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– Hi, sisters! – – Iʻm James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. For today’s video, I’m joined with my Sister Squad! – Sister Squad! – For today’s video, we have some very, very special planned. – James is going to be doing our makeup without actually doing our makeup. You may be kind of confused how he’s gonna do that. – James is going to be wearing a blindfold. – No, I’m not. – No, he’s not! – No, he’s not. – Ah! – Give me another chance. James … Okay. James is gonna be on the other side of a wall and he’s gonna be telling us how to do our makeup. And, he’s not gonna be able to see us, and so when … – Other side of a wall. I think it would be … – That’s exactly what’s happening. – No! But, it would make more sense … – We’re finished! – What wall? There’s gonna be a wall in the middle of us … – We’re gonna put one. – … dividing the … you know. You have to say it like that because then they’ll think he’s in the other room. – Okay. Should I try again? – Try again. – Well, they’re gonna see it in, like, ten seconds anyway. – What texture is the wall? – Styrofoam. – Here’s the catch. There’s gonna … There’s gonna be a little divider between us and James. And so, when James is, like … he has to explain it to us. – He can’t touch us or see us. – See us. – This is probably gonna be hard for me because I can definitely admit I’m a little bit of an egotistical person and I definitely like to … – Little bit. – I also enjoy helping people too. So, this is gonna be really hard for me to try to explain this to them without doing it. And, I’m probably gonna get really frustrated. Sister Sassy. – Steaming. – Sister Stimpatient … Impatient. – Just stop. Sister Stop, please. – Let’s get started. – – No. That’s so bad. – You guys are bad at this. – Yeah. Well, it was never good. – Emma, what is your experience in makeup? – Oh my God. I was a cheerleader, and I did, like, pretty crazy eyeshadow for that. – Oh. – The girls on the team would, like, make me do their eyeshadow because I was, like, actually kinda good. Please take that with a grain of salt. Like, I … but, like … I don’t think I’m gonna do too bad today. – Okay. I think the Dolan Twins are going down. You know what I mean? – Okay. Yeah. – Dolan Twins? That sounds weird. – Okay, Grayson. On a scale, how do you think you’re going to do today? – On a scale of what? On a scale, how do I think I’m gonna do? On a scale, I think I’m gonna do good. – What? – You just said, “On a scale, how do you think you’re gonna do today?” – Well, I just changed it. I … how do you think … – Uh, one to ten, I think I’m gonna do a seven. – Okay. – Maybe an eight. I’m trying to win this. Is this … is it a challenge? – Yes. – Alright. I’m gonna try to win this challenge. – Okay. What has been your makeup experience? – Um, the only time that you’ve done my makeup, and I did half of your face. – Okay, E. Are you ready? – I don’t know what any of this sh*t is, to be honest. Alright. I promise you and I promise to myself I’m not gonna be, like, “Oh.” and do, like, “Oh. I don’t know how to do makeup.” and make it really sh*tty because it’s funny, when it’s not really funny. – Okay. So, first, we’re gonna start off with your foundation. So, that’s gonna be the tan jar that has a black cap to it. Did you find it? – There’s two of those. Uh, neither of them are jars. – Well, it’s, like, a circle … it’s, like, a cylinder. – Is it long or fat? – Fat. The long one was Emma’s shade. Take the back of your hand and put, like, three squirts on there. But, shake it up first. Probably a little Sister … – Sister Separated! – Yeah! Oh my God! – Dude, that was my best … – Whoo! Squirt, like, three to four squirts on the back of your hand. – Four squirts? This thing’s running all over the place. – Yeah. You’re gonna need a lot. – It looks like a big goop. – Now, you use the bigger end of the Beauty Blender, the butt end. – How am I … okay. I was gonna say, “How am I doing?” But, you can’t see me. – Nope. Cannot see. – Um, so, should I put it on my ear too? Like, it’s on … – Pounce it? – Yes. – It kinda hurts when I go on my eyeball. – Don’t push so hard. – No. On my actual eyeball. – What? And then, make sure you get your neck too. – Ooh. – And your ears. – I’m gonna look like an orange. – Oh. Is it the same one that Grayson used? – Oh sh*t. Yeah. This is pretty f*cking … – Too tan for you? – Yeah. I’m kinda … I’m kinda pale. – There should be another