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Teaching abroad | How to get a job

this is me welcome to my channel it’s
been already three months that I’ve been living abroad I teach English in Vietnam
and I think that teaching English abroad is an easy and a meaningful way to
travel to experience new things and to truly discover a new culture so in this
video I want to share my experience with you of how to find a job abroad and
things that I wish I knew before actually accepting a job and going
abroad and my tips so if you are interested continue watching I talked about salaries and why it is
beneficial to teach English abroad in my other video the link will be here and
also under the video and now I want to tell you how you can find a job and
apply to be a foreign teacher of English abroad
yeah there are two ways to find a teaching job abroad the first one is to
search for a job online before going abroad and the second one is to go
abroad and then look for a job and I received many comments and messages from
people saying that the easiest way to find a job in Asia is to actually go
abroad go inside many language centers and to
say Here I am I am looking for a foreign English
teacher and yeah I think that would work because people in Asia they like to deal
with others in person so if they see you and you are already there they can hear
you English I think that there is a high possibility that you will be employed I
even have a friend who found a job like this just in one day so she went inside
many language centers she took her resume with her and by the end of the
day she found a job so yeah I think that if you go to many language centers you
will find a job like this just in one day going inside the language centers
and proposing yourself as a teacher is the easiest and fastest way to find a
job maybe just in one day or a couple of hours but I’m kind of a person who is
scared to do that because I just can’t go to another country knowing that no
one is waiting for me there there nagpur there is no one that I know so
for me it’s easier to go abroad and to know that I already have a job my
employer is waiting for me I know my salary and everything is like arranged
and I know that I will go to that country and I already have a job so I
choose a more secure option so if you decide to look for a job online you can
find language centers in the city where you want to go to on internet and start
sending out your resume to their email or find their contact number and things
that you should mention in your resume and the letter should be your level of
English why you’re suitable for this job and also give the reasons why you’re
good in working with children these are three key factors that would be
important and that company are looking for in their candidates there is also
another option you can find a job abroad through special agencies that connect
language centers and their employers to people from abroad who would like to
teach English in a particular country so the only thing that you would need to do
is to fill out an application on their website and they would do all the rest
job for you they would find your language Center
make all the communication with the employer arrange an interview all the
visa process so you would not need to worry about anything and below this
video I will leave useful links for you of such agencies that would help you to
find a job abroad and one of them will be Isaak and actually that’s an
organization that helped me the next thing that I’m going to talk
about is whether you’re suitable for this kind of job
first of all I want to say that you don’t necessarily need tehsil
certificate which is teaching English as a Second Language certificate which
gives you a right to teach abroad but actually companies don’t ask for it so
don’t worry about it but things that you should definitely
have to be a for an English teacher are first of all you must know English at a
decent level I think that you must be at least at upper intermediate level to
teach English secondly your accent shouldn’t be too strong because if you
have a too strong accent the employer will hear that and they will not take
you because the main purpose of having a foreign English teacher is that children
will would learn his pronunciation and we try to copy and the third thing is
that you must love children because if you don’t love children you will hate
every single day of your work and why would you need that I’m gonna tell you about things that I
wish I knew before accepting a job packing my suitcase and living because
there are definitely something that you need to make a research on before going
to another country so the first thing make a research on the location of your
Language Center really find that place on the map find its pictures and find
out how far it is from the city center that was my biggest mistake because when
I came to Vietnam I found out that my Language Center was super far from the
city center and in the tourist area of the city so really make a research of
that location next ask the company the following questions that you need to
know in advance first will there be some extracts from my salary you really need
to know that because maybe you were promised a salary of $3,000 and then
when you get your first salary you find out that you have to pay a tax which is
$1,000 and some fee which is five hundred dollars so you get twice less
than you were promised so you really need to find out your exact salary that
you will get each month question number two is will I get my salary in dollars
or in a local currency you really need to know that because you will need to
transfer the money to your international cards to your back bank account in your
country so that’s also a very important question question number three is will I
need to pay for my work permit or my visa extension and that actually really
important question because the visa extension mind might be from $100
to $500 and that’s a lot of money I really like it with my company because
they made and paid everything for me but I heard a story from a girl who had to
pay $300 for her visa extension and I think that that’s a lot of spending so
you need to know in advance whether you would need to spend that kind of money
for find out how many hours exactly you will work per week and your schedule for
instance your contract says that you work twenty-five hours per week which is
four to five hours per day but I heard a story from a girl who worked five hours
per day but her schedule was awful she worked one hour in the morning then she
had one hour break evening so basically she spent the whole day at work even
though she worked only five hours and she couldn’t leave her job because it
was too far from her house and the last thing that I want to discuss is the job
of being a foreign teacher itself and its mission I think that one shouldn’t
think about this job only as a way to make lots of money and traveling well
yeah that’s a good way to do these things
but I think that one should understand how meaningful and powerful this
experience is firstly you spread knowledge you teach so you should be
responsible about that and try to do it in the most effective way for instance
in Vietnam most of the people don’t speak English and their accent is really
difficult to understand so your mission is to create more English
in that country and when I think about that and see my students I imagine how
they grew up and when they grow up they will speak English and there will be
more people speaking within this country and I think that it’s a really powerful
and wonderful mission secondly you should also be that kind of a person who
inspires others it’s not just about teaching grammar it’s about making
children want to learn languages to inspire them to become global citizens
and to travel I see that my students interest in English is growing hence
they become more motivated they talk more and more about traveling because I
share my experiences of traveling abroad and now they also want to travel the
English is improving and I see a huge tremendous progress in their learning I
hope this video gave you an idea about being a foreign English teacher abroad
and that my tips were really useful for you say hi in the comments all right if
you have ever considered teaching abroad as well and it would mean the world to
me if you hit the subscribe button

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  1. Привет Элина! Как дела?
    Thanks for the advices on finding a job as a teacher abroad 😊
    I just discovered your youtube channel, nice work you have a lot of energy and passion! Keep on the good work 💪
    If you need any help with your youtube channel feel free to contact me, I believe you have a lot of potential!
    PS : I've seen you tried to learn Arabic, so if you want to try French I'm your guy 😁

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