Teaching with Technology: Blended Learning and Teacher Professional Development
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Teaching with Technology: Blended Learning and Teacher Professional Development

I’m Hsiaolin Hsieh. I’m the director of
technology data and systems at understanding language
at Stanford Graduate School of Education. SARA RUTHERFORD-QUACH: And
I’m Sara Rutherford-Quach, and I’m the director
of academic programs and research at
understanding language. HSIAOLIN HSIEH: So our team
works on online teacher professional development. So we use the books as a
medium, as a tool for us to deliver the content, and also
to kind of get into schools, and [INAUDIBLE],, and
teachers, and students to do some kind
of system change. So in order to build some
kind of systematic way to deliver the content and also
to make sure the message is delivered properly,
we’ve decided to use– we built a
Wiki for something called the facilitators guide. So this guide will help
district school leaders who are going to use our online
courses in their district. They will be able to follow
some kind of guidance. And not only follow
guidance, but also provide what kind
of instillation they have in their
contacts so that they can share with other districts. SARA RUTHERFORD-QUACH: The
current status of the project is it’s in process. So we created the Wiki,
and we’re currently collaborating with our district
partners to add content to it. And there’s basically two
components to the Wiki. There is a component
that talks about how to structure a
successful hybrid, but also there is a
component where participants can upload different tools and
materials that they actually use to augment the
online teaching. What we’ve learned
about creating the Wiki and asking for contributions
from the different districts is pretty tangled in
with what we learned about a good hybrid model. And in both cases, strong
facilitators are important. And also in both cases,
you have to provide incentives for
participation– or it’s better to provide incentives. You have a better
participation rate. HSIAOLIN HSIEH: So I think
the teaching with technology workshop gives us
a great opportunity to connect with other
projects, and also using the resources like all
these instructional designers from VPTL. And one important thing
I learned from those is that we try to put
instruction up front, so you don’t want to just
leverage technology because of technology. And so I think that’s the
biggest takeaway for me.

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