The Best Teacher I Never Had
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The Best Teacher I Never Had

Richard Feynman was an incredible scientist. He spent most of his time at Caltech the idea of quantum physics, where all these particles are interacting
in mysterious ways he came up with a thing called Feynman
diagrams that he won the Nobel Prize for. Perhaps even more importantly he was an amazing teacher. He did a series of lectures which were for people who didn’t specialize in physics. It’s such a great example of how he could explain things in a fun and interesting way to anyone. And he was very funny. Incidently at the time of Kepler, the problem of what drove the planets around the sun was answered by some people by saying that there were angels behind here, beating their wings and pushing the planet along around in orbit. As we’ll see that answer is not very far from the truth, the only difference is that the angels sit in a different direction and their wings go… Dr. Feynman used a tough process on himself, where if he didn’t really understand something, he would push himself: “Do I understand this boundary case?” “Do I understand why we don’t do it this other way?” “Do I really understand this?” And because he had pushed himself to have such a deep understanding, his ability to take you through the path of the different possibilities– was incredible. Oxygen for instance in the air, would like to be next to carbon and if they get near each other they’ll snap together. If you can get it faster, by heating it up somehow, some way, they come close enough to the carbon and snap in, and that gives it a lot of jiggly motion. Which might hit some other atoms making those go faster so they can climb up and bump against other carbon atoms and they jiggle and make others jiggle and you get a terrible catastrophe. That catastrophe is a fire. He’s taking something that is a little mysterious to most people and using very simple concepts to explain how it works. He doesn’t even tell you he’s talking about fire until the very end and you feel like you’re kinda figuring it out together with him. Feynman made science so fascinating, he reminded us how much fun it is and everybody can have a pretty full understanding, So he’s such a joyful example of how we’d all like to learn and think about things.

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100 thoughts on “The Best Teacher I Never Had

  1. this video will not recieve all the credit it deserves but it certainly impacted like it intended. Keep up the good work!

  2. I once listened to the Feynman lectures for a few weeks in the car. I enjoyed it very much, but I had to listen to it a second time at my office with pen and paper in order to understand all of it. I would have loved to see Richard Feynman lecture in person.

  3. Hi Bill.
    I saw two days ago the netflix series. Good things !. But I would suggest one thing missing from your filantropies : schools ! If I had your money I would creates a worldwide networks of exelent schools for exelents kids from 10 to 18 years and with exelent teachers. That would be awsome ! Think about. !

  4. 1:03 he wasn't being sarcastic. As far as we take for granted gravitons exist and do "stuff", it might as well have been Angels.

  5. Bill Gates just sits there and records something and someone else does the editing and everything else. He doesn't even have to think about it. What a life.

  6. Wish we could have some more good teachers. Know, you don't have to be the most brilliant person, but just by producing good content and thinking about ways to make other folks understand it would be an awesome start. I don't think we should depend on teachers to learn something, but to have them is pretty great.

  7. Feynman is the one who saved me from my hate of physics. Although my physics phd bf said Feynman dated quite a few of his grads, I love Feynman anyway.

  8. bill gates you are grate you have a much money but we don't have sir if you don't mind donate some money for my education I am Indian and my name is ayush

  9. Wish Bill mentioned about Feynman's contribution to "The Manhattan Project" and it's process of anhillating millions of innocent lives in Japan.

  10. Last he wrote " I hate to die twice, cause it's boring" ♥️
    Inspired person who did some major contribution in science
    And science can be fun too

  11. Everyone has a role.

    Humans respect humans and life respects life.

    Human beings learn from humans and life learns from life.

    This is beautiful.

  12. It's saddening to see the kind of commercialization that has gone into education.
    It's slowly becoming out of reach of most people and it's killing many people's aspirations.

    Such teachers will happen only when the commercial part gets subdued by motivation and an inspiration to go beyond the regular teaching job.


  14. Bill Gates wealth is stolen. MS Windows was actually invented by Gary Kildall and stolen by Bill Gates. He's not a genius, just an intellectual property thief.


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