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The Angrez 2 | Hindi Full Movies | Hyderabadi Movies | Ismail Bhai, Mast Ali

“Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” It was a banquet hall. I entered the banquet hall
and saw everybody dancing. I said, if I dance, all the
girls will come and hug me! So I was leaving quietly and you know what I heard
two people saying? – Yes? ‘Hey, he looks like a
Hollywood star.’ I want ice-cream. We came and stopped
near the Mozzam Jahi market. “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “City’s splendid beauty
never ended.” “Centuries of elegance
everywhere you take a glance.” “You should take a
look in the corner.” “Ancient Palaces from
Osman Gaud to Falaknuma.” These foreigners take
a sneak pic of beggars here.. ..and stage an show outside
the country. – Is it? Hey, why are you taking
our pictures? Whose pictures
are you taking? Sheikh.
– Look there. Check there.
– And there. There and..
– It went there. Shucks! Idiots. They’re teasing us.
I don’t work.. He abused us. You’re acting smart?
– Hey, move. Hey, you.
– Catch him. Get lost, man.
– Hey, take is easy, man. My camera, man!
– My bag! Show me.
– Give back my bag. Catch him.
– He’s running. Get him.
– Get him. Come on. Arbaaz, catch him.
– He got away. He’s running away.. Boss, darn him! Don’t worry. I’ve been at Charminar
for the last 25 years and no one dared to touch me. Now these foreigners dared
to touch me. Rascals! The Foreigner 2
– “Biryani. Biryani.” The Foreigner 2
– “Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “I sneak to Old City
to get with my commute..” Stop staring, will you?
You won’t get any donation. I won’t give you
even a single penny! “City’s splendid beauty
never ended.” “Centuries of elegance
everywhere you take a glance.” “You should take the pill
in the corner.” “Ancient Palaces from
Osman Gaud to Falaknuma.” “Moghalpura, Chowmahalla
and all the royal places.” “For faces of kings with
the love of pretty things.” “Like a woman got interested,
build a monument.” “Taramati Baradari,
Premamati Baradari.” “I take a stroll to go
hookup with my cool wife.” “I’m in pet, Malakpet and
Balkampet, then I’m set.” “To take you on another
shopping spree.” “Chudi Bazaar, Begum Bazar,
Y2 Bazaar. I love Bazaar.” “For all the pearls that
make Hyderabad so beautiful.” “When they got to know you.
they care for you so dutifully.” “I take a walk so I can floss
in Afzalgunj.” “Then to Abid,
then back to Dabilpur.” “I take a turn and I’ll back
and punch and skipping me.” “Hey, no wonder few
days in I even know.” “Plus to play pool,
on my way to Secunderabad.” “But you know I’m
coming back for work.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” I really gave them a thrashing. They torn your tunic
to pieces and I tore their shirts! You beat them? I beat him too.
– “You’re done for whatever.” “Better know in Hyderabad,
we eat what whenever.” “City of peace.
All faiths come together.” “Makkah Masjid, Birla Mandir,
Saint’s Cathedral.” “Life is placid
like Hussain Sagar.” “Tollywood, no Hollywood.
Only Film Nagar.” “Safe as the towers
in Char Kaman. You don’t know? In Hyderabad, 10 minutes
means actually 40 minutes. Which world do you live in? Yes, Yousuf. Tell me.
– “We can keep going on..” “..and on without a plan.” “Most splendid,
Koti shop in district.” “According to my instinct,
we’ll grieve not and heal..” “..the bills and the hills
of Banjara and Jubileena.” “Don’t you see? All the rest
of them just want to be.” “Whip up my cell for
some Telugu messaging.” “Got my helmet when I’m out,” “so no police can see
me at the Shoppers Stop..” “..where we’re shopping
till we drop.” “Checking out a squeeze,
sipping on a Breezer.” “We go to Telugu movie
to see the heroine.” “Figure out a pub tonight
where I can zero in.” “DJ cold rocks to join.” “Everybody had to be conservative.” “Don’t want to stop the party.” “I feel the regal atmosphere
when I step in the city.” “From the Kutub Shah’s tomb,
up to the Golkonda fort.” “Anyway you wanted to,
now in the land of nawabs.” “So bow down to people that
be greater than you.” “Fine chicks coming
from the hi-tech city.” “Irresistible cuties is
like the Charminar.” “Love is on the necklace.
Cupid’s here.” “You won’t understand the day
until you’re finally there.” “When the Hyderabadis
took their mommys out to chill.” “Until the thrill” “Well nothing else but love’s
the deal. Now make way.” “Coz I’m on a shopping spree.” “Mullah market, socks market,
to every market.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” They beat the hell out of us. I’m busy right,
will call you later. Hey..
– Sir.. Boy, your shorts are in tatters.
– Dear me! Come on, what you got!
– Hey! We are hi-tech people
from the Old City. We want 10000 bucks
and not just 500. Yes, 10,000. – Keep your
500 quids to yourself. Krishi, when I pushed you..
– Yes? ..after that, two people ..a fair guy wearing a cap. One more guy pushed you.
Do you know them? Yes, we take charity
from them too. We don’t spare them either. No, we want the address
of those people. Where do they stay? Those two guys
were Ismail and Salim. You know, Ismail.. ..has three wives. And Salim Bluffer.. major pervert and lust.
after girls. – Yes. Yup, that’s him
– Yes. Krishi, if you give me
their address.. ..I’ll give you 10,000 rupees. Ismail, it’s your turn now. Stop. You broke his teeth. Sir, tea. – Ismail, have tea
and then hit him again. You rascal! Don’t mess with us. What happened, Mr. Pranay? It’s a bad dream. A nightmare. Don’t worry.
– Okay. Don’t worry.
– That’s okay. Mr. Pranay.
– Yes? It’s been a year.
– Yes. So what places have you
seen in Hyderabad? A lot of places. Many places. Not the Old City. What is that?
– Oh. That’s called a Bathukamma
procession – Yeah? They celebrate it before
the ‘Dusherra’ festival. So they celebrate every year? They celebrate every year. Hi, my name is Pranay. I’m from America.
I love your festival. All flowers and stuff, you know? So, I’m just taking the
pictures. You know, photographs. Beautiful.
You are all beautiful. Wow! Great. Thank you. Thank you, sister.
Thank you, brothers. Thank you. Oh. Oh.
– You’ve pushed me. Sorry. Sorry.
– Who the heck are you? I was taking
those guys’ pictures. I’ll take yours.
One picture, please. You have beautiful eyes.
Thank you very much. You foreigner!
– What? You’ve done it again.
You rascal. You’re back.
– Old City guy! Damn you!
– Oh my God. Run. Run. I won’t spare you. Don’t run.
– Run. Run. I won’t spare you.
– Run. Run!
– Arjun. Arjun, start the car. Start the car.
– What happened, Pranay? What’s wrong?
– Arjun, get in. Go. Go.
– Wait! You’re driving away! Hey, listen. You foreigner!
I won’t spare you now. You took my picture! I’ll surely take revenge! You rascal! Hey, who the hell is that guy? I don’t know, man.
I just bumped into this guy. He got pissed off and
he’s chasing me, actually. You know what? I don’t know
this guy. I don’t know. You’re sure? I don’t know him. You know.
– Damn. You should drive fast. Go. Go. Thank you, brothers and sisters. I’m glad you took out time
to attend the yoga class. If you do yoga for 15 minutes
in the morning and evening.. improves your
physical health.. well as mental health. Because you work
in the corporate.. ..and in the software industry. You stay glued before the
computer screen the whole day. Hence, you get back pain. Yoga cures your back pain.. ..and gives relief
from mental stress. Yoga drives away
your mental tension.. ..and your back pain. Thank you. Greetings, master.
– Greetings. I have a major problem.
– What is it? If a girl is not getting married.. ..can yoga be of any help? No, dear. It doesn’t help. But yoga can increase
your self-confidence.. ..which helps you find
a right partner. Who’s facing this problem? She is.
– Hey. Don’t worry. Keep practicing yoga. Your problem will be solved.
Just relax. Okay, master. Greetings. Master, greetings. Greetings.
– Pranay, how are you? I’m not fine.
– Are you eating spicy food? I’m not having
spicy food or drinks. I get bad dreams in the day.
– What dreams? Confused dreams. Look, Pranay. Keep meditating. It gives you
a good night’s sleep.. ..and then you
won’t get bad dreams. Master, are you sure.
– Yes, I’m sure. 100 percent. Meditate for 15 minutes
in the morning and evening.. ..and your problem
will be solved. Okay?
– Thank you. Greetings.
– Thank you. Wow! What a guy! Man! Peter, what are you doing?
Where is your pants? Oh, I.. I..
– Forget it. Girls, you gotta really
excuse me and my friend. He’s Peter Wilson. He lost his pants. And he’s taken
Rochak’s position. You know, you gotta
really excuse him. I’m really sorry
for the bad entry. I’ll probably.. You know.. See you in the office.
– Yeah. I can see now. It’s okay.
– I’ve got my pant. – Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Bye.
– Bye Quiet. Quiet. What are you doing, man? You’re without pants! Listen here.
– What? They’re living
in the same building. Listen, they are in the
mezzanine. – Hey, quite. We’re on the ground floor.
We live downstairs. I don’t want any kind of mess
going around what you like this. Okay.
– Yes. No problem. – Peter,
I’m telling you seriously. Yeah. Yeah. – And you know what,
I’m leaving. Even I’m leaving. You know, I’m leaving! So how was your day today? It’s good..
– Okay. Okay.
– Awesome. I had chicken ‘biryani’.
– Okay. Me and Peter.. ..we were in the same school
in the US. Same college. Same company. This guy is into
brain damage mode. Okay..
– Manageable. This guy is.. ..into martial arts. Easy. Easy.
– Cool, man. He’s got top belt. Top most belt. White! Black belt.
– Oh, black. I got an equivalent belt. Green. People talk about us
in the US a lot. Girls talk about us every day. Is it?
– How many girlfriends you have? None. Many.
– Many. Many.
– Many friends. Okay. – My last girlfriend
was a Kung Fu master. Six feet two inches. What’s up with Rochak?
