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Testimonial – A Teacher Speaks

My name is Colleen. I’m a teacher. I have made numerous calls to Children’s Aid And I’ve been very pleased with the response
and the support that families have received. The first time that I made a call to Children’s Aid,
I was very nervous. It was a very clear-cut situation in that the child was needing
some intervention, but even still at that point,
I was very nervous to make the call because I wasn’t sure how the parents would react. I wasn’t sure how school
would react. When a family’s in crisis they may not be thinking that
Children’s Aid is a place to go for support. When you’re in a crisis situation the whole
point is that you’re not able to reach out for support and you’re not necessarily able
to know that you need support because you’re right in the
middle of things. From making the call, supports were put in place
so student was supported in the home and the parent received support as well. So in the end what should have happened, and needed to happen, did happen. Everybody at Children’s Aid is working in
the best interests of the child, first off, but also the family. And the more people that can support a family when they’re going through an issue, the
better. And we’re not always equipped as teachers to deal with some of the more
personal issues, and so, I look to the experts in that area, and I make the call to Children’s Aid.

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