The Funniest Awkward Texts From Teachers
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The Funniest Awkward Texts From Teachers

How’s it going guys, welcome to Reaction Time..ohh lets see and today we are gonna continue the series you guys absolutely love especially since we’re still in school like can you just imagine some of these things we’re gonna read right now like imagine that was your teacher Its amazing guys lets see whats next alright guys you know what lets just jump right into it lets go lets do this alright this is from your teacher Mr.R I dont know… what is that Mr.Roberts? Hey Mr.R, I already read Huck Fin over the summer, do I have to read it again? (SUPER DEEP VOICE) Any book worth reading once is worth reading again Even Twilight? I said it had to be worth reading once ha HA HAHAH So apparently Twilight is not worth reading twice But you gotta listen to Mr.R Just because that name just sounds kinda creepy and weird like WHAT teachers name is Mr.R? Hey Dad come pick me up i’m suspended What did you do this time… Nothing my teacher asked me a simple question and i gave a simple answer what did she ask and what did you say oh and you’re grounded she said I had five bottles in one hand and six bottles in the other what do I have? I said I have a drinking problem you’re ungrounded for learning my smartass talent haha what, what? not gonna lie that was the probably the coolest dad ever but i love how he just like immediately grounds her like you don’t know what you’re suspended for sometimes when you get in a fight with someone you still get suspended even though they started it so lets say like you have this bully and he starts like picking on you and like messing with your hair just cause you have a bowl cut and then you like kinda push him back and then you guys kinda get into a fight and then you get suspended even though it was not your fault in bwuh… hey, school was awesome today, alot of laughs hey what happened? well my mate was hitting her calculator on the edge of her desk because it wasn’t working. soo? Then the teacher shouted at her Hollie how would you like it if I banged you on the table! WHAT!? Thats not even funny why did i just laugh at that What teacher says that? that would be awesome would it be like put on a disk or USB? Or could it just be emailed through? Can’t email that format way too big. Oh all good, shall I send you a dick or USB to put it on? I’m out Oh that sounds! interesting I taught them about wind and solar and natural gas and geothermal and what i do to convert dirty girls into clean ones I wish you came to my 8th grade class oh my god autocorrect fuels not girls. how is that possible fuels and girls how did that autocorrect each other that’s the lie you totally meant girls don’t even a lie. i hate my teacher school just started how can you possibly hate a teacher already he said he would never give us a test when he walked through the door so thats fucking awesome you don’t get to have any test you lucky bitch yeah that’s what I thought but the next thing I know the smart ass is coming into the classroom through the window waving the test in our faces oh oh i see what he did there you got owned by an old man that sucks bro no no That did not really happen, did that really happen that is a savage teacher that I would actually love to take tests in that class Just cause like the teacher did that I would actually be like alright fine, just give me the test already your teacher called me what have you done there was this test today and I wanted to sit in the back of the room but teacher wouldn’t let me, she said not on the back so? I said thats what she said and she yelled get out and I said she said that too you’re grounded for life but that was good LOL totally worth it This is from mr. Harris hey mr. Harris just want to let you know that I’m upset with my last test grade can i sex it up with you after school on Monday?-Anna Anna, this stays between you and me come later so no teacher sees us and is a b-plus alright I’m getting horny just thinking about you Umm Mr. Harris. I meant to say make it up with you this is really uncomfortable well then i’ll give you a plus if you never repeat this to anyone okay thanks mr. Harris hey mrs Morgan. Why are you texting me at two in the morning you can only text me for math homework oh sorry are you sleeping yes aren’t you nope still doing that math homework you gave us…bitch. Thats what you get math teacher Miss Morgan thats why you don’t over do homework because if they have your number while wait why would a teacher give the students their number i’m just realizing this like teachers are not supposed to give their students their numbers why all these texts ok let’s just keep going I don’t want to ruin this. This is from Molly hey Molly do you know Your biology grade yet no but I just totally nailed the teacher It better be an A or I’ll be pissed oh my god you are sleeping with him for a grade oh my fucking god that’s so nasty no oh my god i emailed him not nailed thank God he is like 92 what is that I see how this would be a spelling error because like nailed and emailed they’re two really similar things but like it’s still it’s still kind of disturbing just a thought in my head of her nailing ok nevermind hey mr.Jackson I really need an A on the test and i’d do anything anything? yes I’ll do anything 😉 you mean even…study?? cause thats because that’s something that will get you an a n the test I love how they did that a lot of my teachers would do that they would beg the teacher they would be like please like I’m learning I’ll do anything I will clean the classroom i’d do anything you want me to do and they would be like you know what you can do you can study hey how about that you can study alright guys that’s going to wrap it up for the funniest teacher-student text really hope you guys enjoyed i hope this made your day let me know if you guys want to see more of these because i actually really enjoyed doing this and yeah make sure to click on another video you guys have two options come on just choose one or click that circle to subscribe i really appreciate it and yeah I’ll see you guys really soon until that have a great one and peace out