Where is he? Rochak is gone back
to the US. Tania. Where’s she? Tania. She’s in Israel.
– Yes, Tania. Israel. Israel?
– Israel. Yeah. She’s gone. What about Sheetal?
Where’s she? I guess you guys know. Lot of information about us. Actually, I was supposed
to marry Sheetal. One day, I went to lunch
with Tania. Sheetal came to know about it. That’s it.
Problem started. It’s history. Pranay, can you show us the
city? Some good places around? Yeah, I’d love
to see the city. Especially, Charminar.
– Bangles and pearls. I’d like to see the Charminar. It’s in the Old City, right? Old City? Your foreigner,
I won’t spare you now. Oh my God.
– What happened to you? I mean to say. The place is totally crowded. Lot of pollution and
lot of noise. – Oh, no. I don’t advise the place.
Don’t go there. Trust me. Oh.
– Yeah. Hey, guys. I’m done. No..
– No chicken for me. Good night. Have a good night. See you.
– Chicken is good. Come on, Pranay.
We’re new to the city. You should help us.
– You should. Let’s help the girls. Beautiful girls. Let’s take
them to the Old City. Greetings, sir. Give me your phone.
I’ll call him now. Hey, Sayeed. Where are you? You’ve not served him
snacks or cigarette. Mr. Ismail is waiting for you. He’s about to fly off
the handle. Did you get me? I’ll call right now. Make it quick. Where are you, mister? We are near
Ismail’s third home. Make it fast.
– We’re on our way. Hang up. Get Ismail out of the way.
Hey.. Greetings, Ismail. Greetings, Ismail.
– Greetings. My dear.
You’re looking handsome. How’s your wife’s mood? I forgot to tell you something. I clinched a land deal
in the HITEC City. I made a killing. I wanted car for myself. So I bought this.
What do you think? Do you know
whom I bought it from? Remember Mitthe Nawab? Mitthe Nawab’s cook has
a brother-in-law and he in turn.. ..has a brother-in-law whose
neighbor is Mr Lingappa. I bought this car from him. It’s a vintage car.. ..and fully automatic. The car is moving. – Place
some stones before the wheels. Salim, I’m on it. Place the stones, quick.
– Yes, boss. It rolls on its own. This is the problem
with sports cars. Just hold this. I wan invited for a premier
of a movie. – Good. Ismail, you called me,
didn’t you? What’s up? I won’t spare those foreigners! Which foreigners
are you talking about? I was returning from Hong Kong
the other day.. ..and they were flying out
in other flight. Which foreigners are
you talking about? – Idiot! I was going to my
sister’s house last evening.. ..and that foreigner
bumped into me. He took my picture.. ..and pushed me on the street
and ran away. I won’t spare him. That foreigner took
your picture again? – Yes. “Hyderabadi biryani.” I don’t understand this. Didn’t he find anything.. ..else worth
photogenic in Hyderabad? He’s taking your picture
again and again! I smell a conspiracy here. He’s taking your pictures for
his photo album Beggar Man. That rascal. I won’t
spare that foreigner. I’ll kick him
like a football. I’ve been at Charminar
for the last 25 years.. ..and no one dared to touch me. But those foreigners hit me. It’s been 26 year, Ismail. Whether it’s 26 or 27.. ..I won’t spare
those foreigners. Will you help me or not?
Tell me. Listen, Ismail. You got beaten up by foreigners
even the last time. – Yes. Didn’t we take revenge?
– Yes. We went to Golkonda and
beat up the foreigners.. ..and the members of
Maka gang, right? They crossed
the limits this time. I won’t spare them, Ismail. Oh, I forgot to
tell you something. Meet my friend Krishna. He’s my driver, servant.. ..personal assistant,
secretary, and.. He is a bodyguard. Krishna. He’s the right man
to help you take revenge from the foreigners. He’ll come handy.
I’ll explain it to him. Bodyguard, meet Mr. Ismail. He wants to take revenge from
foreigners and beat them up. Wait, what did I say?
– Hey wait. You don’t have to beat him.
– How dare he! He’s already got beaten.
You have to beat them. Just wait. He’s an ex bodybuilder.
He’s grown a bit deaf! What kind of a bodybuilder
have you got? What the hell!
– Hey, wait. So he is deaf,
but he is a wrestler. Don’t worry.
Else, he’ll get angry. Don’t feel bad. Forget it. Listen to me.
– A call for you, Ismail. Hello.
– Greetings, Ismail. I’m Chaows speaking.
– What is it? Those foreigners are
in the Laad Bazaar. What are you saying?
– The ones who beat you up. Two foreigners
are here now. They are shopping at
Laad Bazaar. You’d better hurry. How many guys?
Are those two foreigners there? 1, 2, 3, 4..
There are five of them, Ismail. There are three boys and
two girls. – Girls too? Yes, girls too.
Come soon, Ismail. Are there girls too?
– Hang up. The rascals! Salim, get the car. I have to fill up the petrol. I’ll pay for the petrol.
Come soon. – Come on. Start the AC!
– Come on. Come on, let’s go
to the Tank Road. Come on.
– Move the rickshaw. Is this how you drive? Ismail, please don’t scold him. He’s already working for me
without a salary. There aren’t even
enough drivers available. Don’t worry, Krishna.
Take it easy. Look properly and drive. How could you drive
like that, bozo? Will he break our heads? What is this? These are pampers! I’ve ordered them from Dubai. What are they used for? It’s used to clean your face. But there’s a baby’s picture
on it. – Yes. If you clean with this..’ll also get a baby-face! Ismail, listen to
this English song. It got released
two days ago in America. I’m the only one who’s got
this cassette in our city. “By the rivers of Babylon” “There we sat down.” “Yeah we wept.” Hey, get inside.
– Dear me! Salim, what are you up to? You only said I don’t
take anyone in my car. You always scold me
for no reason. We’ve to stop there, Krishna. Greetings, Ismail.
– Greetings. Hope you’re fine.
– Yes. Where are you going
right now? He’s come to shop for his wives. I see. – Yes,
you may leave now. Okay, Ismail. Goodbye. Did you see the lock? What a lock! There’s only one car
like this in the world. My darling, I love you. What are you doing?
Move on. – Yes, I am. Sir.. They’re shopping there
in that lane. There.
– Yes. Where? Just ahead. Hey, wait. He is from the baldy’s gang. They beat us
all in Golkonda. Hit him. Hit him.
– Why? Why are you hitting me?
– They beat us in Golkunda. Oh, look at this guy, man. Come this way.
– Please stop it. Hit him.
– Beat him. Ismail is fighting? Hey..
– Something going on. See there. There’s
a fight there. Hit him.
– Somebody’s beating him. Oh my God.
There’ll be a curfew. Curfew. Yeah.
– What are you doing? It’s not competition. Curfew. Hey, let’s go.
– We’ll leave. Come on. – Let’s go.
There’s a fight going on. Let’s go from here. Yeah, let’s go from here.
Let’s go, man. We’ll come later. Go. Go. Go. Fast. Fast.
– Get in. Rush man. Rush.
– Come on, fast. Beat them. Get them.
– Come on. Come on. Let’s go. If you come here again.. ..we’ll smash you.
– Come on, let’s go. Where are those foreigners?
– Here. This way. Where are those foreigners?
– They were right here. Where have they gone?
– Why didn’t you keep a watch? I won’t spare those foreigners,
Salim. We’ll see how long
they avoid us. …fool the intruder with
loud noises to attract …make the negative
as marked in.. Hi. Hi.
– Hi. Hi, I’m Lilly
– Hi. Lotus’s sister.
– Have a seat. Thank you. Hi.
– Hi. Where’s Pranay? He’s gone out for shopping.
– Oh. Hey, Pranay was telling
about your sister Lotus.. ..sometime back.
– Yeah. You know, my sister Lotus
and Pranay are very close friends.
They were neighbors. My sister was Lotus always
used to cook for Pranay. Chicken, mutton, prawns,
‘tandori’, ‘biryani’.. ‘jalebi’, ‘halwa’, ‘gulabjamun’. Peter, open the door.
Open the door. Oh my. I’m sorry.
– Come on, man. I’m sorry.
– Are you fine? Good God. Dogs chased me.
– They’re chasing for ‘biryani’. I keep two dogs. Yeah. I keep one dog. Oh, she’s Lotus’s
sister, Lilly. Hi, Pranay. I’m Lilly.
– Aha. Lotus’s sister.
– Hi. Hi, Lilly.
– Thank God. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Oh, God. You know..
– Let’s go. My sister is always telling
about you only. – Oh God. And you know,
I can cook very well. Chicken, mutton, prawns,
‘tandori’.. I can cook very well, sir. Tropical, Bengali,
Karantaki, Malayali. Good morning.
– Good morning. Sir.
– Good morning. Good morning. Pranay, there are
hot babes working for you. Peter. Well, good morning
everybody. Thank you for coming
on a short notice. Don’t worry. No one is fired. In fact, I have
great news for you. Our new branch
is finally opening next week. There will be reshuffling
in your positions. I guess you’re seeing lot of new
faces in the office. – Yes. Peter.
– Sorry. Peter Wilson. My friend from New Jersey. Vice-president, marketing.
– Hey. As a firm policy.. We’re working in
a global office. We also have plans to go
into quality certifications. ensuring best practices. You’re talking to more than three. Hello, I.. In a moment. Oh, yeah.. Peter, come here. What are you doing, man? I’m taking a photo. Don’t do that. Okay? Pranay.
– What? ‘Success.
Let’s do it together.’ What are you doing
in the conference room? You’re teasing me, man. Oh, you mean Sulochana,
on your right? Dude, she was staring
right at you. What are you talking about?
– She thought you’re hot. I think she like you.
– Thank you. Oh, really?
– Yeah. And, what about Melody? You think she.. She was watching you.
– Just watching me. Just watching your throat, man.
– I know. I know she..
– She’s so hot. Melody.
– She’s coming. Melody, she’s coming.
– Melody. She’s right here.
– Who? Melody.
– Hey, guys. Hi, Melody.
– Hi, Melody. Hi. Hi.
