Team Sports Promote Social Inclusion for Students With Disabilities
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Team Sports Promote Social Inclusion for Students With Disabilities

– Rock it to the east side. Rock it to the west. When you’re rocking with the Riders, then you’re rocking with the best. (crowd cheering) – Tonight, we’re just gonna go out there like any other time we’ve
played Newark Charter. We’re gonna compete. We’re gonna do our best,
and we’re gonna try and win. (crowd talking and cheering) – 3:36 left to play. Checking in for Caesar Rodney is Chris Friend, for the Riders. – Unified Sports integrates kids with no disabilities with
kids with disabilities, and to get them competing
together so, one, everybody can see what these
kids have to offer out there, and two, just to get some of
these higher functioning kids to get to higher level of competition. – That connection that
we get to have to them, and expose them to the things that we do and get to experience, like
being on an actual team, being on the away games, the thrill of it, the excitement of the crowd. (scoreboard buzzes) – What’s your favorite part
of the competition, Tyler? Winning? Is is competing? Is it seeing your friends? – It’s see your friends. – [Nathaniel] You like
seeing your friends? – [Christopher] Being a
partner with those kids, for me is just the greatest thing. Getting to see them smile and
progress and to get better, and just the enjoyment of helping them so they can eventually
graduate just like we do. – When teams are connected
to activities in school, outside of just the classroom,
and that there’s an adult, a sponsor, a coach or someone
that they’re connected to, and they feel like they’re contributing to the life and vitality of the building. The research shows that
attendance increases. Discipline problems decrease and students feel a sense of connectedness. – Five. – [Christopher] The Special
Olympics is where they get to showcase their things that
they can do, just like us. These kids just try to make as many people as they can happy for them, and just try to show what they can do. – [Nathaniel] With you
being in Special Olympics, what makes you so special, Tyler? Do you get lots of gold medals? – [Tyler] Yes. – Are you athletic? – Yes.
– Are you strong? – Yes. – [Nathaniel] Are you fast?
– Yeah. (cheer squad cheering) (crowd cheering) – How do you think we looked
on defense today, Tyler? – Good.
– Good. You get off some good shots today? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – We lost. – You sad that we lost? How many did we win this year? – Three. – Yeah, we won three out of our five. You ready for next year, Tyler? – [Tyler] Yes. – ‘Cause we are coming back, and we are winning the gold next year. (crowd cheering)
Bring it in. Riders on three. One, two, three. – Riders!

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