Teen High School Dropout Describes Her ‘Bright’ Future
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Teen High School Dropout Describes Her ‘Bright’ Future

so tell me about your bright future what describe it for me and how it’s going to unfold I’m going to school so I can get my GED and it counts just as much as a high school diploma and then I don’t you said high school was stupid it is but you do have to get some sort of education or else you’re nothing you won’t ever get a job you can’t do anything and I’m planning on going to college for cosmetology and crime scene investigation news but we don’t get to know that because we’re not in her bubble I’m not funny like that’s a professional thing to do what’s that mean they’re not in your bubble they’re not a part of my life they’re not gonna be a part of my future my dad is that one over there is not why is that because she’s a psychopath and I honestly wish she would be locked away throw away the key never come back ever again you know what is the psychopath um she’s ruined my life for the more you define cycle okay is she’s constantly calling her just what you said she’s a psychopath is you mentally cannot think straight you mentally do not think your age and you have like you just don’t think right you don’t think like a normal human would you don’t have a thought process hmm interesting well that’s not what psychopath means at all but I think what you’re saying is you two don’t connect you don’t have a relationship with her she doesn’t understand you I don’t want to have a relationship I want nothing to do with her you do but last night you wanted me to come over and rub on your legs and do things yeah because I want you to do things for me manipulating the situation is normal so you say you’ve skipped every day when repeating the ninth grade oh yeah I skipped school all the time school is irrelevant for me besides like as soon as I get my GED I can start my life because I’m already an adult I’ve been an adult since I was little I’ve had to do everything for myself I haven’t done anything for you at all yeah you don’t do anything when antium Papa do stuff for me they’d have bought me everything you didn’t even buy me a car okay what but I don’t do anything else for you and you think you should be entitled to have this car anyways and because you oh my god I’ll take a bus I’ll walk I don’t care I don’t need a car I’m not a spoiled brat I’m not a rich white kid what about no you can have your phone back I don’t even give a crap about it

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