Teaching Nutrition to Students in Uruguay | Lions Build a School Garden
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Teaching Nutrition to Students in Uruguay | Lions Build a School Garden

Thanks to the contribution of the Lions, this year we were able
to build a greenhouse. This project represents one
of Lions five global causes. We are very interested
in the environment and improving nutrition. The Lions made contributions in the form
of fellowship, workforce and money. Our kids love to work in the garden. My favorite part was when
we set up the garden boxes and planted lots of vegetables. At first it was very hard for me
to stick my nails in the dirt, but I just got used to it and
now it does not bother me at all. During their breaks and free time, they go and sit in the garden and they want to work in the garden. I do the cooking workshop. It encourages one of the
things that we want the most, which is the habit of
healthy nutrition. And that is really the
education that matters, the one that lasts, the one that
goes beyond the study plan, the one they will
use in their daily life and that will have a positive
impact on their own health. The environment here is
taken care of by everyone. It is the care of the
soil, the water, the air. So they learn all of
this in the classroom, how to take care
of the environment. My favorite part of this project is
interacting with the youth and seeing Lions and young
people work together. Our high school is very
grateful and pleased to have built this
friendship with the Lions. Because of their attention
and generosity they have enriched our
educational community. We are very thankful for having
been given this greenhouse and we promise
to take care of it and continue to improve
it going forward.

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