your teachers take a second? Let me know in the comments. Do you guys text your teachers? Is this a normal thing because for me when I was in school, this was not a normal thing I don’t know if this is like not a Canadian thing or It’s just not a thing in general or if it’s an I don’t know. I’m curious you guys text your teachers That would be awesome Would it need to be like put on a disk or a USB or could it just be emailed through? Can’t email of that format wait too big. Oh all good. Shall I send you a dick or USB to put it off? Damn, he meant to say disk meant to say disk But now you accidentally asked your teacher if it’s okay to send them a dick pic and that’s awkward Because even though your teacher your teachers right enough to know that you meant disk. It’s awkward. Now, do you explain yourself? You pretend they didn’t notice do you mention it? Are you like hey, sorry I meant to say this Does that make him more awkward? I don’t know. Hey miss Morgan Why are you texting me at 2:00 in the morning? You can only text me for math homework. Oh, sorry. Are you sleeping? Yes, aren’t you no Still doing that math homework you gave us the thoughts annoyed face teacher Dada. This is funny They’re like these just like you can text us for math homework and person’s like still awake doing math I would be sleeping if you didn’t give me this complicated law math homework but I’m not sleeping and if I’m not gonna sleep neither a you teacher So this chunk keeps you could not give us homework. This is why we never had teachers numbers. I think hi. Mr. Harris. Um, I Did really bad on the test and I was wondering if I could get some extra credit Okay, what kind of extra credit were you thinking? I don’t know but I would do anything anything I love how this felt Anything with an e? Where’s the a Anything if it was with youth winky face Whoa, who sends a winky face to their teacher that is just crossing so many boundaries anything He’s like mocking her with an e anything smiley face, of course dah, dah QT And two Winky faces now you now you’re definitely crossing lines. Oh, I got the response would you even study Mr. Harrison you did good sir. You did good. I love it. Hey, mr. Barnes. I’m really upset with my last text grade Can I sex it up with you after school on Monday Eliza? Eliza You’ve really got a double check your spelling on your message in a teacher. Mr. Barnes come late after school So no teachers see us b-plus. All right, I’m getting horny. Just thinking about you What? He did you not just say that. Mr. Barnes. I meant to say make it up with you. This is awkward. No shit What’s wrong with you? This is your student. This is how teachers lose jobs is how anybody loses jobs. This is not okay I’ll give you an eight. You never repeat this and delete clearly. She didn’t delete it because it’s all over the in there was actually something that happened with my teacher when I went to school and Something similar. Hey, I need your help which one is the answer of the 5.2 on the biology quiz Valerie? This is Miss Fisher She’s trying to cheat in class she is trying to cheat in class and messages the teacher instead This is not how it looks no, no, this is exactly how it looks you’re busted No problem. The answers see what the teacher gave it to her Thanks. You’re welcome. Now you owe me ten bucks. Damn That’s an expensive test answer but at least she’s not like failing if this happened to me This was not okay. What I went to school they were like no if you get caught cheating but not passing this test Automatically even if you cheat cheater on one question the whole test fail. Hey Jack, this is Hannah’s teacher We met at the conference yesterday and I’d like to get to know you better. Um, this is well Yes Miley please. This is Hannah Hannah’s dad, but I thought you fell down your parents phone number on the sheet. Oops. See you Monday That is so awkward. Oh my god. That is so awkward How are these things happening? What now it’s when they see each other in class it’s like no one’s gonna say anything but like she’s gonna like I’m on to you you Honey, my dad. Hey, mr. Smith. I was wondering if you could retake last week’s tests. No you See word does not oh I meant Ken’s Autocorrect. I’m so sorry. Mr. Smith. AutoCAD uses the most frequently use words I might ask I add so when do you want to take that test? well Played well played like this means that you use the word often if you don’t want anyone to know Except this is on the internet and let me retake the test Sorry, but I only F guys who know how to spell idiot and use the correct form of to dumbest Oh Caroline I have never been prouder Mr. Prescott. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. You’re my new favorites, dude She thought that she was sending this to a boy. It was like trying to you know Wheel her and she’s like buddy. I’m not gonna do that with you her teachers proud there He’s just like good for you for having some standards girl Manners are key You don’t want to just be like giving it up for anybody especially not if they can’t use the word – hey What was the homework for tonight? Oh, hi Jess. Its page 13 in the workbook Oh my god, Jason that hot student of mine. Jess. Just texted me. Oh, I want to kiss her so badly Um, does this still Jess guys? This is so bad $300 if you won’t tell $400 and you can kiss me What Prostitution. