The Classroom | Episode One | Pilot
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The Classroom | Episode One | Pilot

-that is the worst thing about spinning chairs, I mean this one, in particular, is horrible rounds per- Um sir I just- no no, buddy. We don’t say that word here what, ‘just’? why the hell would I forbid ‘just’, you turd Okay, we don’t say the word ‘sir’ here Students and teachers are in a long-lasting cyclic, spiritual relationship, and when you use an expletive like that, it creates distance and I just don’t do long-distance relationships so um, Aadya- Can I say the ‘m’ word? For other people not- not for me Right, so Aadya ma’am wanted me to tell you to give me the admission letter to me Why? Because I just joined. Ohh! Okay that explains why you were talking to me for so long. All right, so I, Arjun Daryani, Do solemnly swear that I am up to no good – get the reference? – and I invite dash to join my class So, new kid, what’s your name? Um, Aarav Sharma Really? I mean, first you said Aarav and I was like that’s such a generic name, but then you said Sharma I mean, I don’t know what I do with my life if my name – Um, I’m just saying, but Arjun is not an uncommon name, like, I know a few ‘Arjun’s myself And I also hereby state, that Mr. Sharma is grounded for his first two weeks at DMP school Have a nice day, turd There needs to be an amount of distance between a pupil and his intellectual superior [piano rock] My name is Arjun Daryani, I’m 19 years old and I’m a class teacher at DMP school Hey, uh, where’s the washroom? What? Chocolate? Two years ago, I would have been like no, I don’t wanna teach, I wanna be in movies and I want to be famous but You know, film school just wasn’t for me. I didn’t decide that. The university did. [Right wing Hindutva humming] Dhanay. Dhanay. Dhanay. They’re removing the urinals from the girl’s washroom. What?! Yeah, second-floor, second pore. Hurry! All right, so this is Manya Dixit Hi I’m Manya Dixit That’s what I said. Okay, um She’s the cleanliness monitor of our class, mandatory school position. But, she makes sure that conversations don’t get too dirty, Get what I mean? All right, and she sits next to the door because She has a girl-next-door face That- that’s funny, right? Apart from being the cleanliness monitor and the future head girl of the school, I’m also Varun’s girlfriend Don’t tell him I said that though Hey, psst, psst, Varun! Yeah, so guess what? My brother came in yesterday and he said he needed an extra pillow, well, that’s crazy because- how many pillows do you sleep at night? I sleep on 4, and I know what you’re thinking, just 4! But you know – Look I’m here to study, okay. I’m not here to mingle and especially not to start dating and Being alone isn’t so bad. Personally, I think I’m great company and- Manya thinks the same way How was I supposed to know girl’s washrooms don’t have urinals? The only people who go in there are females and perverts. Do I look like either? All right, Aarav, this is, Dharmendra Roy Chakravarthy, I am your physical intellectual and religious superior. Nice to meet you. Hi, I’m Aarav Sharma. The thing with Dhanay is, that he was raised in a very orthodox… Basically he’s conservative and that’s all that matters to me The last time Arjun said anything about Dhanay’s family, They painted his car saffron. Not his car, his mom’s car. He can’t drive Let me show you my RSS certificate Damn, you Advani. What’s wrong? Advani put my stuff in jello again Oh my god How do you know it this me? I’m going to take this out. No no no no no, you’ve gotta get eat it out. Are you for real? Yes I’m for real There are kids out there starving, – which I hate but, And you want to waste a perfectly good bowl of jell-o Honestly, Dhanay, that is just off-pudding That was great, right? that was just- I DEMAND CONSEQUENCES You should have put him in custard-y I was just trying to fit in. Your table’s a lot shinier than mine Arjun, why hasn’t Aarav Sharma settled in yet? I mean, first of all his jokes are terrible, I know you think my jokes are bad, but- Okay, maybe he just couldn’t handle the pressure of changing schools Or maybe you just can’t handle your students. What do you mean? A few months ago, Arjun came back from film school And I offered him this job He didn’t even ask for it Do I regret my decision? It’s possible. Is it my fault? I don’t see how Do you remember Vanshika, Yogendra and Shruti? Who’re those, your boyfriends before me? One. There’s no us, anymore I never said us And two, they’re the students you drove away last week That wasn’t my fault. So maybe I drove them away and maybe it was my fault, but Idiots deserve to be driven away God said that Okay, let’s not try to drive this one away, do you know a way you can make him feel at home? I know just what to do. Oh no, here we go again. Nobody blames me for this. I mean, him. Is it because I’m the principal’s daughter? Hi, I’m Arjun, I’m your class teacher