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The $50 ATM | Live Day Trade

(logo wooshes and slams in to place) Good morning it’s Clay at This will be a live trade
video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market doesn’t open up
here for about 25 minutes but Kraft here, KHC is
just getting absolutely hammered right now in the pre-market so might get a pre-market trade here which I know are pretty popular so if it looks like I’m
gonna enter a position, I will get the video rolling again. Okay, have an order of $27.45. GDOT just went absolutely bonkers from $24 up to a high of $27.24. Well hopefully it gets back up there. I was kind of close, within
20 cents on that crazy move but looks like I was maybe
little too conservative on that but I’m not willing to
quite give up on it yet, so I’ll keep you updated. Right, I have an order at $26.25 to go short stop at $26.52. Looking like this thing might
wanna roll down through here but this could just be
a little consolidation before resuming back up, so if it is a healthy little consolidation, then I’ll just take my loss and move on but also with this point,
I just want it to peak it’s head up here, just a little bit and then break down through
this area right here but first step, it’s gotta
peak its head back up to $26.25, so we’ll see
if it can do that nor not. Okay, order at $27.45… oh come on, it gave me 30! Oh, are you kidding me? Alrighty then, I’ll just hop out, so $3.90 because I only got a partial. We’ll try it again at $27.75 I hope it stopped at
$27.72, so three cents below where I wanted in, so let’s just go up to $27.95 at this point. So this one’s clearly
playing some games with me. Whoops, the reason I’m
doing that as you see with the big gap, it’s kinda
throwing off the proportions, but if I move it off like this… Yeah, let’s see if it can work its way up to $27.95, I’ll keep an eye on it but so far I’m rich on my other
screen that you can’t see. I have Maseratis and
Porsches and Escalades up. I’m going shopping with my $3.90. So this one can be pretty
jumpy, so I don’t wanna quite, there we go, getting some movement. But again, first entry point at $27.95. All right, I’ll keep an eye on it. Okay, broke through $28 and I
adjust my order up to $28.25. Once again, just pausing right before it so it’s gone up as high as $28.24. So this is apparently
one where I’m gonna need to just get steam-rolled, meaning I’m gonna need to go in
the red to get filled because this one just will
not fill you apparently unless you just let it go against you, so. $28.45 and you’ll see, I’ll get it filled. If I do it’ll definitely go against me but (laughing) I so don’t wanna post this video now! Well, never mind! So I clearly have no idea
what I’m talking about and I totally understand
if you turn this video off right now, because
it’s almost like the stock coordinator is like, oh,
you think you know, huh? (incredulous laughing) That’s gotta be one of my favorite moments and I’ve been doing
these live trading videos for years now, years. That may be one of the… (incredulous laughing) the best moments ever, right? $28.75, let’s try the process again. Oh man, that was good. Well as you saw there, I made
$50 in literally a second. Here I’m sitting here saying the price is gonna go against me, the
price is gonna go against me and then I made $50 in
literally one second maybe even less than a second. 1001, yeah, it was definitely less than a second I made $50 in. At the cost of me looking
like an idiot though. All right, $28.75 I have
in the next order out there and if this wants to keep on moving up then I’ll look to try to
build a bigger position but I’m certainly not gonna turn down $50 in a matter of seconds. At $28.85 here, just got a breakout let’s see if it can poke
its head up a little bit. I’m still staying by the principle that you pretty much need to count on and I realize now I’m hedging
my statement a little bit. You pretty much need to count on the price going against you if you wanna get filled. All right, let’s just go
up to 95 at this point. So at $28.95… That makes me feel a little bit better. The highest it went
anyways was right there, where my cursor is $28.81 so
I set one event filled at 85 but all right, if it wants to
work its way back up there. Okay, I have an order in at $28.45. This area seems to be
getting pretty sketchy in terms of, wow, another
$50 in a matter of a second. Point being, what I was gonna say before I was already in
and out of the trade, this area seemed to be pretty sketchy in regard to levels of resistance so now let’s try this up at $28.55. So same principle, this area in general seems to be pretty sketchy. So we’ll see and, wow, out there again, just like a $50 ATM
machine, all right, $28.65. So this one’s really
making me look stupid. Oh, it’s gotta go against you and here I am making $50 in three trades. Well that last one was
maybe three seconds long. Anyway, same principle though. This area seems to be
pretty sketchy right now as far as resistance levels, now it seems to be it is, as you’ve seen from the past few trades there. So I just see it kinda working it up so $28.65 gonna be the next entry point but this is some weird action. I mean, good action,
I mean how many trades has it been now, four trades? But yeah, this thing is literally
like the $50 ATM machine. All right, well, if it looks like it can get back up to $28.65, I will get the video rolling again. Okay it’s working its way up there. All right, never mind,
I very well may miss the entry point because
this one is so jumpy but I will do my best while
I’ll leave it running now. So I’m getting $28.65… All right, well, back down it goes. I’m just gonna go ahead
and get rid of that one now and if it wants to work its way up to 95, I would definitely be interested
up there, so we’ll see. $28.95, okay I’m in, oh
nice, bigger break there. See if I can get some at $29.25 I’m trying but it didn’t
give me any at $29.25 Let’s see if it wants to
get back up there though. All right, what does it want to do? I think at this point, I
might as well go up to $29.45. That’s not giving me any at
45, we’ll see here though. Nope. Not willing to give up on it yet. Just sitting up there… So let’s see what it wants to do here. And you see it, see