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe things like this go on. I don’t know what to say Okay. I am shocked. I am really really really shocked you realize you are not supposed to text in class I wasn’t texting in class ma’am. No one looks down at their crotch and smiles. Okay, it’s better. You think I was texting? He’s like, how you doing Look down to my pants. I haven’t hate my teacher School just started. How could you possibly eat a teacher already? He said he would never give us a test when he walked through the door. So that’s awesome You don’t get to have any tests lucky. That’s what I thought But the next thing I know the smartass is coming into the class through the window waving the tests in our faces I see what he did there LMFAO. You got owned by an old man. That sucks, bro That’s pretty funny but like super inconvenient cuz now this teacher Is gonna have to come through a window every time he’s gonna have to get a test I’m sure that’s gonna deter haven’t give me too many tests I give you what to go through a window every time you I can give a test. You just stop giving tests I’m hoping that this theory is right for this this person. Hey mom. I’m in detention What why in class my teacher pointed a ruler at me and said at the other end of the ruler is an idiot What teacher says that though? like if a teacher said this through somebody they would have got it in trouble at least in my school and I Asked him which and he was referring to Yes, the comeback I love it Mom is proud – mums. Like that’s my girl. Don’t let anybody call you an idiot. That’s just rude this was a very life lassie way to come back like you don’t want to start yelling back and no your idea cuz then you’re just Being the same as them but this was this was clever. I liked it. Do you know your biology grade yet? No, but I just nailed the teacher. It better be an A or I’ll be pissed oMG. You are sleeping with him for grade Oh my G that is nasty. It is nasty. That’s what I’m saying We’re your standards odds who raised, you know? OMG, I emailed him not nailed Ok guys just not affect emailing is. Ok. You can email wherever you want. Thank god. He’s like 92 we’ll see how I feel later on. Ok, if you want you can come and sit on the floor and keep me company I will make you work and I’ll supply the diet coke and I’ll give you a chai Fiat – yes because everybody wants that Ha ha I meant hug. Ha ha I’m giving no one HIV good to know This is a really friendly teacher. I don’t know how to feel about this. Hi guys. I don’t know I think there’s just been nice. They’re just be nice. I think I’ve seen too many inappropriate ones, and I’m like I’m like super paranoid and skeptical of all of them. No. Hello miss alert to learn Salerno I’m bad at pronouncing things Just a reminder to please send Madeleine sounding the penis session slip with her to school tomorrow Thank you. My iphone autocorrected my sentence I meant permission slips Technology helped me about it. Tell me about it struggles Wow. Yes, we grant permission for the future. No other thing, lol These are hilarious guys, I am loving it You don’t know that I will always be looking for new ways to engage students with the applications of mathematics That’s what I want I to do as a teacher not teach mathematics But to Tabak students about the applications of math into the real world. Come again EBay you want to t-bag your students? Is real so the homeworks due for Friday, right sure just drop it off in my desk smiley face oh my god, Kelly your super friend keeps texting me still can’t wait for our special time winky face a Conspiracy or Biff gee Kelly as in my best friend Kelly. How do people not realize that they’re texting the same person how do you send a message and come back to that message and send it and not notice that your message your person and the Texas is just right above it. Also how you’re gonna act fake I hate this are you gonna act fate give her a smiley face and then go to her friend and call her stupid How you gonna be fake ass? I know I don’t even feel bad for him I don’t even feel bad for him for getting caught and for her friend. Are you gonna let a t-shirt or anybody? Talk about your best friend like this. I want an A and all future assignments and good reports. Okay. Thanks. Bye I Love that. Hey. Thanks. Bye I Felicia Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and I still want to know in the comments I want to know if anybody actually has our teachers number don’t there’s I’ve emailed teachers my parents have emailed teachers. That’s as far as it goes You can call the school but not their personal phone. Like I can’t sit there and be like, you know Anyways guys, I love you also might see you lady

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  1. Wi have a group but olny parents text and there the theacer text but i live in croatia and im in second grade but i know enghlis beter then croatia

  2. The teacher could get fired or their teacher’s license revoked for texting students, while they’re still students. After they graduate it’s ok tho.

  3. Yes I text my teachers, when I ask a question or ask what to do for projects. We have a groupchat of our classroom!😂

  4. who tf would have their teachers phone number (unless ur teacher is ur mom or ur aunt)

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