The Cast Of ‘Sex Education’ Share Their Awkward Sex Stories | Entertainment Weekly
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The Cast Of ‘Sex Education’ Share Their Awkward Sex Stories | Entertainment Weekly

When I was good teenager never really had conversations with my parent, I mean no one really wants to have those conversations I mean, my mum obviously has embarrassed now Of course parents are there to embarrass their kids as I can’t wait to embarrass my kids when I’m a parent. I know examples my dad whenever we would watch a film and it had anything whether it’s a sex scene or even just people kissing, a sort of running joke at least when I was a kid and it’s to be honest even now is whoever managed to say ask your favorite bit first would win. its just really childish… like they come in like thats your favorite bit and I’ll get like no shut up dad. No, I don’t remember from from From childhood ever having you know talks about sex or about the birds and the bees or anything with my folks but for some reason one holiday when my family was in town visiting from the states when they were in London cuz I live in London and Everybody was visiting we all not my kids but the other we all went To go see Borat together There was a certain point sitting next to my dad I don’t even wanna say it out loud, it’s so funny! So a medium helping to facilitate a Virtual BJ that I think that was the point that we all lift your songs out of our seats and left the building Not when they were running around the hotel naked no, that’s no we do that all the time at home. So that that was nothing

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100 thoughts on “The Cast Of ‘Sex Education’ Share Their Awkward Sex Stories | Entertainment Weekly

  1. Shit. James plays an uncaring shitty scumbag vile despicable character where he fucking yet again a girl. Taking advantage of a female patient in it

  2. I saw the original Scary Movie with my dad in the cinemas not knowing what it was. I was about 9 and he suggested going to the movies…..and said it looked ok from the poster in the cinema lounge…..big mistake….why they did not say it wasn’t appropriate I don’t know…

  3. I knew I'd seen her in stuff with an American accent! Finally we can be surprised someone's American on a British show lol Also don't they lowkey remind yall of Bates Motel?

  4. When ever anyone was kissing or did anything sexy in a movie, my parents would throw a pillow at my face or just cover my eyes in general because they still think I’m 12.
    cough cough 16

  5. I just learnt this.. whenever a show is a Netflix Original it is guaranteed to have 2 seasons. It's contracted by Netflix to have 2 Seasons😊
    I hope there's a 3rd season for Sex Education !!

  6. so we're really gonna have to watch all those videos until season 2 finally arrives haha (i know it won't be that long in the end, but… 2020?)

  7. How dare you guys to say you didn't know Gillian Anderson was American after she starred nine seasons of The X-Files ?????

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