Teachers Who Know How To Deal With Students!
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Teachers Who Know How To Deal With Students!

Dear Students, I know when you’re texting in class. Seriously, no one just looks down at their crotch and smiles. *cute laugh* Whats going on guys, welcome to Reaction Time and today we are going to be looking at teachers who know how to deal with their students this is a compilation of some very hilarious photos of just teachers messing around with their students I especially like it when teachers come back at very snobby and badly behaved students so that’s what we’re going to be looking at today and without further ado, let’s just jump right into it let’s go to the next photo the Pre-Ap Pre-Calculus Award for Josh Hance. has been awarded The Bermuda Triangle Award for Most Homeworks Gone “missing” Josh, I’m sorry, you got the Bermuda Triagle Award, I mean at least it sounds cool, right? I’m surprised that you said your homework’s gone missing, but most kids will probably tell their teacher that the dogs ate their homework that’s the classic one-liner in a nasally voice, “Josh, did you do your homework?” Uh, yeah, I did my homework, but you know what happened this time? “What, Josh? What happened this time?” *in a resigned tone* My dog ate it again! “Josh, your dog eats it every time. Can you— get, get out of my class, please.” *Shittiest Romance by Lady Gaga plays* That was perfect! At least that teacher has a sense of humor. I like teachers with a sense of humor, cause you can tell them jokes, and they’re not gonna get super butthurt and give you detention. Okay, this is the homework assignment for the weekend, guys. Please do one of the following by Tuesday. Number one: Master Kung Fu Number two: switch religions for a day Number three: wear a fake mustache for 24 hours Number four is end world hunger Oh, that’s a great assignment. I’d want to see a student do that. Number 5 is find your nemesis, earn their trust, then vanquish them (preferably with magic). Okay, Harry Potter, chill your horse. Lord Voldemort Number 6: In the shower, use conditioner first, then shampoo, just to see what would happen (I’m curious). *fake laugh* Okay, so at least do one of the following. If anything I would probably do number 6. You know what, I wanna master kung fu. *karate chop sound effect* It’s been a long time runnin’. I wanna finally master the art of kung fu. Or wear a fake mustache for 24 hours. What if this was like a middle school? Imagine coming in to class, you’re like 14 years old. You put on a mustache, “How’s it going, everybody?” Everyone’s like, “Damn. You’re—you’re a hairy son of a bitch, man.” “You really need to like—you need to find some shaving cream, and a razor blade, and go to work.” Your biology teacher did the entire lecture, like this. Wearing a Darth Vader™ costume. Think about how fun the class would be if you had a teacher like that *Teacher Asks Student* Why Are There Rings On Saturn? *Student Answers* Because God liked it so he put a ring on it Saturn was NOT a single lady Music cases during the 30-minute break the students got the actually discovered wasn’t a teacher was drinking guess what was it was the students here you know because i have to climb is failing at the class doesn’t want to do the book assignment so just let’s collect them let’s collect the students here I mean it’s gonna be a lot of so let’s set up a whole bottle as a novice teacher anything away in USA jacket you know where this is going to this is a scientific process but it uses need this is the best way to explain to your students first observed observation in questioning then hypothesis prediction experiments and results oh na need to take any teacher seriously with something like this on the wall I would not be able to me I would have a lot of respect for this here if you like my homie but the same time without you better do your homework objects what if I don’t just see what they would say that I get punched in the face you know but k so when a student falls asleep in class just take a photo with him and then maybe by the end of the year you’d actually have a full calendar of different photos maybe just give it to the student guy hey hey James it was a great year you go this is a little gift to you are sleeping in my class you literally could not stay one minute awake in class this is just my gift to you know apparently my classroom was a bedroom for you so I have to return the favor get someone roll a teacher a letter and it goes like this during my time in your class it’s been fun enjoy the class for the most part they’re pretty cool teacher any thoughts a lot but seeing that the senior project is over i plan to do no more work for english i believe that my classmates will agree when I say this next statement want you fucking like a pretty much out this bitch oh and I he wants to write for weathering heights to yep sincerely every senior so you know this is your ticket offensively and she was like I you want to go to lock me in all original even the letter i’ll fill graded formal writing should not include profanity just one where the day she’s got the dates run-on sentence makes that lower case no sense into the conjunction should be lowercase comma splice and that the bottoms plays your education appropriately proofreading takes five minutes keeps you for looking stupid always said that these are the sounds she got her payback is not about a teacher i hate you i don’t like you can fuck off and it always said that you’s gonna go okay thanks take know she’s gonna snap back boy justin bieber has thrown horizontally as 10 meters a second but my top of a cliff hundred twenty two and a half meters hot how long does it take to reach the ground what is the horizontal displacement what is justins final velocity officials my physics teacher and always really do every single homework assignment not because I don’t like justin bieber I appreciate justin bieber but just because this is so funny and creative if you had a lot more questions like that would actually make the students interested in news maybe it actually do homework instead of saying a baseball is going horizontally on time m/s someone broke my English teacher put this on the clock during finals it says time is passing are you probably not but again what is the test of time what are you gonna do then you don’t have a cloth you don’t know how long you’re taking on any question and then like the teacher says you’re probably not going to pass so i guess at this point you can blend the teacher and actually pass these are completely blocked out the clock and I couldn’t tell how long it was taking so I couldn’t even finish my test and then you complain to the principal also easy to get fired every today is a great day and a great time I love like latest i mean in the trash thank you very much it doesn’t just appears to have any latest assignment they go right there you see that that is a trash can that is where you’re going to be for the rest of your life if you don’t do your assignments on please where Simon there don’t take later where do you guys not automatically where I’m standing establish today I’m very very savage fuels but we’re going to fulfill their tests there then the teacher decides to also have the mountain i obligated for McDonald was here in the field test an application form of dollars here they’re going to spend the rest of your life good luck with a retirement I would like a Big Mac next time i see you thank you very much with and what is wrong with her it’s not enough someone fail the test you know about it feels when you feel a test and then the teacher has you a mcdonalds application kind of kind of smart actually maybe people will actually try hard I don’t know it’s still my stuff is claiming right there can do this what’s wrong with working dogs hall get to eat it everyday how to study for your finals that number one open your book that number to fucking study that shit ah hot it’s hot here if I need a snickers that absolutely has no relevance to being hard butt-fucking study that shit come on you get all stupid student ok so this is a tax number 121 decided to put hashtag Yolo and the teacher comes back with hashtag minimum wage tax your hashtag mcdonald home that we’re going to be you know you say Yolo on your fucking number number 12 yellow brown got mcdonalds words that’s what you’re gonna be you only live once at mcdonalds i’m going to work at McDonald’s window guys today I’m going to wrap it up for funny teachers who know how to deal with their students I mean when you ever feel like yellowing it’s remember that you’re going to come back but also don’t rise mean letter to your teacher no matter how much you need them because they’re going to proofread it and they’re going to grade you on it you have to really want to fill that class I would be instead make sure you go click on another video click that circle to subscribe to the channel not you guys next time on another episode of reaction and everyone guys and peeked out

