The College Struggle
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The College Struggle

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been in college for a while now and I’m really enjoying it actually! I’ve met some great people and made some really awesome friends! Umm…. anyway, so everything’s been going good, but knowing me I’ve had my share of… *nervous laugh*.. stupid disasters. I had this class “Intro to Computer- Model Design.” We typically just had weekly projects in Photoshop, Illustrator, and a few other programs. The schedule was normally every Thursday we would have to go to the classroom at 6 PM and turn in our assignment from that week. Now, I’ve heard from other students that the professor is actually REALLY strict on the turn-in window. You have 10 minutes after 6 PM to turn it in and that’s it. Got there at 6:11… Pfft tough luck buddy, you’re late! Go.. get your life together.. No mercy!! I got my project done a few days early, trying to be all good and stuff. Dang, look how on top of things I am! :)… Yeah!! All I had to do was print it out. The printing lab is close to the classroom so I figured I’d just go before I turned in my assignment, print it out, and save myself the extra trip. I have a friend down the hall that also had the class, and she asked if she could use my computer to do her project since she didn’t have Photoshop. It wasn’t a problem for me so she came in around 3pm on the Thursday giving her a good three hour window to complete the assignment. Which at the time we thought was reasonable. So we’re hanging out. She was working on the project. I decided to use my time to organize my papers and stuff. Wow Jaiden! So productive! I know I’m basically a full on adult now using my time wisely and crap. All of a sudden we look over the time and it’s freaking 5:45 Now the building the class is in is already a good five-minute-walk away I still had to get my thing printed, my friend wasn’t even done PANIC! *Laughs* We started rushing around in just blind confusion of what to even do with ourselves She had to cut it short and leave some things out just to have something to turn in And we both ran out to get to the printing lab We were almost out of the building when I realized I forgot to grab the title paper Which is something you had to staple to the assignment I told her not to wait for me and I ran back to the room to grab it Except I re-organized everything And I didn’t know where I put it Pause Don’t you hate that We’ve all been there. You decide to be good and use the time to re-organize and be productive Wow look how great I am making wise decisions My parents are raising such a great little angel child Oh wait Where did I put that one thing that was always laying right next to the water bottle I don’t know where it is anymore because everything was always in the same mess But I still knew where things were And now that it’s all clean, I don’t know where I put it Yeah that just happened I just tore everything open to find the freaking little title paper I ended up making everything more unorganized and messy than when I started So that’s negative productivity right there I finally found the stupid paper and I had that moment my neighbor actually stopped by to say hi I was so late at that point all I could say was Hi! Can’t talk, super late! Close my door! ‘Kay bye! I never thought I would get to the point in my life that I was so late I couldn’t even close a door I’m impressed even with myself As I was running out I got a quick glance at the time Six PM SHI- I full on just sprinted to the building In my head I’m thinking there is absolutely no way I can make it Literally no possible way. Oh my god, oh my god I should be going to the gym I burst into the printing lab and like smashed my flash drive into the computer My friend was also there but she was having computer file issues Great! Everyone’s getting screwed over today! I got my thing printed and saw one more time check .. 6:10 Jesus… SONIC MODE FREAKING ENGAGE! I ran into the lecture room. I was sweaty, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, everything hurt, I was going through mental shock. *laughs* The teacher looked up and said: “Turning in your project?” Yeah, I nodded Run. pfft, okay. *laughs* I actually managed to get the assignment turned in on time. Oh my god, that was a rush. I walked out and sat down on the little bench I was still freaking hyped up on adrenaline and stress and emotional trauma At that point I didn’t even know if my friend was able to turn in her project because she was still trying to print things as I left Turns out she was actually able to get it done, but she got some hardcore death glares from the teacher for being like twenty six seconds late. So yeah, I’d say college is going pretty well. Hey guys thanks for watching I know it’s been a while since I uploaded again *chuckles* Don’t forget to follow me on my social medias if you want to see my stupid jokes and updates and stuff. Make sure you like the video, subscribe, blah blah blah. All that outro stuff. Also, I have a little surprise! A few of my friends wanted to say hi to you all real quick. So I’m gonna introduce them to you. They’re all super awesome and I love them. Uh anyway, again, thanks for watching and I will see you all later. Byee! Hi. My name is Adam and I met Jaiden last semester while at college. Since then, we’ve been hanging out every day, and she’s become one of my best friends. I hope you guys like this video and I’m glad I got to say hi to you. Bye! Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m friends with Jaiden and I was also the person who ran with her to the class because we were late. Thanks for watching *laughs* Yo, It’s Bryan. I stick forks in trees. Jaiden and I are BFFs. Out. *Laughs* Hi. I’m Jerry. I go to school with Jaiden for musical theater and Jaiden is like the Asian sister I never had. Hope you guys like the video. See ya. Hey, I’m Gwen. I live next door to Jaiden. She lets me steal her forks and sit in her beanbag chair. Also, John sucks. Hope you guys like the video! Bye. *laughs* Hey fellas, I’m John. I’m in the piano performance program, and Jaiden is probably my favorite girl. Second only to my terrible girlfriend Gwen. *Gwen laughs* Goodbye. Hey I’m Mitchell. I’m an architecture major. I mainly hang out in Jaiden’s room just ’cause of her big beanbag and her dope tapestries. But she’s pretty tight. Bye. Hi I’m Ben. Uuuuh I met Jaiden in the first semester. Mainly I just bully her and steal her food, but yeah. She’s a’ight. Hey, I’m Ris. I’m Jaiden’s neighbor and I like to steal her spoons ’cause we never have any. Yeah. Thanks Jaiden. *giggles* Uuum hi my name’s Aaron. I’m an architecture major and I met Jaiden the first semsester. I used to hang out in her room until she kicked me out because I sit in her chair too much. Okay. Bye. Hi, I’m Latavia and I’m Jaiden’s roommate. And Jaiden’s pretty awesome; so thanks for watching Jaiden Animation. Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m a fashion major. I met Jaiden way back. She’s pretty cool. Uh, yeah. *laughs* Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a architect major. Let’s see, I met Jaiden by wandering up to the fourth floor and seeing an open door, and just walking in. *chuckles* (in the background) *Jaiden says ‘you have to say bye’* GOODBYE. Uuuum…. Hey. It’s me, Chris. Uuuh……. Hey. *Jaiden laughing in the background* All right bye.