– Guys. What you’re doing down here? Oh, Peter’s dog died. Cat. Cat.
– Cat died. How? Fell from the top floor.
– A brick hit it. And then, she’s in
the police station. Hospital!
– Yeah. Yeah. So sad. No, it’ll be alright.
It’s cool. – Yeah. Oh, I was gonna call it.
– Call he dog. Okay.
– Cat. Call the cat. I have to call my cat. Yeah, Peter, dog will be
alright. – Okay. Yeah.
– Bye, Melody. Bye, Melody.
– Bye. I’ll call my cat?
– Yeah. Call the dog too. Okay guys, I’m off to Chennai
today evening. – Okay. Have a good rest all of you. I’ll see you next week. Mr. Arjun, good luck for
your meeting. – Thanks, man. See you.
– Bye. Pranay.
-Bye. Yeah.
– You forgot something. What? – You promised us
you’ll take us for shopping. Yeah, last time
we left half the way.. ..because of the fight
in the Old City. Oh, man.
– This time you have to take us. Hey, Old City.
Tomorrow. No problem. Pranay.
– What? Important message. Peter!
– What? Coffee. Girls, we’re going to the
Old City tomorrow. Coffee. Where? Old City! “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Hyderabadi biryani.” Okay? Foreigners,
you can’t escape now. Oh my God. Old City guys.
Run. Run. Run. Catch the rascals. Run. Run. Run.
– Catch the rascals. Run. Run.
– Catch them. Get them.
– Get hold of them! Catch them.
– Run. Run. Peter. Peter.
– Hey. Run a bit slower. Run. Catch them.
– I’m catching. Catch them.
– Hit them with the chair. Run.
– Hold on. Don’t run! Pranay. Pranay, where are you?
– Hey.. Hey, I know Kung Fu.
I know Kung Fu. I’ll kick you. Oh my God.
Pranay. Don’t spare them. Hey, wait, you.
– Catch him. Get him.
– Catch him. Memorize his face. You’re throwing the bucket
in the way. You’re cheating, rascal. Break his leg.. He stole the bicycle. Help me. Help me.
– I don’t know. No auto. Run..
– Mom! Catch the rascal. Ismail.
– Yes. You search in that lane
and I’ll look here. – Yes. Come on. Move it. Hello, how are you?
Did you recognize me? No.
– You didn’t? Everyone knows me. Well, no problem.
You’ll get to know me. Is this your house?
– Yes? Why are you asking? No, I wanted to rent a house.
Hence. It’s not vacant. Did you see anyone
short, stout running who was wearing
white ‘kurta-pyjama’? Yes. Why? What happened? He stole my mobile phone.
That’s why I’m asking. Really? He nicked my mobile phone. What happened?
Did you find them? Is he him? Yes, it’s him.
Rascal, come here. You ruined my plan. I took you for a gentleman
and gave you a ride.. but you stole my phone?
– Why are you hitting me? What happened? What happened?
– Scumbag, you need money! What is he up to?
– Yeah.. I had important contacts
on the phone. You’re beating me, rascal. Wait. Why are you beating me? Listen to me, Ismail. Listen to me, brother. They are Ruksana’s cousins. They asked me.. ..if you’re Ismail who
got beaten by the foreigners. I said, ‘He is not the same.’ I said, you’re a thief and
you’ve stolen my mobile phone. Hence, I had to beat you.
– You called me a thief? Why did you hit me?
– Listen to me. Try to understand.
I had to put up an act. Get lost. What happened, Salim? Nothing has happened. Come on, Ismail.
– I’ll deal with you later. Drop your ‘lungi’ and
first catch him. – Leave me. Where the hell are they? I know as much as you.
Even I’m looking for them. I’ll break their head! Why are you shouting!
Okay, break our heads. Come on. Break their heads
if you find them. Now move.
– Move. What happened, Salim? Ismail, look he’s hiding here.
– Where? Hey, you beat Ismail? Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry, girls. Catch him. Catch him. Aunt, forgive me. You don’t have sense. Can’t
you see we’re standing here? Are you blind, you scumbag? Which corner is he hiding in? Listen, the guy who stole our
hens yesterday is back. No. No, woman.
Hi, can you help me? Please help me.
They’re chasing me. No. No. No.
Please help me. You rascal.
– Kunal. I’m gonna kill you now! Catch them! What are you doing? You’re carrying the stone
used to stop the car. Then how will
we stop the car! This stone is not for
hitting the foreigners. Hey, are you blind?
– I’m really sorry. You..
– Sorry. Hey, I’m sorry.
– Move on. I apologize for what happened.
I’m really sorry. Hey, look there.
All three guys. – Catch him! Get him! Take off his trousers. Catch him. Catch him. Wait till we catch you again. What is this?
– What is that? Hi, how are you?
– Hey, you. Hi, Salim. Ismail, why are you
running like a thief? Hey, you.
– Move. Move. First give us some alms. Give them some alms.
– Wait a minute. Where did they come from? Move.
– Let him give the money. Give us the money.
– Damn you. Come on.. Take this and move.
– You move on. Hit him with a log.
– Who is he? “Just do it, just do it.” Who is it?
– Can’t you see? Hey you fat man!
– You’re Pranay, right? Ramesh, what are you doing here? I work at grocery store. Ramesh, I gave you a check
of 50,000 rupees. That witch, Chandrama.. ..took all my money
and eloped with someone else. Ramesh, we’ll talk later. Some people are chasing me.
Help me. Come here.
– Please. Help me.
– Go in. I’ll deal with them.
You go in. – Okay. Get back in there.
Stay there. Hey, find that rascal! You saw anyone running
with jeans and jacket on? Jeans? Tell us.
– Did you see anyone running? Who? Was he wearing
black colored clothes? Was he old and balding?
– Don’t talk nonsense! Give me hundred rupees, please. He went there.
– There? Really? No. No.
– Then tell us. That way.
– There? See there, he’s running.
– Come on, Ismail. Did they harass you, old man? Idiots. They’re gone! I’ve fooled them. Come out.
– They’ve left? Thank you, man. Thank you very
much, Ramesh. – They’re gone. I drove them away. You’re working here now? What can I do! My wife
robbed my money and ran away. Okay, Ramesh. You want to
stay with me and help me? Help me.. You.. I.. Yes.
– Okay. Promise me that. No cheating.
No double game. Okay. Okay. Come tomorrow. – No, brother.
I’ll come with you today. Else, this rascals
will come back. You rascals. You idiots. He’s like my brother. Let’s go.
– Yeah. Let’s go. Keep this, I’m leaving.
– Let’s go. Come fast. My brother. America. Coming. They hit so hard.
What do they eat? They beat us badly.
– They were black belt.. I almost got him,
but he got away. They made us run a lot. Give me a cigarette. What happened?
– These foreigners are too much. They exhausted us
by making us run. Give me a cigarette.
– Listen, Gafoor. What are you discussing
about the foreigners? We’re telling the story
of the foreigners. This deaf idiot is
a pain in the neck. Give it to him. Ismail and Salim are coming. They’re here.
– Even they didn’t find anyone. There’s banana skin..
– Hey, look. Hold him. Pick him up.
– Chaus, go and get the bike. What happened?
Did someone kill Ismail? No one killed him.
He slipped on a banana peel! Mind your own business. He’s always bluffing.
– Get a doctor. Wait, don’t hit them. Oh, God. By the power
of consciousness. Ismail!
– Get up. Get up now.
– Lift him up. No harm will come to Ismail
so long as I’m there. Ismail. Ismail. Ismail. Have some cold drink. Have some cold drink. Ismail, I don’t have any
cigarettes. Do you have any? Look at your state. Hey, stop dusting! Here you go. It makes a good brief. Is it torn? Take it off
and throw away. Let me take it. “Hyderabadi Biryani.” How did it happen, Peter? I can’t explain
how it happened, guys. It really hurts. I guess, the lady’s hand
gave a powerful shot. Pranay, that lady was crazy. She threw chilies in my face. And the whole time
she kept calling me ‘Hen Thief. Hen Thief.’ Hen thief? What does that mean? Chicken thief. Chickens? There were no
chickens at her house. Why did you enter that house? The guys were chasing me, dummy! And you. It’s your fault,
you know? What is with this Old City guys? It’s a long story.
A year back.. ..Prasad took me and Rochak
to the Old City And there, he accidentally
had a fight.. ..with these Old City guys. You know what?
The same gang.. ..wants to beat us back. That’s why they are
taking revenge now. No, it’s not over yet. Pranay, what did you do to them? Last week, when
I was coming back.. ..from the conference with Arjun.. ..I stopped in between
of the work. I was taking the pictures
of the Bathukamma procession. You know what? I accidentally
bumped into that Old City guy. No, not again.
– You know who the guy was? Who?
– Who? Who? – That guy is the
same guy from the gang. You know what they are
thinking about us now? What? What?
– What? You know what they’re thinking?
You know what they’re thinking? They’re thinking we’re weak.
They’re thinking we can’t fight. And if you would’ve
kicked them before, Pranay.. ..this wouldn’t happen right now. But this time..
This time! This time I’m gonna kick him.
I’m gonna punch him. I’m gonna beat him. I’m gonna kick him.
– Peter, easy man. Easy.
– Really, do you think so? Yeah, man. Yeah. No. No. It’s not necessary. They won’t come back. Sure.
– That’s it. That’s it. I don’t want
to hear that again. You said the same thing
last time. – You. That they won’t come back.
But they came to my apartment. But this time.. ..they would definitely
come to this apartment. You just watch. What are you gonna do?
– Pick up the phone. You go!
– No, you go! Hey, bro! Guys, where were you
all the time? – Hi. What happened, guys? You left us alone? Hi, girls. Actually,
Peter fell down in a manhole.. we took him to the hospital.
– Yeah. Yeah. It doesn’t look like hurt. Oh, I’m hurt.
I’m hurt, alright. No, I think somebody
really beat you badly. Me? No.
– No. No. Nobody can beat me.
I’m strong. – Yeah. I’m a martial artist.
– Yeah? Chandramma! What?
– Pranay. What?
