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100 thoughts on “Teachers Tell Their Worst Horror Stories

  1. This is all a lie the girl that said that one girl peed all over her is a lie if your a teacher you are not allowed to have tattoos

  2. Today I couldn’t stop myself and started laughing because one of my first grade boys lifted his shirt to scratch his stomach and one of the girls screamed and said “I didn’t come to see a tummy, teacher tell him I don’t want to see his tummy!” She sounded so offended which is the part that got me and since I always ask them “what did you come to school to do today?” And they say “to learn” I think that’s why she was like “that’s not what I’m here for boy, that ain’t learning” lol 😂

  3. in pre-pre school i started to pee during class so i went to the bathroom but there was no toilet paper so i was just sitting in there for the rest of the class til my teacher had to come in and get me😂

  4. Fortunately its not horor story from asia….if u get horor story from asian teacher it will be really horor……till make u feel goshtbum

  5. Tsalane's story made me think 'synchorized vomiting' lol. The 'lots of Febreeze' comment at the end tho. (P.S. I would love 2 have her 4 a science teacher)

  6. My mom was a teacher and her horror story was when a girl tried to stab another girl in the back
    (my mom was teaching a FIRST GRADE CLASS)

  7. I was secretly hoping that the teacher who got peed on was going to say she was a high school teacher. That would be a good plot twist

  8. A little boy once bit me on my thigh I was working in a home day care years ago this was very first time ever working in a daycare.

  9. My dad is a principal and let’s just say there was a naked, screaming, very strong kindergartener, a hammer, broken glass and an educational assistant running for her life.

  10. How come most of their outfits are soooo dress code that I would get detention but their teachers so it's fine. But cute outfits though

  11. Wait. The lady who said she been teaching preschool for 12 years. That means her very 1st class are about to graduate (or already did). She looks so young. Like a fresh-out-of-college kinda young and ready to teach.

  12. In chem my friend was washing a test tube and it exploded in his hand. Like we were across the bench from each other and he's looking at the test tube while washing it and talking to me about something and we hear the sound of glass popping and he is holding a broken test tube in his hand and the sink is full of glass shards. He was fine amazingly.

  13. I knocked my favorite teacher's computer AND monitor onto the nice, hard floor by sliding around on a swivel chair and i caught the cords in the process. This was highschool, chemistry, and extremely embarrassing. It still worked though, thank god. I was too poor to pay for that, still am lmao

  14. I’ve been a biology teacher for 12 years and when we were doing dissections one of my students and his friends decided they were going to stick a metal scalpel in the socket on the lab tables…..

  15. I have a horror story alright… I was a freshman in high school… one day I was in class and I was feeling good I was fine then at one point my teacher was walking around the class and I started to get nauseous… sometimes people get nauseous because they haven’t eaten in a while but it passes after a minute or two… so that happened it passed… then when the teacher came down the next to my desk… I didn’t get up in time to make it to the garbage bin and I threw up all over her shoes… I was so embarrassed especially since my crush was in the same class three desks away… to this day I still get playfully mocked for that by my close friends and my family

  16. Seriously… These arent that bad. I just did 4 yrs at an alternative learning campus (behavior issues). I had to wear tights to work everyday and be trained to protect myself and the other students from THE students… And I mean elementary kids… I could fill up an hour. But… I agree. The vomit story is horrible!

  17. There are supposed to put my gymnastics teacher in my school in this video
    Because I broke my arm and THATS A HORROR STORY

  18. So my first day in the preschool classroom one of our kiddos had very tight pants and he needed help pulling them down and up when going to use the bathroom… Well.. When i was pulling up i decided to multitask and pull up his underwear and pants… Well he still had a bit left over and he sprayed me just a tad i guess bc it squeezed the little bit out idk but.. It went right in my mouth because I was kneeling trying to pull up his tight pants 4year old with 24mos pants imagine that

  19. I was in the middle of one of my lessons and one of my students who typically only uses English spoke in Korean and cut me off saying “Teacher 토했어요! (Teacher he threw up)” and I slowly looked down and saw white chunky throw up all over the desk but thankfully my nonchalant reaction kept the whole class calm 😪

  20. This video reminds me of when I’m first grade my teacher was talking about her new shoes she had just gotten, then she was teaching and my best friend threw up on her shoes😂

  21. 1:40 why would you do that as a lesson? Just tell them. A “hands on activity” about that is kinda strange… 😂

  22. Instead of saying 'horror'
    Just say weird stories because none of these are horror and mainly just weird and odd stories..

  23. Everyones saying a teachers salary is way too low… they make $70,000 a year where i live AND they get so many days off and have an entire summer off ….every.year.

  24. As a high school teacher, these are not horror stories. No one cursed anyone else out, there were no broken noses, or anything else horrific. You want a horror story – go interview an inner city high school teacher with 30 years experience. Their stories will keep you up at night!

  25. Back in the 2000-2001 school year my mom was pregnant with me (she had already been teaching for about 13 years by then). I believe she was teaching elementary school at the time, but one of her students would always tell her "I'm going to kill that baby" and would even hit her in the stomach sometimes. One day he had punched her in the face and threw a desk on her foot and broke it and that's when she finally decided to go on maternity leave. This was back when misbehaving students only got a small discipline and no one really cared, especially where she was teaching. Thank god she was ok and that I didn't develop any issues.

  26. I work in a nursery (with children aged 6 months to 5 years) and I’m based in the 2-3’s room.
    One time this child sat on my lap whilst I dressed him into a new pair of trousers (after an accident) and when I stood him up to pull up his trousers… I looked down and saw that he had pooped on me! Luckily the cook let me put my fleece jumper in the wash 😂

  27. these aren’t horror stories, just an exciting day at work😂 I’ve been working with kids for only five years and have better stories lol. Also, my mom has been teaching for 18 years and has worse ones too😳

  28. It’s not part of the job I’m preschool teacher about 7 years as soon they woke up should direct them to the potty more important to keep classrooms sanitary as you can then comfort a child mostly they wake cause they have pee

  29. her: "throwing desks"
    me: i go to a bad public school and people throwing chairs at each other and choking people with extension cords 😭😭😭

  30. In first grade, I asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom because I really had to go and she told me I could, when I got to the restroom it was locked. I went back and told her if she could help me and she said no, forget it the class is about to be over, well I really had to go so I peed myself.

    I've heard that going to the restroom is a right so you can't deny it to students. She learned the hard way🤷

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