Thanks to Verizon, Jewel is ready for school.
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Thanks to Verizon, Jewel is ready for school.

Hey guys, David here in Cincinnati at the Sayler Park School with my new friend Jewel and we’re here to get you up to speed. Cincinnati Public Schools has partnered with Verizon’s Innovative Learning Program. So what does that mean for us? Tablets and data plans for all. Through this program Verizon is really helping to create digital equity and helping parents be more involved in their students learning and classwork. This means our classrooms and our homes are getting much more digital. About 60% or more of our kids don’t have access to internet outside of school and the problem with that is many of our teachers are moving to online classroom platforms, so the kids need that access. At today’s event 5th through 8th graders received their VILs devices and parents took part in a parent digital citizenship class. They love that Verizon is reaching out to us and then we can reach out to them and be able to do projects in the community with the technology. Our school is one of 52 new schools this year that joined the Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative. What I’m doing right now, it will move at 90 degrees and when it hits something it will turn around and stop. Later on when they go to get jobs, go to get into college they’ll have a much better opportunity to do that. That’s 400 tablets in Cincinnati and 10s of thousands across the country. That’s a lot of tablets. And that’s a lot of kids learning more and dreaming more. I think there’s only one thing left to do. Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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