shade for you as well. – Well, what do I do now? It’s all over my face! You f*cked me over, James. – I’m … you used Grayson’s foundation. That’s not my problem. – I put the two ones that are for you specifically. – You said the tan one! Not the pale one! – I said a tan jar. – Play it back! – So, you’re gonna grab … um, it’s, like, a tan jar with a black cap on it. – No. It’s okay. – Dip your … no. No. We can’t have Flashback Mary. – Flashback Mary was … she was cute. – Oh. – Kidding. – Okay. Okay. So, your next step is gonna be concealer. So, we have Tarte Shape Tape in there. You’re gonna draw two upside down triangles on your face. So, you’re gonna go, basically, right from the inner corner of your eye downward. – You should’ve said “on your eye” before I started drawing it on my face, James. – Well, it is on your face. So, you basically wanna draw a triangle connecting the inner corner of your eye down to, like … – Are you doing this Illuminati thing on my face right now? – Yes. That is exactly it, to show that we are all green Social Blade because we’re part of the Illuminati. And then, bring a little bit of that concealer, um, up to, like, the side of your nose too. – A Sister Snatched Schnoz. – Schnoz. Yes. Now, also put a dot right in the center of your forehead above your eyebrows. Like, right in the middle. – Got it. – Okay. Now … – Is this a prank? – No. – Okay. – Now, the center of your chin. – Who invented this? Can someone … – Me. – Did you really? – No. Do you feel it? – I have a round head, so, like, it’s hard for me to find it, but yes. – Okay. And then, like, draw a line, like, underneath that, like, tracing the bottom of your cheekbone. Okay. Now, it’s time for powder. You gotta set it in place. – Do put my eyes in too? – Yeah. – Okay. You didn’t say that! – Okay. Now, you’re gonna grab the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. It’s, like, the big tub with the cap. – Okay. Open it up and pour a little bit into the cap. – Okay. Ooh. This smells kinda good. – The powder? – It smells like vanilla yogurt a little bit. But, in a good way. – I feel like I’m gonna look like Flashback Mary. I think this is where my downfall is. – No. There’s a lot of other places that you can fall down later. Now, we’re gonna contour. So, now that you’re all flat skin toned, and you have your concealer on to brighten up the center of your face, we need to use contouring to chisel out the outside edges of your face. – Snatch time. – Yup. – Let’s do it. Where is this brush, James? – E, it should be … it’s in there! It’s a … it’s a bigger brush. – Yeah. It’s this. – I can’t see it. – I don’t see an angle on a brush. – It’s just a … it’s a mushroom cap. – Ew. Turn it to the side, and there should be … it’ll be at, like, a slight angle. Like, one end should be, like, taller than the other. One … – No. – Some of the brushes should be taller than … – Yeah. There’s one like that, but it’s dark brown. You said a light one. – There’s another one that’s white. And, it might have, like, some kind of brown at the tip of the bristles. – Ha. No, sis. Oh. Wait. Yep. – Yeah. – Yeah. But, it’s, like, red. Don’t tell me that’s not red. – I can’t see it! – Well, you will in the future. – Well … – Future James, don’t tell me this is not red. – Well, someone … – Sit the f*ck down, future James. – Okay. – Pause this video. Text me an apology right now. – And, you’re gonna wanna dip into the middle shade in the bottom row. – Bottom middle. – Yes. And then, you’re gonna wanna use that shade to chisel out the corners of your forehead, and then, also, your cheekbones. – That is not very blended. – How much did you put on there? – A whole thing. There’s none left in the pallette anymore. – Okay. Great. Now, we have to contour your nose. So, there’s a brush in the p … – This is where we snatch up. – Yes. So, there’s a brush in there that’s an angled, fluffy brush, but it’s small, and it has a pink handle. And, it’s dual ended. Now, you’re gonna dip into this contour pallette again, but it’s the bottom left shade. Not the bottom middle. And, use the fluffy end. Not the smaller one. – I’m trying to … – What? – I’m trying to do this trick. It got in my nose. – Don’t blend it, like, all the way down the side too. Just keep the two lines, like, right at the top center, with a little bit of Sister Separation in between. – I used to get made fun of in middle school because my nose was so small. – That sounds like the opposite of a problem. – One