– Oh, my God. Now what happened? Who is this guy over here,
Pranay? Come soon. Who is this guy, Pranay? He’s a cook.
– What’s he doing there? No.
– He’s drunk. Yeah, I didn’t know
this guy. – Pranay. Is that right?
– Ramesh, get up. What is it? (Speaking Telugu)
– Forget it. Let’s go.
– Drunk? Pranay.
– Man! What did he say? I told that guy that
I’ll pay his salary in dollars. Maybe he’s excited
and got drunk. – No. No. You can’t pay in dollars. Freak out! Okay, guys. Easy. Okay.
– Okay. We are tired. We are sleeping. – Okay guys.
– Good night. – Okay. Bye. Good night.
– Bye. – Bye. She’s hot. So, where’s your cousin, Pranay? You said he came with you.
Your cousin. That’s his cousin, man. That’s his cousin!
– Cheap! That guy is your cousin?
– Yeah. Okay, I’m going to kill him. Here I go. – Peter, that guy
helped me in the chase. He saved my life.
– I want to kill him. Come on, guys.
– Oh no. Okay, he’s your cousin. You better watch out.
Alright? We’re not responsible for
anything that happens to him. Because, I don’t trust him,
he doesn’t trust him they don’t trust him,
you trust him. What the hell!
Where has that lady gone? Pass me a cigarette. – Don’t you
have another key, Ismail? I don’t have it. “By the rivers of Babylon” How are you, Ismail?
– Hey, be careful. Is this the time to come?
– Come on, Ismail. What a bad driver!
– What are you doing? You scared him. How are you driving?
– Don’t you have any brakes? It has air-brakes,
and turbo engine. It’s also convertible. Even I’ve changed
my ways of working. Now, I’ve got someone.. ..who can talk
to the foreigners.. with them,
and bash them up. You can’t do all that.
– Is it? Who’s he? He’s my nephew.
He’s come from Dubai. Now watch him work his magic. Brother! Hey, move out of the way.
Careful. – Hey. Hi, brother. Are you blind?
– I didn’t see you guys. Hey, you. Hold it.
Put it on the stand. Hello, brother! Hi. Hi. Who’s he?
– Oh! He’s the nephew
I told you about. Is it him?
– Yes. Really?
– Yes. Sister in-law is so fair. Then how come he’s so dark? What did you say? No, I can understand. Okay. What do you do in Dubai? What do you mean? I run a
business of real-estate. I buy and sell apartments.. ..and do all the related
legal work. – Oh. Where do you live in Dubai? What do you mean?
Have you come there? Once you land there
you’ll find the airport. Ask someone where it is. Opposite the airport, you’ll
find the shoe market. Next to it there’s a slope. Then there’s an ascent. It’s
called the Uttan Pali Square. Next to it is a toilet.
– Does he stay in a toilet? No, he lives behind it. I see.
– Yes. You’ll beat up the foreigners?
– Yes, I will. You’ll take revenge
from them? – Yes. How?
– You’ve to make a plan. First we’ve to send
an email, then a fax. Then you send messages,
and then you’ll get a reply. By that time you’ll get
beaten up. How could you say that?
– Bro.. What did he say? Back in Dubai people are talking.. ..about how they beat up
my brother. I rushed to your aid as I got your
call before I sold the apartment. He can’t beat up the foreigners. I have a good technical plan. Come with me.
Don’t you trust me? Forget him. Come with me. Damn it! Let’s go. Fine. Let me tag along. Okay, listen to the latest song. “By the rivers of Babylon..” “..there we sat down.” Boy, what a shot! Salim. Such plans cost money. How much money? Don’t bother about money.
It’s about your prestige. The other day I was passing by.. ..and two women who had come
to fill water had a fight. You know what one woman
said to the other? ‘Go away or I’ll beat you
the way foreigners beat Ismail.’ You know what the other
woman said? – Yes? The other woman said..
– Yes? … Ismail may have got
beaten up by the foreigners. But I’m not like him. Both the women
gathered up their saris.. ..and had a catfight witnessed
by the entire neighborhood. I lost my respect.. the eyes of those women.
You understand? I left quietly. What could I do? What do you mean?
Tell me the expense. It’ll actually cost
20,000 rupees but I’ll manage in 10,000. I’ll give the money, but I
won’t spare those foreigners. Hey, Ramesh.. Don’t touch it!
I say, don’t touch it. Come on..
– Brother. Salim, you made me clean
the toilets earlier. Now you’re making me climb
the pipes of the toilets. What can I do Ismail? You’re not leave
the foreigners.. ..and the toilets
are not leaving you. You can’t beat the foreigners
by climbing the pipes. I told you to send
email and fax. At least bomb their houses
from the helicopter! Yes, you don’t have to climb the
pipes to send emails and faxes. Understand, you idiot? Salim, I can hear something
dripping here. Ismail, if something
passes through the pipe.. ..won’t there be a noise. Salim, in our village.. ..I used to climb the trees
like a monkey. Is it?
– Yes. Don’t worry.
– Okay. It’s your turn next. You say you climb
trees like monkey.. ..well, I’ll be watching you. Mom.
– What is this, Salim! There are lizards here.
How can I climb? – Listen to me. Just climb. The lizards
won’t notice you. Even if they see you,
they’ll run away. Ismail.
– What? Pass me your phone. Why? – There is Kareena’s
interview on FM radio. Let it be. You’ve made me
climb the toilet pipes.. ..and you want to listen
to the radio? Come on, let’s climb up. Come on everyone,
what are you doing? Jackson, take off your glasses. Slowly. Slowly. What is going on?
Watch your step. Come on, hurry! He is right there..
– Come on.. Watch it.
– Watch it! Where did we bring? Where did you come from?
– Me? I took the stairs up and
then I took them down. You took the stairs
and didn’t tell us! We made our lives hell. I was about to tell you
but you were climbing. I noticed that the door
was ajar.. ..and I took the stairs
and came down from it. Where’s the way?
– You didn’t tell us. Okay, where’s Ismail? God knows where he is! What happened?
– Who fell down? What was that?
– Who is it? Thank God, he didn’t fall on me. Be careful, Salim.
– Don’t worry. I’m with you. Try another key. Make it quick. Hurry! – Get in guys.
– Come on. Come on, hurry! The house is air-conditioned.
– Close the door. It’s so heavy.
– Come on. It’s not fitting in.
– Just put it. It’s not going in.
– Fold it and shove it in. Make it fast and let’s go. Get in..
– Hurry up! Coming!
– Guys, wait a minute. Ismail, are you on WhatsApp? What the hell is that? It’s a very useful thing. It’s open from 5 PM to 6 PM. The monthly rent is 2,200 rupees I’ll make it in 1,500
for you. And give 600 rupees
monthly for Facebook. Salim, I’m desperate to beat
those foreigners up. You don’t have to anymore.
Come on. Take the cloth off his face.
– Sure. Hey, I’m taking the cloth off.. ..none of you will touch him. Okay. – First,
Ismail will beat him.. ..then each of you
can take turns to beat him. Ismail, your wish has
been fulfilled today. Now you can beat
the foreigner the way you want.. much you want,
and where you want. Torture him the way you want. I’ll sit and watch.
– Beat him with a stick. Take the cloth off!
– Yes, I am. Whom have you brought here? A girl! Guys,
whom have you brought? Who are you guys?
Where am I? What are you doing? What the
hell is going on? – Quiet. Leave me!
– He’s Ismail. Ismail gang. Ismail leader.
– Shut your bloody mouth. I’m a timber merchant. I’m a timber merchant
and I have three wives. What do I do with her now? I tell you. You know who
this girl is. – Leave me. Hey, quiet.
– Leave. I’m going to inform the police.
– You know who she is? Hey.
– Leave me. She is with those foreigners. She is their accomplice. Come there, I’ll tell you. What the hell will we
do with her? – Listen to me. And you all.. Hey, you.
– What the hell.. No one will touch her
till I come. – Okay. Leave me. Ismail, I hope you understand. Just assume if anyone
kidnaps your Rukhsana. Will you keep quiet? I’ll smash him.
– That’s the point. We’ve also kidnapped
the foreigner’s squeeze. Now he’ll come
looking for here. Then we’ll bash him up. I’ll beat him mercilessly.
That rascal! – Okay. Peter, get up. Get up. You guys are still sleeping? Peter, get up.
– Sulochana. Sulochana. Peter.
– Hello, Sulochana. What is he saying?
– My beautiful Sulochana. My love. You’re so hot. I love you, Sulochana. So sexy. Peter, get up.
– What Pranay? Oh, I hate you, Pranay.
– You hate me now? Stay away from my girlfriend. Stupid! Oh, hi guys. Good morning.
– Morning. Everything okay?
– It’s not okay! Stop dreaming nonsense. He’s a Kung Fu master. Perfect fighter. Ramesh, open the door. Every day, he practices. Every day.
– Hi. Hi, everybody. Good morning.
– Hi, Prasad. How are you doing? Have you seen Melody? I didn’t see her.
Why? What happened? She is not there in the room.
Her phone is not reachable.. ..and the doors are open. Hi, Pranay.
– Hey! Hi, Prasad. Have some tea.
– Hi. Hi. Don’t worry. She must have
gone out for shopping. If she would’ve gone
out for shopping.. ..she would’ve told me. Right? What’s happening?
– We’re talking about Melody. I’ll try to call her.
– Yeah, call her. “Who let the dogs out!” It’s ringing.
– Okay. “Who let the dogs” Hello.
– Hi, Melody. Where are you, Melody?
– Who is it, man? Who are you?
Who is this? Melody, are you there? Who is Melody?
– Hey, it’s my cell phone. Give it to me.
– What happened? Is she alright? What’s going on, man?
Is she okay? Why are you looking at her? How come you have her phone? It was lying there,
so I nicked it. I didn’t know it was her’s. It’s such a lovely phone. Hello. Hello. Give it to Pasha.
He knows English. Pasha, talk to him. Hello. Who calls is speaking?
– I’m Pranay. This phone belongs to Melody. Give it to Melody.
Give the phone to Melody This phone Melody? Okay. I give. I give. Thank you. I’m Pasha. Listen to me. You Melody? You’re boyfriend?
