The Curious Classroom by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels
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The Curious Classroom by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels

(dramatic music) – For centuries, schools
have been based on coercion, teachers making kids to do
stuff they don’t want to do. What’s so exciting is, in recent years, there’s been this amazing
research on curiosity, the state of mind of curiosity. When you’re in that mind state, you focus more clearly,
you look more deeply. Holy cow, if kids’ curiosity is activated, they don’t need to be coerced. The book offers 10 ways, 10 models for you to bring inquiry
into your classroom, no matter what kind of schedule you have. And, each chapter, each
of those 10 chapters offers three or four different models. All we’re trying to do, really, here is we’re trying to make school
more interesting, right. And the great thing about that is that, when we do this kind
of student-directed inquiry, not only does school become
more interesting for kids, it becomes more fun for
us, too, as teachers.

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