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86 thoughts on “Teens Guess The Price Of College Around The World

  1. Brazil has incredible, 100% free universities that are responsible for a great part of the best academic research out there.

  2. Lol canada is acc $6-12 000 thousand canadian dollars per year tuition alone. Smh these aren't true 🤦

  3. Just to be clear, if you were to EVER get a degree in Mexico and try to use it in the states. It's most likely USELESS!

  4. In what world does university cost 5000 in Canada I’m applying to university right now in Canada And it costs around 10,000 a year and I’ve checked with other people as well I don’t know a single person who pay 5000 for university that’s just absurd

  5. Feel like the Canada info is maybe a bit misleading. We have a college and a university which is separate. College which was shown is significantly cheaper but is more mainly trades and hands on stuff. Uni if for the book heavy research to do undergrads, grad programs, PHD programs, and masters. Pretty different and about $10 000 typically

  6. The USA: 40th in the world in education with the worlds most expensive education system where every student cheats because of phones and internet.

    The USA is such an arrogant depressing joke

  7. So basically the tuition I paid for four years of university in Canada would only cover one year of university in the US…

  8. Well, it can be completely free except for taxes!
    The best universities here in Brazil are all for free. Everyone pays for taxes, and the government deals with the rest! And students themselves pay zero dollars to study there…

  9. Wow and here I am studying in Germany for 250 € per year. Wow can't imagine the pressure you have with study costs that expensive. Like my bus ticket is more expensive than my university but I can still get from one end of the city and near villages to the other end.

  10. This video is a lol… In Malaysia, we didn't pay for tuition. Only pay for occasional community services and donations for the unfortunate and food

  11. "due to high cost of living"? You actually GET around 3000 USD per year with the option to take a loan for about 7000 USD per year (which has very low rent).
    You pay for your own living space though but it's cheaper than normal rental apartments. Usually around 400 USD per month where I live but depends very much on which city you're studying in.
    (If you work at the side of the studies, it normally isn't any issue)

  12. Sweden is for free for Europeans, not for everyone. I would love to see them guess how much a public University costs in Brazil! You have to speak Portuguese, but it is $0.00 and is really good!!

  13. As a Korean, the average tuition of Korean university is more than $4500. My school is $3800 a semester🤢

  14. Public universities are free in Brazil and usually those are are way better than private ones. You're welcome

  15. In Saudi Arabia education is free in fact you get paid to go to university also Saudi’s can study for free in Australia UK USA for free government pays for it

  16. Nah fr in India the government pays for post graduation and schooling is free for everyone. US really be messing with its people.

  17. Norway also has free college, all we have to pay is a $50 semester fee for the student organisation, but we dont pay the actual school

  18. I'm a medical student at a private university here in the Philippines and my tuition varies each year but it stays between the range of 46,000-52,000Php per year so that's like $920-$1,040 a year lmao. That's close to the price range as my community college tuition before I moved out of the US. So…study abroad, guys😂 despite the language barriers it is well worth it hahaha.

  19. University tuition fees in France are 5€ and you get paid a max of 5000€ a year to help pay for living costs 😁

  20. In Saudi Arabia, universities give students a reward of $250 every month.☺️😁😁

  21. Free here in Scotland too! But only to Scottish citizens so sorry moving wouldn't work lol I wonder if Sweden is the same.

  22. A year of university in Chile might cost, on average, $7600 and to people in the US it might seem inexpensive but you should take into consideration the minimum wage in Chile which is 369.55 dollars… a year working and saving every penny wouldn’t be able to cover the fees

  23. Ok first of all in UK we use pounds not euros, also it’s £9000 per year not $9000 so would actually work out at around $11,500 per year.

  24. Here in Syria there is war, terrorists, etc.
    But the education and healthcare is free, and the USA one of the richest countries in the world put taxes on people, and cant even give proper basic services for its citizens?!! 🤷‍♀️

  25. US spend all their money for making wars around the world to defend "their" oil… Europe spent for free education and free healtcare

  26. Austria Universities cost between 40-800$ per year and living is quite cheap here 😁 even in Vienna it isn’t that expensive for a large city

  27. Я никогда не понимал почему все хотят учиться на бюджете в России. После этого видео я понял. Восемь тысяч долларов? Серьезно…

  28. It depends if you're national or international. For example, Ireland is:
    Nationals: ~€3,000
    Europeans: ~€8,000
    Internationals: ~€45,000

  29. gonna move to Sweden
    do they even know where that is? I mean, they're Americans after all 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Where is the Canadian $$ coming from?? our UNIVERSITY costs $50k-$75k depending on the school. COLLEGE is probably between $5k-$8k … fact check was not done well on this vid…

  31. Why do people always have to make fun of Americans in the comments on videos like this? Does it make you feel better? Congrats.

  32. 0:45 – Correction! Scotland has free tuition, therefore “U.K.” should be changed to “England”.

  33. Based on the annual average income and the conversion rate from USD for certain countries is significant and makes it a higher price in the countries currency

  34. When Chile showed up and it sound like it's cheap OMGGGGGG
    The thing is that we don't have that much money in general, just the high class but few people can have college free, a very few tho

  35. "can it ever be free?"
    All public universities in Brazil are (and I even did a one year exchange with Al expenses paid for free as well – too bad this is over)

  36. Actually in Mexico, public school is free, however you have to pay a fee for making the admission exam, and depending on the school you make a voluntary payment every semester that is around 200 pesos (this is how it works at my school which is national polytechnic institute) which is like 100us. The problem is that not everyone has the opportunity to study, there are very few spots compare to the massive amount of applicants

  37. Woah. My friends and I are so worried about our student loans after we graduate here in Canada. And now I realize we're pretty lucky since US is paying ours(4-5 years of study) in just one year

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