You talk? Hello. You talk? – Hello, Pranay.
This is Melody. These people have kidnapped
me, Pranay. – Hey, man. You’re eager to give her the
phone. – Stay off these people. Trying to impress the girl?
– Save me. Please help.
– Quiet. Melody. Melody, where are you? Save me, Pranay.
– You foreigner! Shut up. – Listen,
you’re girlfriend Melody.. We’re holding her captive. Save me, Pranay.
– Give us one million. I’m scared of these people.
– Hey, quiet. Who are you?
Who are you people? You’re asking us?
– He is.. Krishna.
– Have you forgotten Ismail? You beat him near
Charminar Restaurant.. …really bashed him up. And that day you pushed
Ismail to the ground.. ..and took his picture
with your phone? You think he’s worthless? You want to make his album.
– Quiet. Listen, if you inform the police.. ..then we’ll slice up your girl. Understood?
Bring the money.. ..and take the girl. What happened?
– Oh, no. What’s wrong?
– Where is she? Melody is in big trouble! What!
– What! She’s been kidnapped. What do you mean?
– What do you mean, kidnapped? She’s been kidnapped
by the Old City guys. No! – Who are
these Old City guys? It’s a long story.
I’ll explain later. So, why did they
kidnap Melody? They are thinking that
I’m her boyfriend. – No. Pranay, we have to go
to the police right now. Can’t go to the police! They’re threatening us
to kill Melody. And top of that, they’re
asking 1 million ransom. Dollars?
– Rupees. Rupees! What shall we do now? Okay. Man, I said to you.. ..this was gonna happen
with those Old City guys. They’re trouble, right?
Now Melody is in.. ..bigger.. big trouble.
– Yeah. We have to do something. Ramesh, open the door.
– No, no. Me going, me going. Not me. You guys go.
– God damn it. Open the door. Go.
– Go, man. Open the door. Open it. Hey, how are you? How are you, my lover? Remember, we beat him up.
– Get him out of here.. He’s that same guy.
– Yes, he’s the thief. He’s the one who
pushed me in the Old City.. ..and ran away,
– Who are these people? I got hurt so badly, you know. My entire body has got damaged. Who are you people and
where have you come from? Hey, fatso, shut up.
– Keep quiet. My boss is talking to you boss.. why are you interfering?
– Yes, why are you! Did you hear?
– I don’t know. These are our team leaders. She is Jennifer Lopez. She handles
the international market. Did you get it?
Baby, say hi to them. Hi. Yes, the entire market
is under my control. And, she is Barbie Doll. She handles the Internet market.
Baby, say hi to them. Hello. I understand what
everybody says. – Okay, enough. She is Katrina. Say hello, baby. Hi.
– Hi. And, she is my secretary. Kareena. She looks after
the Bollywood market. Baby, say hi.
– Hi. Look at me. I’m Kareena. My figure is 36-36-36! She handles Bollywood,
and she, Hollywood. And I handle everything in
between, my name is Krishy. You know Hrithik Roshan! He’s my boyfriend.
He’s called Krish. Did you understand.
– Oh God! The way you pushed me
and ran in the Old City.. entire body got hurt.
Do you understand? Where have you got hurt? I’ve got hurt from
inside my body! A treatment at
the hospital.. cost me 5000. – No, it cost him
8000 rupees. And 1,000 rupees for
travelling and snacks. Look how badly baby’s got hurt.
– Yes, she has. Look, I’m very tense. Please take these 500 rupees
and go away. – No. You keep your 500 rupees. We are hi-tech people
from the Old City. We’ll take 10,000 rupees,
and not just 500. Yes, 10,000 rupees.
– You keep your 500 rupees. Krishy, when I pushed you..
– Yes? After that, two people.. ..a fair guy wearing a cap. One more guy pushed you.
Do you know them? Yes, we take charity money
from them too. We don’t spare them either. No, we want the address
of those people. Where do they live? Those two guys
were Ismail and Salim. You know, that Ismail.. ..has three wives. And that Salim Bluffer.. ..a major lech who runs
after girls. – Yes. That’s how he is.
– Yes. Krishy, if you give me
their address.. ..I’ll give you 10,000 rupees. Why? What’s your
matter with them? They have kidnapped
our friend, Melody. Is that so?
– That’s tragic. I’ll give you 10,000 rupees. I want their address. Tell him fast. He’ll give
you money. Not in dollars.. ..but rupees.
– Move, you fatso. Not 10,000, we’ll take
20,000 rupees. We’ll distribute it
among ourselves. Okay, I will give
20,000 rupees. Give me their address. Yes, address.
– Okay, fine. Come at Charminar at 11 o’clock.. ..and I’ll take you
to their lane. But give us some advance money.
– We’ll take entire 20,000. Okay, give him 20 rupees.
– Okay. Okay. Take these 1,000 rupees
as advance. – No. No. Not just 1,000.
We want the entire sum. Tomorrow, full payment. Full
payment. – What you’re doing? Give us the entire money
tomorrow. – We can’t trust them. Okay. Okay. Oh, yeah.. It’s here, there. I don’t get
any rest. – “I am Laila.” They’re making me run around.
– “I am awesome.” Mister, have you seen him? No, I haven’t. Go away. Brother, have you seen
this girl? – No, I haven’t. What do I do? It’s a headache. Pranay is worried,
I’m hassled.. ..and this girl
is in trouble too. Give me a cigarette. Is there a shop ahead? It’s on the right, ahead.
– Take the money. Okay. Hello, brother. 32..
– Give me a cigarette, please. Cigarette?
– Give me a cigarette, please. Who the hell is he? Have you seen
this girl anywhere? We haven’t seen her. You don’t do any work and
just hang out on the road. Now, get lost. Hey, you.. Hi. Hi, hero. Hi.
– Hey, what are you doing? How are you?
– What is this, Krishy? Come, on. We were waiting here.
– Hi, there. Look at the time now. – Some
clients had come from Bombay. I was a bit busy there. Okay, no problem. Let’s go. Okay, where is this Ramesh?
– Ramesh! I going here only. I looked everywhere but didn’t
find her.. – Oh, forget it. Hi, Ramesh.
– Let’s go. I am man. No touching me.
– Touch me.. Go, means, go..
– Ramesh, get inside. Get inside.
– Let’s go. Get inside, quick.
– Come on, everybody. Let’s go. Come on inside.
– Come on. What next? Go straight, this way.
– Okay. Then take a left turn.
– Okay. Okay. – Then take
a right turn.. ..and all the houses are theirs.
Go and search there. We’ve got to search. Let’s go.
– Okay. Right. Let’s go.
– Come. I’m going to take this place apart. Man, you know
this Old City streets? It’s totally difficult to trace. Come back. Come back.
– What? What? He’s the guy who chased me
in the Old City. Are you sure. He was after me. Then let’s follow him.
We’ll know where they stay. Let’s go for him.
– Come on. Give two packets of cigarettes. “You can make it.” “Choose after you…” Man, I’ll be behind. I doubt that.. ..this is not Ismail
and Salim’s house. Get it? You recognized that boy?
– I know. You recognized him.
– Yes. I am sure that.. ..they have hidden the girl here. Okay.
– Let’s go. We’ll follow him.
– Let’s go.. ..and give two.. “I saw a dream.” “You can make it.” God knows what’s
going to happen! Guys, there’s
gonna be a fight. We’ve to enter such
weird places. – Come on. Hi.
– Quiet. Hi..
– Get on! Now come in. Quick.
– Now lie low. Hey..
– Put him inside. Put him inside. Open the door. Hey, they’ve beaten me.
– Just kick him, man. Put him in. Lock it.
– Ismail. Ramesh, quiet.
– Go on. Quiet. Quiet. Come on quick. Someone’s here.
– I get it. Inside.
– Yes. Smells different..
– Climb up and.. Please, girl.
Have just one bread. Please. No. Melody is there?
– Get down now. Quiet. Quiet.
– Come on. Yeah, come on, guys.. Don’t fall. Come in. – What are you
doing? I was waiting. My handsome boy. What’s in there? Please. No. No. Please, baby.
Girl, eat it. Eat it. You’re a nice girl.
– Who is it? Someone’s here. Who’s inside? “Hyderabadi biryani.” Quiet. Come here. This way. Ramesh, inside. Hey.. quiet.
– Where are you, Ejaz? Where the hell are you? What are you doing here?
– Get him. You’d better hurry.
– Very good. Please eat this.
– Hey. Hey, who? Who? Who are you? I’m Pasha.
I’ve come from Dubai. You’ll kill me. Brother.
Please help, brother. Brother. Brother. Foreigners, how the hell did you
get inside. – Kidnapped her. Ismail. Kick them. Kick him.
– Don’t spare them. Beat them.
– Don’t spare them. Leave me. Pranay, I’m here. Break his leg. Go on.. Salim, Ismail, where are you? Here they are..
– Beating.. Move. Pull the chair. Hey! I’ll show you. Ismail.
– Salim beat him. Did you see that?
– Beat him up. Ismail, get them.
– Come on, run. Run. Who else was with you
at Charminar? Catch them.
– Stop him! Catch the rascals.
– Beat them up. Here. Here. I’m here. Oh God, save me.
– Run. Run. Look at her. I’ll beat you up. I won’t spare you, rascal. Salim, you dropped your phone. You beat me on my turf. Oh, no!
– Get hold of them. Stop..
– Don’t come. We’ve got him. He can’t escape. Don’t’ touch me. – You can’t
escape now, foreigner! Look Ismail,
now we’ve got him. Hey, listen. Don’t come closer.
– Keep an eye on him. I’ll kill him now.
– Let’s go, let’s go. No. Don’t take him away.
– They’re going. Wait.
– Hey.. Rascal, you took
my brother-in-law away. I won’t spare you.
What the hell! What the hell! Pranay,
what does that mean? I don’t know. So are you Ismail’s
brother-in-law? Not me, it’s him. Me. I’ve come from Dubai.
My name is Pasha. Ismail is like a brother to me. He’s dangerous. Yes, he’s very dangerous.