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100 thoughts on “The College Struggle

  1. End people: first two are kinda of awkward next one, yo it's me Byran I stick forks in trees. Me: what? (Rewind it) what was that?

    Than some of the others talk about spoons and forks.

  2. First she says that she is a shy girl and now look at her with so many friends of you think this is true like the comment

  3. We’re lucky if the pc’s in our printing lab switch on in under 20mins. I once asked a random person watching YT to print on the pc they were using.

  4. this comment is super late since this was uploaded 3 years ago but i just thought i’d say .. PLEASE SET TIMERS! They will save your ass.

  5. Can relate. I had a design professor who wouldn’t accept a project if it was any amount of late. Other professors would accept it for late credit, but this one gave you a full zero on projects that could take a few weeks to complete.

  6. this is how every university project went for me, submitted about 2 minutes before the deadline (with an unknown amount of leeway)

  7. In my uni we have old ladies accepting assignments so they let you hand stuff in like half an hour late like a little secret between you and them. If it was my lecturers accepting assignments then I would be screwed.

  8. Jaiden is like… Im mortally socially awkward and have almost zero social life… Has more "best friends" than people I have ever met.

  9. I know I’m watching this like 3 years late, but I lived in Best Hall freshman year too! Lol what a group of dorms 😂

  10. One does not simply go the printing the lab.With out any computer issues. Especially when you have something due in like 10 minutes.

  11. I love you Jadidin animations I love your videos I I just love everything about you you’re the best I love your videos.

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