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100 thoughts on “Texas Substitute Teacher Arrested For Assaulting Teenaged Girl In Classroom

  1. Youre not sure what led up to the attack?!! Are you blind? The student swung first idiot. These people can sure un-see some crap when it suits them.

  2. When kids these days think they're hood, then they realized their substitute teacher grew up in the Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Tupac era 😆

  3. The student hit the teacher first, then she deserving-ly got her ass beat.
    Clear case of self defense.
    Teach your kids to keep their hands to themselves or they too will one day learn the hard way.

  4. Fuck that student. Hit an adult, and get hit tf back! The parents of that kid suck for not teaching her respect. I have two kids 16 and 17 and I never had to go thru this. It starts at home.

  5. This teacher swings like a male. Anyhow, poor impulse control and lack of future-time orientation is apparent. Districts get what they pay for!

  6. Me: “How do you buy a house? How do you pay taxes? How do I build credit?”

    Teachers: “The big yellow thing is the sun”

  7. As this is a black woman beating a white kid, no race is mentioned, especially by cBS. Had the races been reversed…International news and Trump's name automatically included.

  8. Hahahahaha that’s what she gets. Keep your hands to your self. You never know what kind of sick person your hitting. I say sick cause damn. She went off on that lil girl. Smh.

  9. Both are wrong in my book. The teacher shouldn’t have been in her personal space, the student shouldn’t have hit her. When the student hit her first, the teacher should’ve just went to the principals office and got her behind suspended. Case closed. And now she’s gonna face charges for hitting her back. People just need to know how to handle tough situations instead of leading everything to violence.

  10. The (Stomping) the head part is the only unnecessary action i mean damn you already beat her & body slammed her 🤦 but then again that's why you keep your hands off other ppl because despite their being rules & laws not everybody will follow them for your sake

  11. She hit the teacher first…
    If that was my daughter id make her apologize to the teacher and accept the ass whipping she got for striking at an adult. Thats the hole problem today no respect for the elders in my day we wouldn't even say a curse word in front of adults we didn't even know must less strike at one because we knew that there were consequences for putting yourself in a grown up situation..

  12. So why is the part where the student smacked the hell outta the teacher first cut out? She got taken to the hospital cause she got beat up,but what about disciplinary action for putting her hands on faculty?

  13. People talking about a child being disrespectful so it’s justified. Smh.
    As a teacher you are required to de-escalate a situation, even if it means you don’t have compliance right away. Violence is not part of your job description. Ever.

    Right or wrong children act out. Their prefrontal cortex isn’t as developed as an adults.
    When backed into a corner fight or flight kicks in.

    This teacher was clearly aggressively/threateningly standing over the student when she reacted..

    At no point was it ever okay to use physical force.

  14. She should have gotten her ass whooped!!?! thanks…

    Y'all Racist asses… She got exactly what she deserved ain't nobody here to allow y'all disrespectful ass kids to hit them. Black or white whoop their ass

  15. LOL anyone notice that when it's a black student that gets fucked up by a teacher, or school officer, after they push, bully or strike school staff, the comments are always filled with statements like "These disrespectful kids deserve…" "No home training…" and "These kids are out of control"…. but the MOMENT the student is a "precious" white girl the teacher is the EVIL here? Because apparently violent white women need to be coddled and protected no matter what in America. Every time I see a black student get beaten by staff or school police for attacking staff, they all say that student deserves it. Go search any video of that disrespectful black girl, that was manhandled by the white school cop and he threw her around the class like a rag doll. Pay attention to how all the white people in the comments section said she DESERVED that attack, because of her attitude. The girl DIDN'T EVEN ATTACK ANYONE!!! She just refused to leave the class, and refuse to leave her seat. And the officer flipped her and the desk!!!! Now pay attention to the comments in thiiiiiiiiiiiiis thread, from obvious white people using derogatory language to the teachers race….. and how the narrative changes. This is why it's pointless to try and reason with racists. No matter what they will fit the narrative to make blacks the bad guy. Even IF white people did the same thing. Defend an out of control white resource officer, but condemn the black sub… yea ok..

  16. I mean we all seen how bad kids be when theres a sub, i can see all of us at a breaking point to where we wanna bust sum kids teeth in… this shit funny ass hell atleast someone giving they kid discipline for once

  17. The teacher wasn't right, but neither was the students.

    Respect the teacher, even if they do come in cussing & fussing, if they put their hands on u, then report them, but do what they tell u, as long as it's not outside the boundaries.
    The teacher said "put your phone away"…put it away like she said.