Solid. Oh, I see. And now, we’re also dangerous. Tell me where’s our girl?
– I can’t understand. Which place?
– Ismail! Oh, please don’t. Idiot. Tell me.
– I don’t know. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t
have said. What’ll you do? What will you do?
– Take this. Hit him! Hit him!
– Come on! Damn you! Damn you! Hey, guys, you tell us now. We’ll give you
nice chicken ‘biryani’. Come on, Pranay.
It’s not going to work. Let’s go to the police. Police! No! Let’s go to the police.
– Yeah. No. No.
– Why? Don’t go to the police.
It’s a long legal process. We’ll go and hand over these
guys and get our girl. That’s a good idea. Beat him, now. Beat him.
– Wait. Wait, brother has called. Brother?
– Who is he? Who has called? Hello. Who calls is speaking? Pasha, I’ve been calling for so
long. Why didn’t you answer it? Brother, they are beating me up. Brother, help me. Brother! Brother! Where are you?
– Listen carefully. Salim, he’s talking in English. Just a minute.
I’ll speak to him. Hello, you foreigner! You’ve kidnapped our man.
– Help me! My brother-in-law is with you. No.
– No. Your brother-in-law.
– Your brother-in-law. I’m sorry. Your brother-in-law
is with us. – That’s right. Your brother-in-law is with us. We people are very dangerous. You let our girl go. We’ll release your men. We’ll tell you the exact
time and place. You’re ordering us! Ismail, the foreigners
are saying.. ..they’ll let our men go.. ..if we let the girl.
– Then, let’s do it. We won’t let the girl go.
– Are you mad? Shut up, you stupid.
– What did you say? Ismail, what if your
wife asks about Pasha? Don’t talk about her now. Ismail, why are you worried? First, let them get
Pasha and our men. Ismail, order some juice
for us two. Pranay, you are good. Hold her legs, Ismail.
– What are you making me do? Idiots. Where have you hit me?
– Did she hit you there? Baby, you should not do this. You can hit Ismail
on his face. Don’t hit him anywhere. I’ll kick you.
– Ismail is our leader. He has some respect. Look
before you hit. – Idiot. I’m going to kill you. Shut your mouths.
– I won’t spare this foreigner. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.” Hello.
– What happened? My brother Pasha
has still not come home. You make him do
all the wrong things. I’ll send him
as soon as he comes. Tie the rope. – He’s gone
for some work. Don’t worry. It’ his wife. – You don’t
tell those useless people.. ..but make my brother do it. I’ll send him as soon
as he comes. – I’ll hang up. Was that your wife? It’s our third sister-in-law’s
call. – Shut up! Ismail’s third wife. Till he doesn’t say
I love you to her ever hour.. ..he doesn’t rest.
– Did it hurt a lot? Rascal, call the foreigners. Hold her hands. I won’t spare them.
– Hello. Salim won’t spare you. Kick him. What do you want?
You want biryani? Kick him.
– Catch him. Wait.
– Kick him. Hello.
– Who is this? Foreigner,
you better let Pasha go.. ..or we’ll beat the living
daylights out of you. Hey, look. First.. ..release our girl.
Free her. After that.. ..we’ll release your men. Hey, what does that
phrase mean? It means fast. Hey, you come here.
– You rascal. You know what they think of you.
– You foreigner. Bring Pasha to the Old City.. ..and take your girlfriend.
Over. Not over!
– No. No. – First,
bring our girl.. the New City. After that we’ll release
your people. What is he saying? Friends, I can’t
understand his Hindi. You’re troubling me,
I’ve to control her. Wait, I’m talking. You foreigner.
– I won’t spare him. Yes, you got scared of me? Everyone is scared of me,
my dear. Now we’ll beat you people up.. English style. Tell those people.. ..that I’m not scared of them. I won’t spare
that old man, Ismail. I’ll really beat him. Yes, we’re not scared.
– We’re not scared. Yes.
– We are coming there. We’re coming to you. Come, rascal,
we’ll deal with you. Okay, rascal. We’re coming.
We’re coming to you. Ismail.
– Yes? What are these
foreigners wearing? They’ve got a girl along too. They have goats too. And, sticks too. Have they come to hand over
Pasha and others.. ..or to beat you up? What are you saying? Let them
come. I’ll deal with them. What are they up to?
I don’t understand. Hey, hey..
– Listen.. Yes, they’ve got
Pasha and others too. Hey, guys, look. Let’s
all take the positions. Peter, you go to the corner
with the goat. You know what.
– Okay. I got it.
– Okay, go. “On your facts now..” “Give him. – You don’t know,
I don’t know. I’m thinking..” He’s got binoculars. What is he up to? Why does he need binoculars
to rescue the girl? That’s what I don’t understand. Give it to me. Ismail, give me your phone. Please let us go. You foreigner, you’ve
got Pasha and others? Did you bring our girl? Yes, we have. First, let our girl go. No, first you let
Pasha and others.. ..then we’ll let the girl go. No, first, let the girl go. First, let Pasha and others.. ..then we’ll let the girl go. No. No. First, the girl.
– What are you saying? First let our guys go first.
Man, you’re wasting my time. Hello, foreigner we’re let the girl go
you should let Pasha and others. Ismail.. ..let’s not release the girl.
– Let her go. What the hell! Go.
– Now, go. I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Go! Hello, Kirak.
– Yes, boss? They’ve come. We’ve to unload.
So get ready. Yes, boss. They’ve got Pasha and others.
– Okay. Let the girl go they
release Pasha and him. – Okay. Should I let the girl go? – No.
When you see Pasha and him.. ..only then let the girl go.
– Okay, Salim. Okay, fine. Ismail, now watch the fun. Now, I’ll teach them a lesson. Peter, what can you see? I can only see two guys. Can you see Melody?
– No. No. No. Pasha and the other guy
are coming. Let the girl go. Come over.
– Hey. Come out. Come on. Don’t look back. Don’t call and don’t shout.
Get lost. Madam. Melody madam. Hello, madam. Run, Melody madam. Here’s Melody.
Melody is coming. Oh my God. Melody is coming.
– What? Right. You go and
start the car. Okay? Melody, come. Come quick. Come home, baby. Azam, get ready. Come on! Come on, Melody. Get inside. Everybody inside, come on. Get in..
– Come on, let’s go. Hey, come on..
– Beat them. Get them.
– You rascals. Wait. Mom! Wait.
– Mom! Hit the car.
– Get them. Hit the rascals.
– Don’t spare them. Rascals ran away. So how was the biryani? Salim is asking
if the ‘biryani’ was delicious. Good.
– Be with Ismail..’ll enjoy
eating meaty ‘biryani’. Stay with Ismail..
– Hey, get us tea.. Hello, Mr. Vasant Gaud.. How are you? Good.
– What about the elections? It’s approaching. How
are you, Salim? – Good. How come you are here? I’ve been campaigning.
It’s going good. – Okay. Mr. Vasant Gaud,
I told you about Ismail. Ismail? You said the other day, some
foreigners beat him? – Yes. It’s him? Why do you fight? You can live in peace, right? Okay, Salim. I’ll leave. What the hell! You insult
me even before politicians! But what did I do? Leave it, Ismail. The politician is sitting
nearby. Let’s talk later. I’ll leave, Salim. Okay Gaud sir. All the best.
– Thank you. Ismail, politicians are
respected everywhere. You should also
contest the elections. You are sure to win
the elections. You’re right, Azam.
Ismail.. ..if you contest the elections,
you’ll surely win. Where is Pasha? Ismail, Pasha did not come.
– What is the problem? Where do I bring him from? We were waiting
for him till now. What are you saying?
– What can I say? They let go Pasha long ago,
didn’t they? Why didn’t he come yet? You said let the girl
go when we see Pasha. We let the girl go as we
saw Pasha approaching. We can’t help it if Pasha
disappeared. We were waiting and then we
got hungry so we came here. But you could have called me. Why didn’t you, idiot? I ran out of credit on my phone. Where has Pasha gone?
What happened to him? May be the foreigners have
kidnapped Pasha again. Kidnapped again? He is right. Ismail. Foreigners are really bad. They must have
kidnapped him again. I’m sure of it.
– Yes. Salim is right. They kidnapped my
brother-in-law again. They’ve cheated me! Come on, let’s go.
What the hell! Come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Oh!
– Dear me! Brother. What is it?
– What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing here? Those Old City guys.. ..beat us up badly. They could’ve hit me all
over the body.. ..but they focused on my butt. Hence, we are sitting
on the ice. Dear me! Give us some drinks,
we’ll have it. He’s getting us some drinks.
Dear me! Brother, I won’t spare
those Old City guys. Me too.
– I’ll beat the hell out of them! Come here.. I beat the hell out of Ismail. I’ll beat him where
it hurts him the most. Stop it. Stop the car. My first wife lives
in this lane. Get down now. It stinks!
You got me at the wrong place. You asked him to pull over
and he did it! So it stinks, can’t help it! Do I work in the
municipal corporation.. ..that I’ll keep the area clean?
– Call up Pasha. Take this. I remember the girls
phone number. I won’t spare those foreigners.
What the mess! They kidnapped
my brother-in-law again. Hello. Who is this? Hello, Melody. It’s me, Salim. Salim. Salim’s and company. I offered you chips,
remember? Oh my God, Pranay. Old
City guys have called. I want my girl. Pranay, it’s the same guy. Old City guy. Pranay, get up. Take the phone. Where’s my girl.
– Hello. Melody. Hey, foreigner. You kidnapped Pasha again? Oh my God. Get up. Get up. Peter, get up. Old City guy.
Old City guy. Old City guy? What are
you talking about? We let them go. Let them go? Then you
kidnapped them again? You’ve made a joke out of this? I’m giving you an hour’s time. Release our men. No, no, bullshit! What is he saying? He said, it’s a bullshit. Now what happened? What happened now? They’re saying that they
didn’t get these two guys. And, they’re blaming
us for double kidnap. What?
– What! What the hell, man? We left those guys right there.
– I know. I have seen them
walking towards the car. I don’t know what’s happening. Where the hell are these guys! I’m not opening that door. You should open the door.