that yellow order there? That’s my order just sitting in there. It’s trying… And it’s not playing ball. I might just hit the bit here
at 35 to pick up some more. There we go. Put an order out there, let’s try for some up there at 65 also. Nice, got those. So let’s move this up here that represents basically
if it hits that green line that is putting me into the green. Let’s try for some at 85. Got some of those, got some
of those, got some of those. Nice. So let’s see if this thing
wants to pull back some. Gonna have a stop in up over the $30 mark. I’m not gonna play too
many games with this one. I do select the chances
that it pulls back here. So again, 2000 shares, $29.48. So we’ll see here, like I
said, if it can get down to that green line there and I’m in the green. So let’s see what it wants to do here. Pulling back some, like I said if that can hit the green line
and I’m in the green. So let’s see if it can
get down there or not. And if this candle here
goes down there and bumps its head on that
green line that implies that I’m in the green… So I’m getting some more shares out here. So what I’m gonna do… Well, that one didn’t
go as planned at all. So now things are getting sloppy here. So 674 left. So what I’m gonna do is just put those up over the 51 here and I’m
gonna set a stop here and I’ll just follow this down. Well, now it’s moving in my favor but with slippage, still
might get me a little bit. So $29… Hmm. All right, out there so still
made money on that trade but you saw there, just very
sloppy trying to get out. I wanted this thing to roll over more but you saw the trade, so I
really don’t need to explain it. It just didn’t cooperate. It started to roll over,
sure, but it never got really much follow-through
but I’ll take it, 277 and, let’s see, want BMY all of a sudden let’s go look at that one. Then again, we’re already
almost at 15 minutes. Nah. All right, well I’m gonna
just wrap up this video here. So I’m actually very excited about it. Not only did we find some awesome, those first trades
which were $50, $50, $50 and then we saw a trade where I was able to build a position but
then it got very real in the sense of, you saw, it was sloppy getting out, I mean it was still
totally a profitable trade made on, what was it,
$150, no $125 on it or so? Give or take right around there but it was sloppy getting out. And you know what? That’s
okay, that happens as a trader. Sometimes a trade plan is
just, for whatever reason the exit portion, the management portion, like you just saw it gets sloppy. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad trader, it doesn’t mean you don’t
know what you’re doing, it just means that’s how
some stocks act and behave and it is what it is but in this situation, as you saw, I was still able to pull off
plenty nice profit from it but not a situation
where, it wasn’t as ideal. I would’ve liked to see
that roll over some more and I could’ve banked a
whole lot more than I did but like I said, it just got sloppy. So if you did enjoy this video and want me to keep
making these live trades the first way you can
communicate that to me is to hit that like button
and subscribe to the channel. And you know, that’s just
a great way for me to know to keep taking time out of my day because, yeah, it is a
little bit more difficult to try to talk and trade
and press the right buttons. But I will continue to
do it, as long as people find interest and find just
good entertainment in these and they’re helpful. And if you’re interested
in trading alongside me and others traders, I do
offer a private, interactive live chat room at the key number there is $8.25. What do I mean? Well, the price is $99 per quarter, so the question you
need to ask yourself is do I believe the service
can help me make more than $8.25, not per day, but per week. If you believe a service can make you more than $8.25 a week, then you will get a good return on investment ’cause that’s the break-even
point, $8.25 per week. So I would encourage you
to go and check it out and hopefully decide to join me and other, very quality traders and then finally, if you’re interested in learning how to trade with charts and build strategies
that fit your personal risk tolerance levels and your goals, then again, check out the Trading
Freedom Pathway Program and if you have any questions on that just leave those down below. But if nothing else, like I
said, and you just want me to keep making these
because you enjoy them hit that like button and
subscribe to the channel and leave a comment down
below, all that helps out. Take care everybody
and yeah, like you said sometimes things can be smooth sailing which you saw those one-second $50 trades then sometimes things can get sloppy and we encapsulated all
that in one single video. So that’s great and I’ll see you back for the next live trade. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick before you
go, I wanna invite you to a live webinar, web
class, training, workshop, online event, whatever you wanna call it but it will be me, live revealing to you what I’ve discovered that has allowed me to transform myself from being an employee to being my own boss, including how I had only one losing
day out of 73 days in total. I’m gonna cover three
keys that have helped me unlock profitable consistency
within the markets. The first key is super
weird, but in a productive type of way, the second
key is super awesome because it quite literally
is wired into our DNA as humans, making it very easy to use but in a cruel way this becomes
a pitfall for many traders. I’ll explain it all though,
including how to avoid the pitfall that it creates for some. And yeah, the third key when you hear it sounds way too good to
be true, but it’s not and I’ll show you how it all works. Then at the end, I open
it up for a question and answer session that
is again, totally live. Even if you can’t make the live session, please still sign up
as it will be recorded and you can go back and watch the replay that I will send you. Click the image on the screen, or click the link down
in the description box so you can get the date and
time and claim your spot which I should note is
limited due to the fact that this truly is a live event. If you have any questions, let me know. If not, I’ll be seeing you soon.

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