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100 thoughts on “The Funniest Awkward Texts From Teachers

  1. it would not be awkward if i texted my teacher because she is my mother also i do not have a phone

  2. at 3:45 it is screenshoted on the teachers phone but why is the students contact "Math Teach" on the teachers phone??

  3. The only reason I have my teachers phone number is for marching band. And if some of the music doesn't make scencr

  4. When your in college on the syllabus the teacher give them there number for help to get contact with the students for help on assignments, projects, or help with reviews.

    Because, I go to college I had that and they help a lot. For this video some of them are a lot of Haha! & Oooo’s

  5. one time everyone in homeroom was talking really loud so my fatass man meatball teacher yelled, "EVERYONE TALK QUIETLY OR I'LL BANG YOU". That's not what he meant. He meant give us a detention. We all couldn't stop laughing. I remember that, thinking 'but that wouldn't work because I like girls'.

  6. Do one on Roblox Memes or Medical Memes.
    I have a medical meme:
    Doctor:You are good at reciting π.
    Patient: Because I'm a mathematician?
    Doctor:No,because you are a Savant.

  7. We had this substitute one time and this kid got dared to flirt with them a whole bunch and he was like “ what if I need help reading, you know later tonight” and she gave him her number

  8. When he asked “ what teacher says that?” I remembered of a time in third grade that we had a sub and she said she would put tape on two boys’ mouths and she did she got fired

  9. If I got suspended because somebody started a fight with me and simply finished it my grandfather and dad THATA BOY

  10. Teachers gave their numbers in case of emergency and information.👌🏻

    When I was in college teachers gave their number even if we didn't ask for it. So when were absent in their class we just text them and when we attend their class we have an excuse letter. 😺

    Also, if the teachers are busy and they want you to do something🤣 I remember my teacher texted me and want me to teach a topic of Probability and Statistics to my classmates because he's busy 😹

  11. S.c.h.o.o.l Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives! L.i.f.e Life Is Freaking Empty! H.o.m.e.w.o.r.k Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge!

  12. I love you so much and I love your videos and I am subscriber to your YouTube channel and I graduated high school and it is so good to be out of,school, for good and I am 18 and I have a crush on you

  13. School : 2+2 =4

    HoMEWORK: 2+4+8 = 14

    ExAmInATION: Jack has four apples.His train is 10 minutes early.Calculate the mass of the sun

  14. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  15. Wait… People are saying some are coming from the same person (the same by as in messaging themselves) can i have the timestamps?

  16. Honestly I don’t find the students being able to message teachers that weird. One math teacher gave the class his home phone #. The other math teachers I’ve had use Remind and I can message them on there. It’s really not that weird.

  17. Idk…i got all of my teachers numbers in college…maybe it was a college student. If it was high school that is kinda weird


  19. my school once gave me in school suspension because a kid punched me i looked the principal in the eye and said that she could suck my d*ck almost was expelled for that one lol

  20. In 10th grade biology, we were watching a video about how birds live. It was talking a lot about the birds temperature. At the end of class, I was getting my stuff and the teacher didn't see me. Another girl in my class went up to him and asked "why do birds have hot bodies". The teacher responded saying "well why do u have a hot body". I always record the whole biology period audio on my phone bc I can use it to study. My phone was still recording so I stopped the audio, took it to the principal, and showed him. The teacher never came back to my school.

  21. Some teacher gives you there number but it's more like a groupchat number kind of thing or for tutoring and updates. I know my highschool did that but not all only certain classes do it.

  22. Bud at 4:13 your question it's because there either in grade 8 or grade 12 and they need to do this for safety reasons on grad trips

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