– You open the door. Open the door.
– Okay. I’ll open the door.
I’m not scared. Yes, sister Krishy.
– Sister Krishy. Sister Krishy.
– Where is she? Where’s sister Krishy?
– Look what we’ve got! Krishy!
– How are you? Look what we got for you. Did it hurt a lot?
– Fatso. Look what we got. Who have you kidnapped? We overheard him saying he’s
someone’s brother-in-law. Rascal
– He was winking at me. Take the sack off. Oh my.
– Oh, no! Oh, no! Dear me! Oh my God!
Why did you bring him here? Why did you bring them here? You called and said
Ismail beat you up. So we got his
brother-in-law here. Hit them.
– Krishy.. We worked hard to rescue her.. ..and then you got him
back again? Yeah..
– Come on, Krishy. Hold on. You guys pick us up
and let us go at will! Now we’re not going. Order some
‘biryani’ for us. We’re hungry. Oh, no..
I think they are calling us. Don’t touch it.
Don’t touch it. What happened? You’re scared
of our men? – Shut up. Shut up!
– We’re not scared. Hello!
– Hey, foreigner. You’re not taking my call? Listen carefully. Tomorrow at 11 o’clock.. ..we’ll release your men
in the Old City. If anything goes.. You.
– If anything goes wrong.. ..okay guys.. know what you should do. Yes, this way. Straight. We got some news.. Where are you going? Brother.
– Yes? This man is from the gang.. ..which beat me up
in the Old City. – Is it? Beat them! Hey, who are you guys?
What do you want? These are the men who
beat me up in Golkonda Kota. They threatened me
with a water pistol.. and handed me to the police.
– Is that so? Get hold of them! Catch them.
– Come on, run. Run. Get them.
– Run. Run. “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” Come on, brother. We got sticks here. Come on.
– Let’s nab them. We won’t spare these rascals. Hey, wait. Wait.
– Wait.. Where are the rascals? Beat them up.
– What are you doing? He was standing there. Get in, Pranay.
– Come on. Come on in.
– Rascals. Step on the gas.
Get going. – Go! Go! You rascals. You hit
me in Charminar! I won’t spare you. Brother, they hit me too. You rascal. I can’t run anymore.
– Pasha Pasha, come and sit.
– Oh my. Come sit. Quick.
– Thank you. Sister Uma, thank you.
– Thank you. Let’s go, quick. Thank you. Drive fast.
– Quick. Ismail, are you puffing
your tensions away. Forget the cigarettes. The
foreigners still haven’t come. Even Pasha hasn’t come yet. There’s so much traffic
in Hyderabad. Your Pasha is not a politician.. ..for the people on the streets
to make way for him. He must be on his way. Azam.
– Yes? Call up Pasha, please. Yes, I am.
Don’t see the cards. Okay, I have a doubt. I hope the foreigners
haven’t killed Pasha. Have you gone
out of our mind? Rascal. Salim, it says Pasha’s phone
is not reachable. Mon..
– Let go of me. Leave me. Let go of me. You idiot. Stupid.
– Let go of him. You know I’ll tell my parents.
– Look at him. I’m Lotus’s sister. You idiot. Why were you cozying up to
him calling him ‘uncle’? He sold the land. Now he’s languishing
in jail. Look at me. In so short time.. ..I’ve kidnapped
so many people. When you plan,
you should be thorough. Come here. You rascal. Boss, buy me some drinks.. ..and some snacks.. ..and two branded cigarettes
or some local brands at least. You want drinks?
– Yes. You want cigarettes.
Take this, you rascal. Quiet. Take the call.
– “Twinkle twinkle little star.” “How I wonder
what you are.” Get some Charminars. Hello.
– Pasha, where are you? I’m Mallesh, not Pasha.
– Mallesh? Mallesh? Who?
Where are you from? Boss, their gang members
are calling up. Give me the phone. Salim, there’s Mallesh
on the line. Pass me the phone. Hello, get Pasha on the line. You’d better listen to me. I’ve captured your people. The day before they beat up
my brother near Charminar. Those rascals. Listen, come here directly.. ..apologize and take
your people along. And, then.. ..let’s talk about
the ransom. Do you understand? Apologize to bring Pasha? Do you know who Pasha is? He’s the brother-in-law
of Ismail.. ..who’s been around Charminar
for the last 26 years. No one has ever dared
to beat him. You come here to create a ruckus.
– Don’t beat so hard. What happened, Ismail?
– Nothing. You drive. Who are you, rascal?
– You’re asking me? I’m the boss of Charminar! I’m the boss of Laad Bazaar. I’m the boss of Shalibanda. I’m scared of these people,
Salim. Who asked you to butt in? Dear me! You understand?
– Boss of Charminar. Ismail is still alive. You
can’t be the boss of Charminar! Claims to be the boss of Charminar!
– Who the hell is he? Let me talk to him. Hello! What do you mean
by boss of Charminar? What the hell! You’d better release Pasha.
Do you know who I am? I’m Ismail. What do I care? I’m giving you an hour’s time. I’m the boss of Charminar. What is this guy saying? He’s trying to scare me. Give it to me.
– Just relax, Ismail. I have a doubt, boss. I think it’s the foreigner
immitating someone’s voice. Hello, tell me, you rascal. Where should we come? Tell him the address.
– Yes, boss. Hello, listen.
– Yes. Yes, we’ll go from
Banjara Hills. Yes. Let me talk.
– Wait I’m talking. Circle. After that, there’s
an ascent to the tea stall. Yes. Okay. Rascals, get ready.
We’re coming for you. What did you say? 60 rupees? The auto
fare will be 60 rupees? Rascal, I own an Ambassador. It’s fully automatic. Air-conditioned and convertible. You’re asking me
to hire an auto.. ..for 60 rupees?
Wait I’ll show you. He thinks you are cheap. What do you mean? – He says
the auto fare will be 60 rupees. Ismail, I’m sure.. ..that they are no one
else but foreigners.. ..who are impersonating
someone else. They’ve told me the address.
We’ll go and.. ..beat them and rescue Pasha
and the other guy. Don’t worry. Azam, here’s 500 bucks.
Gas money. Ismail, give 500 rupees.
– I won’t spare the foreigners. What the hell! Boys, stop playing cards!
Let’s leave. – Come on, Ismail. Come on.
– Be careful, Ismail. Gosh! What happened to the fatso?
– What’s up with the white guy? What happened?
– What’s the matter? They beat us up badly. The made us run and beat us.
– Don’t cry. They beat us all over.
– What’s wrong with Peter? He’s in a bad shape.
– Peter. They’ve beaten them a lot.
– He’s crying a lot. What happened?
– Peter. Peter. What happened?
– Happened? Happening? Everything happened.
– Why is he doing this? You know the guys
who tried to kick my behind? We’re best friends now. They took me shopping. They took me for tea,
two times. We became best friends.
They worship me. They lay flowers on my feet.
Everything’s perfect. At last, these two guys
have reached on their own. Brother, you gotta relax. I can’t take it anymore. Don’t be so..
– Guys, a call for me. Hey, Lilly. How are you doing? Pranay, help me. Lilly, don’t worry. Pasha and Logo
will reach there. Okay? They’re very much safe.
Don’t worry. No. No Pranay. These people kidnapped me,
Pasha and Logo. What?
– Pranay. Listen! Your Lilly.. with us. Oh, no. What she’s telling?
– What she’s saying? Somebody kidnapped Lilly,
Pasha and Logo. Please.
– Lilly is kidnapped? Brother Pranay.
– What? We’ve done our work.
Give us our money. We’ll leave now. We don’t get into such trouble.
– We’re going now. Krishy, please listen. I can give you a lot of money,
but Lilly is in danger. She’s in big trouble.
Please help us. Come on in. Quiet.
– Hey, come on. Get inside. Side, please. Computer
cutter, side please. Side, please. Side, please.
Computer cutter, side please. Careful.
– Come Oh my. They’re there.
They’re there. They’re here. Quiet.
– Hold this. Quiet. Give me sticks. Hey, Krishy. Give it to everyone.
– Quiet. Quiet. Quiet, Peter. Quiet.
– Hello. Prasad, you also hold a stick. Carefully. Do you want one? Come on.. Come on. Enter. Speak up.
– I want.. ..tea, biryani and everything
ordered from Charminar. And, once we get the ransom
money we’ll distribute it.. Fire in the hole.
– The crackers will burst. Come on, attack.
– There. Catch him.
– Thrash them. Beat him up. Hey, let go of me. I’m the boss of Charminar.
– Please don’t.. Katrina.
– Let’s show him. He’s hiding there.
– What are you doing? There he is.
– You rascal. You bit me, right? Don’t beat me, madam.
– You kidnapped me? You kidnapped my sister?
– Leave me, madam. I’ll beat you.
– Madam.. “Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” Slam on the brakes! Can’t you hear, you deaf? Let’s go. Let’s get them.
– Yes. Let’s see now. We’ll have a fight now.
– Hey, quiet. I kicked two guys.
– Yeah. I kicked three guys. Let go of my neck. It hurts. Oh, look, Pranay.
– Here they are. These are Old City guys. Ismail. Hey.
– Now you’ll see. Didn’t I tell you, Ismail.. ..that the foreigners
are behind it? They kidnapped
Pasha and Logo again. You foreigner,
set Pasha and Lobo free. We did not kidnap them. The Charminar boss
kidnapped them. In fact,
we got them released. Get away.. Go.
– Hey, Ramesh Tell them what he was
doing with Lilly. You know, Pasha is
hitting on Lilly. Now go. – Looking at
England and going Dubai. You’re wooing her? Rascal, you’re
indulging in romance! You’re hitting on
a foreigner’s girl. You rascal.
– Wait. Wait. Wait, don’t beat me. Brother, let go.. You threw an egg at Ismail! Beat up the rascals! Here they come.
– Attack. Kick him. You know what to do.
– Give them a beating. Give them back.
– Hit them. Hey, you.. Hit them! Wait, don’t beat me. Beat him up, quick. You’re beating us? You think I’m a fool. You’re beating me?
