Teen Who Threatened To Bring Gun To School Confronted By Survivor Of Gun Violence
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Teen Who Threatened To Bring Gun To School Confronted By Survivor Of Gun Violence

when you guys hear somebody talking about bringing a gun to school and shooting the place up what do you think it gets me scared to go to school like I don’t want to go anymore does it bother you if you hear somebody you run it up and down the hallways yelling and screaming like that oh yeah does it bother you that it affects other students no not your problem yeah what do you all think about what you saying yeah I feel that you don’t care for human life whatsoever you’re the type of person – yeah you wouldn’t bring it on but you you want to do it cuz you’re a coward and you hide I love onion you hide behind your words and she doesn’t care that she could possibly ruin someone else’s life is that true do you care if you hurt somebody else’s life I mean that’s their choice well it’s your choice if you’re the one that hurts the other person that’s their choice to believe what I’m saying so they shouldn’t take you seriously then why is that cuz I do where’s this headed no I mean what’s gonna how are things gonna be next year you know people go around talking about shooting other people that’s not socialized and I mean we’ve just had it recently out here on the evening of May 23rd 2014 in Isla Vista California 22 year old Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 14 near the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara before killing himself inside his vehicle we’ll take a look breaking news in Santa Barbara County a gunman went on a rampage overnight near UC Santa Barbara investigators say to those gunshots started ringing out at about 9:30 they say elliot rodger the shooter was simply driving up and down the streets of Isla Vista opening fire randomly shooting people in addition to the six people who were killed 13 more were injured in the melee most of them were shot however four of them were struck by his vehicle while they were riding their bicycles here in this community Elliot Rodger was very clever and very adept at convincing people that he was functional and not a threat to himself or others he said he not only convinced friends and family but also mental health professionals and law enforcement officers well Julia was a student at UC Santa Barbara during this shooting Julia thank you for being here we’ve been talking about her making these threats about going to school shooting people taking guns to school what’s your reaction to that my first reaction sitting here this entire time was thinking that if somebody had done something when Elliot Rogers had threatened to shoot up the school he uploaded multiple videos to YouTube I mean he told a lot of people that he was going to do this he made people aware and that’s what she’s doing what do you say to destiny honestly first and foremost the world doesn’t revolve around you I think that she’s spending so much time thinking about herself and she has no care for anybody around her you know somebody said you know care for human life before I mean she she needs to get a grip on reality

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