THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS IS OUTSIDE group chat texting story
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THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS IS OUTSIDE group chat texting story

phone keeps losing signal u there? You scared me! What’s OMG??? You said oh no omg and lost phone connection! Longest 20 minutes ever! we came out of the tunnel but we’re not at highland park any more mr. warren pulled the bus over in wooded area everyone’s freaking out but the main thing is we’re safe Where r u? don’t know! and gps on phone is blank maps don’t even come up. makes no sense no apps work. but i can still txt and call That’s so weird I just spoke with my mom. she didn’t even know i was missing Your mom sucks Sry Kaitlin but I’m happy you’re safe. And me ty i heart u guys. thx for being here with me I heart u 2 Luv ya also! at first we thought we were still in highland park because we saw trees but there’s a mountain above tunnel entrance Mountain? irk it doesn’t make sense not like a snowy mountain, just rocks that rise up into the sky Drive to a police station and the road we’re on. it just goes off into the distance on either side of it are these woods. the trees are all creepy looking it’s dark and overgrown everyone’s scared but the main thing is we’re alive and mr. warren says he’ll protect us Can you record video of Jamie? He’s so cute! i’m not near him why not? me and alison had to leave the bus. we r in the woods ? U r off the bus? ya know, when you have to go You had to pee? th boys are back at the bus with mr. warren he said to hurry Can u send me a pict of Alison? Please Hold on OMG she looks exactly like her lost photo! Ask if she’ll autograph it for me? I mean, when you guys r back here she said sure. recording video message 4 u with her Hi guys. It’s Alison. I hope we can meet each other soon… ROAR FROM THE WOODS OMG WHAT IS IT? RUN GET BACK ON THE BUS!! RUN KAITLIN? Omg there’s something out there Get back to the bus! we can’t we’re behind a fallen tree its in between us and the bus Call Mr Warren can’t yell it will hear us omg i hear heavy breathing so close to us its behind the tree alison trying to look thru hole in tree trying not to rustle leaves it might hear noise its gone quiet but we know its still there i see mr warren he is saying shhhh but he is very far away omg i hear growling right near me ROAR (omg) its just a dog. it came and licked my face i nearly had heart attack Me too! omg phew its friendly its following us back to the bus we r on bus mr warren says dog can come with us he says he thinks its a retired police dog and can protect us we gave it a name What? Call it werewolf! protector Nice yeah lol langley keeps screaming we’re all going to die stick her protector ran up and is licking her face. she hates it and is yelling at him but he won’t stop lol omg another bus just passed us its full of kids kidnapped just like us mr warren says we have to save them omg we r chasing them

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100 thoughts on “THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS IS OUTSIDE group chat texting story

  1. Teacher: Do you know any people that is very meritorious to us?
    Me: Agent Warren!
    Teacher: Oh, so you're a don't turn around's subscriber too.
    Me: Yeah.

  2. Anyone watching in 2019? And I've seen this almost ten times and in my mind at the "my mom never knew i was missing" I was like 😔I feel bad for that girl hears trumpet music uh? :random man: WELCOME TO THE WORDT MOM AWARDS..(gets informed of an promblem) AND THE WINNER IS KAITLINS MOM (sorry for being so short with it 10% battery)

  3. Hey guys I’m Alison I hope we can meet each other soon- Fnaf 4 foxy sound Me: Really Dont turn around?

  4. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😌😥😥🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😓😓😓😓😓😨😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😰😰😰😰😰

  5. You know what confuses they could’ve turned around on the bus when they got out and left.i mean come on.

  6. my fav vid in series is ep.2 it’s so suspenseful i love this lol
    Edit: THX SO MUCH FOR THE ❤️!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love your vids keep it up and never stop making videos and i know you wont see this before ending i just wanna say……


  8. 5:00 YAAAAY THEY GOT A DOG AND FRIENDLY! thank god they found a protective and friendly dog!

  9. i found your channel a few hours ago from a "scary youtubers list" and i'm glad i did this is interesting

  10. i like how some pictures are provided and my mind fills in the blanks and turns the text story into a full video

  11. I love this I always watched it on my old phone when I get on the bus I pretended that it was the creepy one except mine wasn’t smaller than normal

  12. let's get this straight. so kaitlin couldn't find her location on maps, but she could text and call.

    why couldn't they trace the texts and report it to the cops?

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