– Pasha, what are you doing? You could have told me, rascal. We’ve got a chance now. Beat them. Idiot. Stupid! Idiot! Will you touch me?
You’ll touch me. Idiot! You cheat. You monkey. Come here. Come on. Kick them. Kick fight. You’re beating me.
– Beat him. How dare you! I’ll see all of you. Hello, madam. Good morning. Me, call center driver. You know me? Pick up. Drop.
Call center driver. – Yes. Oh, I’m dead.
– You’re acting smart. You guys want to fight with us?
– Hit him. You came to beat us in Old City? Your name is Krishy, right? So, it was you.
– Hit him. Idiot. Stupid.
– What the hell are you doing? Stop! “God..” Five minutes. “Mr. Ismail.” We didn’t hit you. One year ago, my friend.. picked your pocket by mistake. Why get into such a big fight
for that? There are my friends and your
friends and all these people. Why? Just to beat me? I’m standing before you. Beat me up,
but spare them. These people are not at fault. It’s not their mistake. I’m not a foreigner. I’m from Hyderabad. I’m an NRI from Hyderabad. In America and other countries.. ..I say I’m from Hyderabad. In abroad, we praise our culture
and our tradition to the sky. We say that Hyderabad is great. And after we fight here.. ..we have a ‘biryani’,
and tea and become friends. You want to beat us thinking
we are foreigners. Tomorrow morning.. ..I’ll come to your cafe alone.. ..and you can kill me. My name is Pranay. I’m from Hyderabad! Greetings! Greetings.
May peace be upon you. Hey, foreigner! I’ve been at the Charminar
for 26 years. But if anyone has said
the truth till now.. ..and made me realize
the importance of friendship.. ..then it’s you! Like you said.. our Hyderabad,
after fighting.. ..we offer ‘biryani’ and tea,
and become friends. Similarly, I want to
invite you to my house.. ..and offer ‘biryani’ and
tea and make friends! Accept my invitation, foreigner! We want to be friends with you. My name is Ismail. May peace be upon you! “I will never..” “..end this friendship.” Peter.
– Yeah. Peter Wilson. I know Peter Scott. Peter Wilson,
Vice-President, Marketing. I’m Pranay.
– Is this a real beard? That’s real. I asked because he also has it.
Sorry, boss. – Cool. Cool. I’m Pranay. Pranay.
– Pranay? Pranay. Indian. Pranay?
– Pranay from US. I see. Pranay.
– I’m the company’s CEO. Pranay. Hi.
– Pranay. Yeah. Yeah. Which perfume is it? This is Davidoff. Alcohol?
– Yes. I also use perfume. Cobra, Poison and
the latest perfumes. Oh, it’s okay. Fine. He’s asking about Davidoff.
– Meet our friend too.. Yeah. Perfume. I’ll introduce our people.
– Okay. He is Logo. Model.
– Oh. Okay. Advertisement. Modeling. Hello.
– He is Chaush. Hi.
– Hello. And he’s Chaush.
– He rents out four rickshaws.. ..three autos and makes money. He’s a successful businessman.
– Okay. He’s Ejaz, a mechanic. Hi.
– He repairs imported.. ..and Indian cars like Honda. He’s Gafoor, the mad fellow. He’s a bad guy. In public places
and court cases.. ..if one doesn’t listens
he beats people up. He’s a fighter.
– Yes a fighter. He’s bullet.
Their family owns complex. Sulabh Complex.
– Shopping complex? Sulabh complex.
– Okay. I’ll explain you later. Let go of his hand. He is Pasha. He is Ismail’s third wife’s.. Me Jackson, from Dubai.
– …brother. He’s Ismail’s brother-in-law.
– Stand properly. Stand straight.
– Stop arguing. He’s a fan of Michael Jackson. Beat it!
– Yes. “Beat it! Beat it!”
– He smokes a lot. He’s holding a cigarette now.
Hence, he’s become so weak. He is Krishna.
– Brother. Hi.
– He’s a tough man. He’s a tough man.
– Let go of my hand. Anything. Any problem any time. Treat him with a ‘biryani’
and he’ll solve your problem. Okay.
– He’s Azam. My name is Shah.
I don’t squeeze the hand. So, shake hands with me.
He’s sells betel leaf mixture. You know what’s
a beetle leaf mixture. It turns your mouth red
when you have it. – Okay. Betel leaf mixture.
– He owns three shops. He’s our brother Ismail.
– I know. I know. Good man. Very good man.
– Good morning. Good morning.
– Timber merchant. He has three wives. The third is very beautiful.
– Hey, man. Don’t do that. Okay. Yeah. He’s Salim, Bluffer
of Hyderabad. Okay, Salim Bluffer! No, I’m just Salim. Oh, Salim. Salim. Salim was in a
movie called ‘Mughal-E-Azam’. Okay. So what do you do, Salim?
What business? Business.
– Yes, business. Yes.
– I’m a hunter. I’m a hunter. I go for hunting..
– Oh. …in a jungle. He’s a hunter.
– Yes. You know what happened
the other day? My dad said: ‘Salim, let’s go.
I’m in a mood for hunting.’ We went to hunt lions.
– Okay. Hunting.
– I love hunting. My dad and I went for hunting. It was raining heavily. Jungle.
– It was raining. We wandered a lot, but we
didn’t find a lion to hunt. Then we were
driving the jeep in muck.. ..and suddenly we saw
four lions before us. Four tigers.
– Four tigers? Four tigers.
– Four tigers! My dad turned off the engine.
– Okay. We sat in the jeep.
– Okay. So, out of the four lions.. came walking towards us.
– Oh. He came and rested his paws
on the jeep’s bonnet and gaped.. ..showing off his long tongue.. ..and teeth smeared with blood. Having a betel leaf mixture
turns one’s mouth read. – Yeah. He was gaping at us. The lion turned
and looked at my dad. My dad peeped out
looked back at him. Then the lion put his head on the
bonnet and my dad got in the jeep. The lion and my dad
stared at each other.. ..for 45 minutes.
– For 15 minutes looking at.. ..each other.
– 45 minutes. For 45 minutes.
– Oh, 45 minutes! Then my dad asked me
to keep quiet. He said, ‘Don’t say a word.’ ‘Salim, pass me the gun.’ You know what I did?
– Gun. I loaded the gun.
– Okay. I gave the loaded gun
to my dad. The lion stood
in the same position. You know what my dad does? He took the gun.. ..and aimed at the lion’s head.. ..and took a shot,
bursting it into three parts. That lion is not
to be found till today. Hey, he’s my cousin Ramesh.
– Collection.. He’s Salim. This is Ismail. Hello, Ismail. Wait. Wait. – Hello.
Full collection in dollars. Now, come on.
– Come on. Pranay.
– Yes? I have a green color
sports car. If you see it, you’ll like it.
– Oh, that green Mercedes? “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “City’s splendid beauty
never ended.” “Centuries of elegance
everywhere you take a glance.” “You should take a
look in the corner.” “Ancient Palaces from
Osman Gaud to Falaknuma.” “Mughalpur Chowmahalla
and all the royal places.” “For faces of kings with
the love of pretty things.” “Like a woman got interested,
build a monument.” “Taramati Baradari,
Premamati Baradari.” “I take a stroll to go
hookup with my prune wife.” “Ameerpet, Malakpet, Begumpet.
Then I am set.” “To take you on another
shopping spree.” “Chudi Bazaar, Begum Bazar,
Y2 Bazaar. Nal Bazaar.” “For all the pearls that
make Hyderabad so beautiful.” “When they got to know you.
they care for you so dutifully.” “I take a walk so I can floss
in Afzalgunj.” “Then to Abid,
then back to Dabilpur.” “I take a turn and I’ll back
and punch and skipping me.” “Hey, you!” “What’s on the menu?
– Yes, sir?” “You want the menu.
I’ll read it out for you.” “Chilly curry, and stone meat!” “Fried meat, ‘dalkhana’, Bagarkhana,
‘paya’, nari-halibhari’.. “Curries of different kinds
and kebabas to go with.” “Okay. Okay fine.
Get biryani.” “No spice!” “Hey, Salim. Get a biryani,
with tender meat.” “Okay, whatever! They don’t know
I’m down for whatever.” “Better know in Hyderabad,
we seek what we’re never.” “City of peace.
All faiths come together.” “Makkah Masjid, Birla Mandir,
Saint’s Cathedral.” “Life if placid
like Hussain Sagar.” “Tollywood, no Hollywood.
Only Film Nagari.” “Safe as the towers
in Char Kaman.” “I can keep it going on
and on, without a plan.” “Most splendid,
Koti shop in district.” “According to my instinct,
we’ll grieve not and heal..” “On the bills and the hills
of Banjara and Jubileena.” “Don’t you see? All the rest
of us just want to be.” “Whip up my cell phone
for some Telugu messages.” “Got my helmet when I’m out,” “so no police can see
me at the Shoppers Stop..” “..where we’re shopping
till we drop.” “Checking out a squeeze,
sipping on a Breezer.” “We go to Telugu movie
to see the heroine.” “Figure out a pub tonight
where I can zero in.” “DJ Cool Rocks to join.” “Everybody hurry, cops
are read at the door.” “They want to stop the party.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.” “I feel the regal atmosphere
when I step in the city.” “From the Kutub Shah’s tomb,
to the Golkonda fort.” “Anyway you wanted to,
now in the land of nawabs.” “So bow down to people that
be greater than you.” “Fine chicks coming
from the HITEC City.” “Irresistible cuties is
like the Charminar.” “Love is on the necklace.
Cupid’s here.” “You won’t understand until
the day you’ll find me there.” “When the Hyderabadis
took their mommys out to chill.” “Till the thrill. Well nothing
else but love’s the deal.” “Now make way, coz I’m
on a shopping spree.” “Mullah market, socks market,
tend to every market.” “Open while still I spend..” “each and every penny.” “It doesn’t matter. There’s
a place for everyone here.” “But you’re broke,
ain’t no joke.” “Somebody gave you a deal.” “Coz everybody is the same,
when it comes to a meal.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani.” “Biryani. Biryani.
Hyderabadi biryani..”

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