hundred percent. – I would love to relate. – It was, like, creating an issue. – Literally. That sounds like all of … – It was, like, “Your ears and nose are so small. It’s so weird.” I was like, “Dude…” – That sounds like all of Vogue Twitter. Creating an issue where there is none. – Tea. James and Emma getting political. – Okay. So now, we’re gonna grab the blush. – Okay. That took me a second to, like, understand what you’re saying because that’s not English. That’s Miranda Sings. – Grab the brush. It’s, um … it has a black handle. It’s fluffy and angled. – Okay. All of them have a black handle, so that’s not gonna be much help for me. – Well, I didn’t ask for the attitude. – Okay. And, it has a little bit of pink at the tip. – Yeah. It’s E4. – Ew. That was … – We love a good pink tip. Okay. Now, put that right on your cheekbone. Kind of, like, on the apple of your cheek. Right. Kind of like, above your contour. – Okay. What’s the apple of my cheek? – Like, when … what? – I look rosy. – Do you? – Mm-hmm. – Now, you’re gonna wanna grab the Beauty Blender once again and dip into the powder. And, we’re gonna bake. – How does this have anything to do with baking? Isn’t this a makeup video? Not cooking? – So, really get a lot of the pink on there. Right? – The pink? – Yeah. Use the powder. – The powder. – The pink powder. The MAC one. – No! – James, you need to specify! – You’re gonna put a little bit right on the center of your … – A little bit? – What? – Put a little bit? – Kind of a lot a bit. – You should’ve said it like that. – This is not Bully James Charles time. – I’m just helping you. – Yeah! Stop being so mean! – Thank you, Grayson. Love you. Okay. Now, you’re baking? – Yep. I think. Is that … is that what … Is that what it’s called? – Yes. – Cool. – You’re baking the oven at 350 degrees, babe. I was gonna say, you and E already have pretty full eyebrows so maybe we should just skip filling them in. – Yeah. I don’t think mine need to be filled in. – There’s, like, a silver container in there. Do you see it? The brow gel? – Yeah. – Okay. So, you’re just gonna, like, brush that through your brows and, like, kinda, like, brush them upwards to just kind of, like, put them in place. – I think they’re in the right place. – Well, yeah. But, like, make sure they get, like … don’t argue with me. Just do it. – No. I’m not gonna do it. I’m done listening to you, James. I’m just gonna do this by myself. – Oh my God. – Yes. – We were doing so good up until now. – No, Emma. Do it good! – I tried, James! Oh. This one’s even worse. – No! – I was doing so good too. Do you think I can, like, clean it up with concealer? – Yeah. We’re gonna get to that next. – Okay. I feel like that can Sister Help. – You’re gonna grab the concealer again. And then, in there, there’s a brush that has a black handle and it’s a flat, square brush. You’re gonna define underneath your eyebrow. Like, you know how mine are always really sharp? – Mm … – Yes you do. Just go right under the brow and, like, carve it out. So, like, make, like, a line. Does that make Sister Sense? – One hundred percent. – Okay. Great. Wow. Not being able to see or help is so Sister Stressful. – Okay. How do I, like, blend that out? – It’s a fluffy brush. It has black bristles and, like, a brownish top. – Um, M 335? – Yes. Yes. Yes. – I’m doing my eyelids. Right? You said? – Yeah. Put a little bit of the concealer on there. – I’m done. – How often do you do your makeup like this? – Every day, usually. Or, every few days. Whenever I’m filming. – Holy sh*t. – Yeah. There’s, like, a round brush in there. It’s, like, kinda like a dome shape. It is definitely already dirty with concealer on it. – All these brushes are dirty. – Yes. They are. But, this one’s already dirty with concealer on it. – Okay. – Did you find it? – Yeah. Is it big? – It’s, like, kinda big. – It’s in between big and small. – Yes. Medium. – Medium. – Yes. – Got it. – And then, use that to pack the powder on top of the eyelid to set everything in place.

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    Emma—8 1/2 (tips for having a kind of history with makeup)
    Grayson—10(tips for looking good with or without makeup and lookin better than me)

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    james and ethan: iS iT eDiBle?/oH i dId tHaT aLreAdY/hOw dO yOu rEmemBer aLL tHis sHit/tHis is the MosT chEesIest tHinG evEr/i hAve aCceSs tO mY eYeliD

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