Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills Through Peer Teaching
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Tech Buddies: Building Technology Skills Through Peer Teaching

>>Student: This is all about
you learning your science words. What’s the picture?>>Lauren: With our tech buddies,
they’re learning how to work together. So it’s not just the academic piece, I think it also teaches a
lot of emotional skills.>>Student: So next one.>>Lauren: The fifth graders feel
so proud of themselves after, because they taught a younger student.>>Nayeilli: See how easy that was?>>Daniel: Here at John Barry,
technology transformed our school. When we went to one to one devices, we saw a huge increase
of student engagement.>>Can you read that back to me?>>Francesca: Technology gets used
through all curriculum subjects, math, reading, writing, science,
social studies, art, everywhere.>>All right, so you are my teachers
and here’s your job for today. Fifth graders will be teaching
first graders how to use Google Docs to compose a piece of narrative writing.>>So tech buddies is a program where
we pair up one of the older grades with a lower grade to expose the younger
students to various programs and apps.>>Nayeilli: We teach them how to use the
Chromebooks and how to search websites that they haven’t used before.>>Francesca: What are some skills you
want to work on with your buddy today?>>Nayeilli: Help them copy and paste.>>It makes me happy, because
I like when they learn.>>Daniel: We started it small scale. Then now every single teacher in our building is matched
up with a different grade.>>Francesca: Our students meet once a
week for about an hour and Miss Saint J. and I meet the week prior to plan.>>Lauren: We talk about what types
of things are in my curriculum that my students will
need to do on their own.>>Charlize’s buddy, come on in.>>And then we look at what is going
to motivate them to learn these parts of the curriculum, what
program, what device. In the beginning, we
rolled it out slowly. Each week was one program. We did Google Classroom, Padlet, Osmo. Once they had the skills in each
program, we put them all together and started to send to rotation model, so that they could use multiple
programs in one session. So in our tech buddy session today, the
first program they used was Google Docs. They were working on narrative writing.>>Charlize: So once upon a
time, there was a castle.>>Nayeilli: Who lives in your castle?>>Charlize: My tech buddies are nice. They’re my friends. They teach me how to
do things by myself.>>Nayeilli: So do you remember
how to capitalize a word? [ bell rings ]>>Lauren: The second center was myON. MyON is a reading program
on the Chromebook. The students were listening to a
nonfiction book about a reptile.>>Computer: Scientists don’t know
exactly how long a sea turtle lives.>>Lauren: They took notes
at the same time. So the fifth graders
helped them figure out, what is the important part of each page.>>Sergio: It helps me
learn because I get to know what they’re struggling
with, so I can help them out. [ bell rings ]>>Lauren: And then we
have Google Slides, and here’s where they’re making a
presentation using the information they learned from their reptile research.>>Heavenly: We’re using our facts to
make a Google Slideshow of crocodiles.>>Jada: I’ve been teaching how to
insert pictures and change the font.>>Want it bigger?>>Yes, sixty.>>So highlight it, and then…>>Ah!>>Heavenly: It’s hard to teach. Sometimes they don’t listen. It’s hard but it’s worth it.>>Francesca: So my role
has minimized a bit, because our fifth graders are
really doing all the teaching, and we can just kind of
check in and allow them to take charge of their lessons.>>Student: No helping him.>>Francesca: At the end of each session,
we like to ask the students things that they thought they
could use some work on and some accomplishments
that they’re proud of.>>Student: I’m done with my story.>>Francesca: That’s awesome. What about a fifth grader? Who can tell me something that
went well in your group today?>>Student: I do it, like first,
and then they do it after me, or point to what they have to click on.>>Francesca: You were modeling.>>Lauren: Actually showing
them modeling. Give yourself a round of applause. [ applause ]>>I think tech buddies has
given me the extra time, because the fifth graders
give the students the one on one attention they need that I
can’t provide for them all the time, and my students are more independent.>>Francesca: So my fifth graders
definitely have had a boost in confidence. Seeing them work with the first graders, their relationships are
blooming with each other.>>Student: Yes!>>Daniel: Having that relationship
has done wonders not only for the technology integration and
the instruction, but for climate and culture here at John Barry.>>Student: We got it.

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