Hi Arjun Alright unfortunately, no one is an alcoholic here. Are you sure about that? You have tiny fingers. How dare you, you stupid piece of – Alright, enough! No one here is an alcoholic so instead of saying some babberish about how long you’ve been sober, We will make confessions in order to introduce ourselves to mr. Generic All right first stop, you Sanavi. What? Why? This is so dumb. No no no no no. You listen here. I’m the teacher, you have to do what I say. Now shut up and make a confession. Fine. Hi, I’m Sanavi Hi Sanavi. And I often imagine killing people I don’t like. What kind of people? Little fingers is trying to kill me! Every class has that girl that, you know, no one likes and is a total b-. I just thought my class won’t have one because I thought it would be me Okay, who wants to go next – Darsh! Uh hi. Darsh, say your name Hi, my name is Darsh What are you waiting for? Hi Darsh Alright, Darsh make a confession. But I can’t. Why not? It was that thing with a hammer and- Oh no no, not the one with your mom Uh, um, anything else. Your second-best confession I like chocolates. I don’t know if Darsh is actually that dumb or he does it just to annoy Sanavi. Probably both. Okay who wants to go next, how about you Preha? Hi, I’m Preha Hi Preha I hate people, I’m hungry, tired and I don’t care about anyone or anything I – I- Okay, fine whatever. Who’s next? Ooh oh me? You’ve already been introduced. Can I go anyway, please? Whatever. Hi, I’m Manya. My hobbies include eating, breathing, sleeping, watching — No no, they aren’t -they aren’t hobbies. We’re not talking about hobbies and they aren’t hobbies anyway, so just give us your confession. That was my confession That doesn’t count. Okay, so, there’s this guy I sit near Oh my god, spill the tea already. Do you mean spill the beans? Okay, I don’t care. Varun, you’re next. Hi. I’m Varun Nobody cares. I care. All right, I don’t care anymore. Um, who next? Dhanay. Hi I am Dharmendra Roy Chakravarthy, people call me Dhanay. Hi Dhanay And, I have done nothing wrong ever. That’s a fact What about the time you jumped on the biology teacher when she said the beef pan should be lifted? Religious obligation, let’s move on. That’s awful. Get used to it, mate Nobody asked your opinion, stupid. All right, I think we’re done here. is there any – No no no no, what about you Arjun? What about me? What’s your confession? Yeah. I don’t have one, I think we’re done here- No no no, you have to tell us We’re just closing up, you know I think we’re done I only got this job, because, I knew Aadya, before teaching. How did you know her? You know This explains so much This is a new low for Arjun. I didn’t – I didn’t think it was possible. Hey, Varun, how’ve you been? Let’s not talk about me. What do you think about the new kid? Eh, he’s not all that bad. Enough about him – I’m worried about Arjun though, he’s more irritated than usual. Yeah, that’s true, I don’t know what’s going on between him and the new kid. Anyway, I was wondering if – Hey, have I ever told you about Rohan? Uhh, no, it’s weird, you’ve never mentioned him before. So, he used to be a very good friend of mine, we used to hang out all the time, He had a certain admirer and she was so good-looking. She inevitably jumped the gun and asked him out, it didn’t work out How long had she known him? The exact amount of time that you know me. Seriously? Yeah. I know. He totally shot her down and she was devastated Hm well, you never know. You know, I think we should avoid such situations, what do you think? I guess you’re right I don’t even know why she likes me. I mean we’re so busy because we’ve got school, and homework. And school. It’s not that I don’t like her she’s great company to have, I just want to be her friend I don’t know why she’s obsessed with me At least she’s not asking you out anytime soon. I’ll totally ask him out tomorrow

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22 thoughts on “The Classroom | Episode One | Pilot

  1. Great Job with the script and especially videography. To mirror the work of The office is not a easy task. If the first one is like one can only imagine what it’ll be like ahead

  2. It was fun watching Vikram and everybody . Witty lines and smooth humour . Can’t wait to see the next episode !

  3. Hats off to you guys! Loved the witty humour but just a suggestion to differentiate the characters a bit more towards their counterparts, because Vikram is just perfect for the role, but the other ones need to lean a bit more into their character. I could only figure out Dwight and Ryan from the students, Jim too lacks the natural charisma. Otherwise a job well done!

  4. Haha! Good job guys! Vikram nailed it with the Michael Scott-esque lines. Talking head scenes were well placed. 8:11 tho… lolllz!! Keep up the awesome work. I found your video from your comment on an office obsession account on instagram.

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