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100 thoughts on “Teachers Who Know How To Deal With Students!

  1. Teacher:where is your homework??
    Me:at home
    Teacher:why don't you have it here
    Me:because it's home….work
    There for I work at home and it's for home
    Teacher: why did I become a teacher? I don't get paid enough!!!!!

  2. ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║



  3. last year my teacher in science said she doesn't wanna see wrong answers on my test paper…so I answered the test using invisible pen..that way she won't see any wrong answers …eveb right ones…she got so mad at me ..her face is epic tho

  4. My dog has actually ate my homework and I almost got held back my mom had to explain to my teacher my dog did eat my homework

  5. My has actually eaten my homework before and when the teachers asks for proof then they have a half eaten sheet handed over with dog teeth marks on. I say half but normally my dog eats almost all of it and the bag it comes in

  6. O M G
    What a blast from the past! It’s little Tal!!
    I miss this format and commentary style. You’re so clean now. But I get it.
    Cool to see the progression.

  7. One time my dog actually ate my hunger he was a big pitbull he used to be a fighting dog sooo I didn't do anything about that

  8. Me:*forgot to do my report*
    Teacher:wheres your report that you are supposed to report in class now?
    Me:srry teacher but my dog ruined my report:( even tho if its not true XD
    teacher: ok

  9. One of our teachers said “what are you doing Joe? Lexi doesn’t want to get with u”😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Ok so this is sorta related to the meme one but my one teacher in 7th grade had a poster on the wall with funny drawings on there and it said "some things to look forward to when doing drugs" or something like that. The last one picture said " forever peace and quiet" or something like that. It had a picture of a tombstone with r.i.p written on it. By far my favourite picture

  11. Teacher: "Nobody looks down and smiles at their crotch"
    Me: Uhm I do, it needs food and I smile because it's getting bigger and cuter 😏

  12. I read Spitfire Phoenix’s comment and agree.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I read Spitfire Phoenix’s comment and agree.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. 1:55
    I’d love for this to happen, because where I go to school, in every grade there are different “teams” (basically just different class groups) and the team I’m on is called the Skywalkers, so in a way I found this ironic.

  15. My friend walked into her kitchen and her dog was eating her homework. The teacher didn't belive it till she saw it.

  16. My teacher two days ago:ur in detention!
    Me tells my mom:Mum the teacher punished me for something i didn't do!
    My mom:what!wait wat is it that you didn't do?
    Me:my homework.
    My mum:😡😡😡😤😤😤

  17. S ome
    C ruel
    I nternational
    E xperiment
    N abbed
    C oolness
    E ntirely

    M ental
    A ssult
    T o
    H umans

    H oles
    O f
    M y
    E nergy
    W asted
    O n
    R andom
    K nowledge

  18. i hvae a black labrador and he ate my Harry Potter book, and it was for school so he ate my homework MY DOG ACTUALLY ATE MY HOMEWORK

  19. One time my classmate said that something smelled. My teacher told him his nose were to close to his mouth😂

  20. My teacher gave me a question on my math test and it said: "Dat boi was at Thanksgiving dinner. And he was a Hungry boi.He ate 7 more turkey than stuffing. How Much stuffing Did Dat Boi Eat?" Lolol i laughed so hard

  21. Yesterday while I was in school my teacher found a students phone and took a picture with it and when the student saw he flipped out

  22. When i say to my teacher of wheres my homework i said its says its at home and the teacher said what is it doing there i said its working at home

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