The Franklin Flash: Franklin Central High School Clubs
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The Franklin Flash: Franklin Central High School Clubs

(upbeat intro music) – [Principal] We’re
just too big of a place to say everybody has to fit into kind of a cookie cutter idea of what a high school student is. – Can I get a rubber band over here? – Part of our responsibility
as educators is to make sure that we offer
those opportunities to students in as many different ways as we can. – Dissolved in two kilograms of water. – I think high school is just
about finding your niche, or your group or where you fit in. And just because, I don’t know, you’re not musical or
you’re not really athletic does not mean that there’s
nothing available for you. – Clubs in high school are really great to give students an
opportunity to start applying what they’re learning in
school into their real life. Because you learn things in your classes, but you really don’t get
a chance to apply them. But with clubs like this, we get to apply them into
real-world situations and get some experience with that. – The qualifications you have to have to be in the Quiz Bowl
isn’t to be good at it, is you have to find the world interesting. You have to find information fascinating, and you have to want to know and you have to want to care about things. And that’s really all you have to do. It allows some people to
be like sporty, in a sense, in that you get to
compete, and they really wouldn’t get to compete in anything else. Because all we really
have is our knowledge, but we get to use it so it’s awesome. – We the People is unique
at Franklin Central. It’s a rostered government
class that focuses on civics education
and constitutional law, but it doubles with the
students in the class to be part of an academic team. Throughout this semester
while we’re in class together, we’re going over the material and they’re earning their credit for government for graduation. But they’re also preparing for a regional and then hopefully state or
even national competition. I think this class provides
a fantastic service in really creating better
citizens at the end of the day. – The Auto Flashes robotics
club at Franklin Central, we research, design,
build, and test our robots according to the VEX Robotics
competition for this season. This club gives students
a hands-on experience in engineering and physics when we are designing and
building the actual robots. We also get to utilize
our critical thinking and problem-solving
skills, because there’s a lot of problems that
come with it and we have to work in sometimes very
time-sensitive situations. And with computer science, we
also use those skills a lot to program the robots. If you’re not in an
extracurricular activity, I would just say go out and look for one. We have probably dozens of
extracurricular activities, ranging anywhere from science to, if you’re in anime or stuff like that. Anything from hobby to academic-related. And it gives a good opportunity to get out there and meet some new people, meet new friends that
you might not have met. Just have fun in high school. – I don’t think I’ve ever had a student not enjoy the process. I’ve had countless students come back and say that this is the
best academic experience that they’ve had
throughout their four years at Franklin Central. (upbeat techno music)

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