The Doctor Confronts The Harmony Shoal | The Return Of Doctor Mysterio | Doctor Who
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The Doctor Confronts The Harmony Shoal | The Return Of Doctor Mysterio | Doctor Who

This one. Who is he? I’m not sure. But he may be dangerous. He doesn’t look dangerous. Boo! I’m talking to you live! In person! You can jump back in your skins now,
except, they’re not your skins, are they? -What do you want?
-Mercy. -We have none.
-It’s not a request. It’s an offer. I’ll give you a head start. I’ll close my eyes and I’ll count to ten. I will make no attempt to follow you,
but, starting now, all of you, everywhere, pack your bags and get off of this planet. -Are you declaring war on us?
-I am drawing a line. And I’m suggesting you step back
from it with awesome speed. Then war it is. Multi-nucleate organism,
functioning as an infinitely adaptable, independently functioning,
peripatetic central nervous system. Good to keep an open mind. -Of course it won’t work.
-What won’t work? Whatever it is,
whatever you’ve got planned. Stating the obvious, you’ve set up in every capital city
in the world, so clearly the plan… is to unzip the head
of every world leader, pop yourselves inside. Of course, you
can’t just roll up with a team of surgeons to the White House or to the Kremlin, because they’ve got big fences,
shouty people and cross dogs. They will come to us
and they will come running. Oh. I very much doubt it. Take this! Yes, take that! Who are you? There have been many attempts
to conquer the Earth. I’ve lost count. Not one of them has succeeded,
not a single one. They all lost and burned and ran. That’s who I am. What is this? It’s a burger. I always bring a snack. I don’t want it now.
He’s put me off my dinner. -Very good. Right on target.
-Trial and error, to be honest. A few accidental stop-offs along the way. -Where did you get the robes?
-Twelfth-century Constantinople. I ruled firmly, but wisely. Ah-ah-ah! How did it go? Oh, you know. Issued a warning,
donated a burger, nicked some stationery. -The Ghost, what have you got?
-The whole story! Fact me, baby. It’s why I reassembled you. No, sir, that’s not the reason, is it? Just get on with it! You cut me out of Hydroflax,
because you were worried you’d be lonely and we both know why, don’t we?
But oh, look at you, avoiding the subject! I’m not avoiding anything.
I’m just trying to save a planet. Which is what you always do
when the conversation turns serious. Don’t forget to subscribe to the official
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100 thoughts on “The Doctor Confronts The Harmony Shoal | The Return Of Doctor Mysterio | Doctor Who

  1. is it good idea watching it from the first episode or certain season ?
    where do i start watching, doctor who series is old and has so much episode help me who fans!!!!!

  2. Sometimes i get lost on MCU/infinity war films and stuff and then i see our good ol doctor running all over the place and i'm like "what a bunch of crapy heroes the avengers are" (joking but still true ^^)

  3. "Mercy!"
    "We have none."
    "That's not a request, it's an offer!"

    This is why I love The Doctor – Some people have balls of steel, fewer have balls of adamantium, but this dude has balls of a material with such density that he's got two supermassive black holes in his sack XD

    (And yes, I know that the next doctor is going to be a woman, and I'm pretty sure her ovaries will be the same way)

  4. When enemies don't understand the true terror and power of the Doctor
    couple hours later
    Doctor: Damn it, wiped another race off the face of the universe.

  5. Those alien brains should rather control cybamen instead of humans as their host!
    Then they will be called the cybabrains

  6. There shouldda been more than a gun in there. I'dda had some weed, maybe a cheese string, 5k cash, quart of booze, etc.

  7. So if Harmony Shoal are disembodied brains which get put into people to possess them, are the brains split in half inside the heads, if not where are they in the body.

  8. "There have been many attempts to conquer the Earth, I've lost count. Not one of them has succeeded, not a single one."

    Well, the Silence were pretty successful for awhile there 🙂

  9. I love all these alien species that think they are so eldritch and terrifying, when really they have no idea what it means to be either of those.

  10. “He doesn’t look dangerous.”

    … is there anyone who should know looks can be deceiving than these guys?

  11. Such pointless episode that lead nowhere. What happened to old DW where story actually had meaning to it?

  12. So sad to see Doctor Who fall from such grace and reverence. It started to go down hill fast after David Tennant left. And the spazoid of Matt Smith made me stop watching it all together.

  13. I kind of miss Nardole, I don't think he was a companion, more of a man servant or house keeper, but he was the only one who could fly the Tardis as well as the doctor!!

  14. "I'm not avoiding the subject, I'm trying to save a planet."

    "Which is what you always do when the conversation turns serious."

    The Doctor doesn't have a retort for that one. It's both absurd, and…true.

  15. Its a burger its a snack but i dont want it now hes put me off me dinner. Thats hilarious that line he sounds a bit upset at the fact hes put off his tea than ya no the invasion

  16. Why keep a gun in your head when you have pockets? And how is it after all this time the various civilizations in or near the Milky Way haven't gotten the message about an utterly insignificant blue green planet orbiting a small, unregarded yellow sun far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm that should be left absolutely alone? You'd think that someone would get the hint after one or two Dalek fleets went missing in our sector.

  17. Am I the only one who really misses Matt Smith and David Tenant, like after Tenant left I didn't miss him that much cause Smith was so great that it was okay, but now that their both gone it's just not the same. The two doctors since have been very disappointing to me… it's not too late to throw in some plot twist and bring one of them back? Right 🙁

  18. Everyone's talking about the mini-speech, but what about some of the other bits?
    "Boo! I'm talking to you live! In person!"
    "I'm drawing a line and I'm suggesting you step back from it with *awesome speed*!"
    "Take this!" Holds out sandwich Sandwich gets taken "Yes, take that!"

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