The Flipped Classroom is not…
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The Flipped Classroom is not…

[Music] As a Flipped Classroom teacher, I’ve seen lots of misconceptions around what the Flipped Classroom is and what the Flipped Classroom is not. So, rather than discussing what the Flipped Classroom is in my practice. I’ll discuss a list that most Flipped Classroom teachers can agree the Flipped Classroom is not. So, let’s get started. The Flipped Classroom is not the Khan Academy. While the Khan Academy is an excellent resource for use in and out of the classroom, the Flipped Classroom is special because classroom teachers create the videos to suit their students’ needs. We want students to be active in their learning not droids sitting in front of screens getting lectured from someone half-way across the globe. The videos are an extension of the teacher, and help create a strong relationship between student and teacher. The Flipped Classroom is not a replacement of teachers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the Flipped Classroom the role of the teacher is more important than ever. There is no sitting at the back of the class reading the newspaper and having a coffee, as much as I’d like to sometimes. In the Flipped Classroom the teacher is active all day. Teachers get a chance to work with every student, every class. The Flipped Classroom is not all about the videos. Yeah, videos are the backbone of the Flipped Classroom, I am hoping one of these days to produce a video that goes viral and perhaps appear on ELLEN. However, it is the flexibility the videos provide that is the true benefit. Teachers now have additional classroom time where they can develop rich learning activities to extend their students’ experience. The Flipped Classroom is not the silver bullet. The Flipped Classroom does not solve all that is broken in education. If it did, I’d probably be filthy rich. It’s just one tool to increase student learning. Inflexibility, lack of classroom time in student-centered
classrooms are problems that I feel the Flipped Classroom helps solve. The Flipped Classroom is not a one-size-fits-all teaching approach. Each Flipped Classroom teacher develops an
approach that works for them and their students. As an example, some teachers have students watch their videos in class, some students watch them at home, in a car, on a bus, on a plane. This is turning into a Dr. Suess book! And some even get the students to create the videos themselves. The limits of the Flipped Classroom is only as limited as the teacher’s imagination. The Flipped Classroom is not top-down. The Flipped Classroom is 100% driven by teachers. For them all to be authentic, it needs to be initiated and created by the teacher and for the teacher. How often have we attended a staff meeting to be presented with the newest flavor of the week and never give it another thought? The Flipped Classroom is a flavor teachers want to do because they believe in it. And, it’s delicious. The Flipped Classroom is not a teacher holiday. The Flipped Classroom is anything but a holiday. The amount of time that goes into creating quality videos and activities is second to none. In the classroom teachers are no longer spending their time lecturing. Instead, they are constantly interacting with their students, inspiring, observing, and as we all know, sometimes prodding. The Flipped Classroom is not easy. Students have been in the traditional model of school for their entire educational career. They like playing school. Some of them are very good at it. Now that we want them to play learning, it can be a tough pill for them to swallow. And lastly, the Flipped Classroom is not all about students watching videos for homework. It’s about students using videos when and where appropriate for their learning journey. Many of my students find that they use their classroom time so effectively they rarely have homework. And, believe me, they love this! Now they have time for things that truly matter for them, like Twitter and Facebook. These are just a couple of things I think the Flipped Classroom is and the Flipped Classroom is not. [Music]

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18 thoughts on “The Flipped Classroom is not…

  1. Well put… hopefully it IS something that makes the students take more responsibility for their learning.

  2. You're video is excellent, love the angle you took with what the Flipped Classroom is NOT! Great JOB!

  3. Sorry, my experience of flipped classroom is quite negative!  I have seen where professors use it to completely replace classroom lecture at home and do absolutely bare minimum in classroom.  This gives students no access to the professor if they are not understanding the material.  Flipped classroom gets a big thumbs down!

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