    She's trying to teach, & she supposed to have everyone's undivided attention.

    Teachers are running out of patience for rebellious kids.

    We had substitute teachers that got on our nerves at times, but we didn't disobey them.

    Again, the teacher was wrong for putting her hands on a minor, but I don't feel too sorry for the girl, except that she is not being taught right at home, I feel sorry for how she is being raised mainly, & not taught how to respect authority.

    Before paddling were remove from school, u went to the principal's office when u got in trouble, & u got 2 choices, your parents called, or 3 swats, sometimes expelled.

    I got into a fight at school in 6 grade, got sent to the principal's office. He gave me those 2 choices, I took the swats quick! Cuz if my parents found out I got in trouble at school, it would have been worse than 3 swats..

    I learned to respect authority at home, like most of the other kids did..

    Today, kids have 0 respect for authority, the results are what we are seeing, & it's only gonna get worse, especially with cops killing & getting away with it….


  18. So many things that are wrong here: the parents of those students don't seem to have taught their children to be respectful to their (black) teachers in words and actions, a teacher has always to be smarter and take the higher road and not stoop to their level and when somebody is getting assaulted your first instinct should be to help and not to grab your phone and record a viral video but people nowadays would rather record a murder than stop one.

  19. The student probably thought she would’ve gotten away with hitting a teacher and them not doing anything, but not this teacher and I’m on both sides this day and age it’s hard teaching these bad ass lil kids in school

  20. if you can shoot someone in their house in texas and go free" , she deserves a whooping for striking a teacher first and by the way, does not get paid well to babysit this little Azz!

  21. I've NEVER been more proud! That's what that lil bitch gets!!! Her parents should have taught her racist ass to watch her mouth! Fuck these racist kids! This teacher did RIGHT!

  22. these wild beasts do not evolve, they regress to an animalistic state
    The culpable are too those who hire these types of animals…

  23. There's no excuse for this type of behavior, no matter what the student might have said.. This school district shoud be a shame of this female action. Did someone say lawsuit?

  24. Soooo… they don’t mention the “child” hitting her first? I wonder why 😳 oh. I know. They want us to believe she just attacked this poor innocent pale skin “child” for no reason 🙄 FOH with that 💩

  25. BAM WHAM BAM SSSNATCH ! These kids need to know who the boss is. I commend this teacher. These kids are outta control. STOP HAVIN KIDS.

  26. You know the class was off the chain. Cause they got there cell phones out. Teacher gets punched in face student gets beat down. Simple.

  27. There's absolutely nothing about this hard to watch, that lil entitled bitch shouldn't have put her hands on that woman. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

  28. The only thing that was missing from this ass whooping is Smokey from the movie #FRIDAY. Standing over her saying "You got knocked the fuck out"

  29. Does the student get in trouble for hitting the teacher first? When you put your hands on someone this is what happens.

  30. Why is there people even debating/arguing whether the teacher was in the wrong or not. Teacher is 100% in the wrong. There’s protocol.
    1) if the child is “talking shit” or being disrespectful, all schools have monitors. Simply call the office and get monitors to escort the student out of YOUR classroom and to principal’s office.
    By doing so, the teacher at no point should have been that up close to the child to be hit by them.
    And 2) if the child hits them (once) for being close to them, THE TEACHER is the adult. Show restraint, walk away after that hit, and again get the child escorted out by monitors.

    Instead of the teacher facing jail time, the child would’ve faced possible expulsion (suspension guaranteed).

  31. One less unruly child in that classroom. A bit extreme, but throwing a punch first to an opponent that clearly out classes you in size and strength might not have been a good idea.

  32. It has been reported that the white girl called this African American teacher the "N" word. I was a substitute teacher too. I quit after seven years because I saw the students getting out of control, and the administration would offer no support for the substitute teachers!

  33. But nobody saw her hit that teacher…like my grandma said from 9 to 99 her parents shoulda taught her better keep your hands to yourself she a Substitute…..

  34. Wonder what made that student order up that combo? 🤔, either way; she should know. You get fu£ked in the drive through!

  35. I’m just here for the comments 😆👀😆🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️👀😆😆😆she know hot to fight fight 😆👀😆

  36. Didn't notice the girl went to slap the teacher before she started punching her. Fire the teacher but that girl had it coming

  37. That's what you get. Cant tell someone how to react when you assault them. You need to be prepared for wherever they want to take it at that point.

  38. How come this wasnt in the news 24/7 for 2 weeks? Oh thats right…this racism was against a white person…just like the Media is instigating …Hey Hollywood…isnt it time for another Hate Whitey movie?

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