Teachers & Teens Take A High School Math Test
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Teachers & Teens Take A High School Math Test

hi I’m Madison and I’m a senior in high school I’m Vanessa and I’m a preschool teacher hi my name is Ted I’m a creative writing teacher I’m Ricardo I’m a senior we’ll be doing a teens versus teachers take the same math course probably gonna fail [Music] I used to be pretty decent at it in high school I got into a calculus class like my senior year but then I decided that since I didn’t need it I would drop the class I would probably give myself a d-plus in math I give myself B at math my best math is probably geometry because I have like an artist mind so like shapes are kind of my thing geometry with like shapes and stuff like that I’m like I just can’t do that’s just it it’s mentally challenging on me you know passing a math class in general is just accomplishment in itself okay if I can like get a C and like even a D I’ll be happy I’m pretty good at long division hopefully I pass I’m ready say your prayers let’s do it all right question number one solved for X square root of 45 minus 4x equals 500 okay no I got this okay I don’t even know where to start with this actually a circle that you know I used to get in trouble for not showing my work all the time and I’m not gonna do it deal with it she’s already smoking me I am confident with the length of the rectangle is 10 feet less than double the width the perimeter of the rectangle is 64 feet what is the area of this rectangle so the perimeter there’s a formula for this like area equals length times width yeah is that right how are you doing are you doing good writer who knows what is coordinate of the point of the slope of the line if yes where did you guys get these questions who slopes I’m looking forward to that I remember doing slope and I remember not doing well with them so hmm my goal is to get at least one right I was like oh it’s slope I know slope rise over run and then I realized I have to put the coordinates into the slope how do I do that MX plus B what does that mean again not though I feel – hold on I’m actually doing kind of okay on this I think I think I got the general idea of this one he pays 60% of the bill it’s a sixty over a hundred and twenty-five more than J nope all of the formulas I remember are failing right now I like this one it just says x equals one there’s no word cylinder whatsoever that’s fine X my favorite question was what figure it out this is literally so embarrassing I am like wanting to tap out but I’m not I’m not gonna tap out yet I swear I used to know how to do this f of X equals 2x squared minus 5x evaluate F of negative 3 is this real math so X minus 3 over 2 equals x plus 9 over 5 oh I can do this okay and then I have two equations that I have to use so this would be plus 15 plus 15 x equals 7 piece the top an out Talon out if we’re doing something I’m doing nothing she’s doing something I’m doing nothing I’m just writing I’m gonna say five dollars and then put a sad face next to it because I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect I’m never coming back to BuzzFeed if they indicated these are right angles or not but they’re probably not right angles I said it was good at geometry I’m a fraud here comes that long division everybody am I looking at close your strong suit you will thrive for long division work together I’m gonna say 6 9 69 [Music] two big fat zero this isn’t an accomplishment like hey it’s better than me how many did I’d even get right I think I just got one too that was that’s so that’s give that too that’s like one and a half yeah it’s close enough counts right I’m gonna say I got two right I thought there would be simpler questions honestly these were pretty tough I do not want to try this again look what did we learn here today not much nothing at all and I don’t know why I did this I’m glad I did this with you though I feel like if I did this another teen or god forbid a math teacher I feel like we could relate we could relate to each other more I’m glad I did this with you because you’re done with math [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Teachers & Teens Take A High School Math Test

  1. it's funny watching all these middle/high schoolers talking about how easy this math is, like of course it's easy y'all learned it yesterday! lmfaooooo

  2. Whoever casted this episode deserves a raise. These "vs." videos can be incredibly dull with poor casting, but this was wholesome and entertaining.

  3. i'm a junior and i'm horrible at maths but wtf those sound extremely easy to me??? they're acting like it's the hardest thing in the world??

  4. So would have been better if they use teachers who actually had study the material, you know math teachers as opposed to a preschool teacher.

  5. Mom: why didn't you get an A+ in the math final?
    Me: I got an A- so, same thing.
    Mom: that doesn't answer my question.
    Me: Half of the class failed, so, It's fine and that test was hard. Even our teacher said that!

  6. hearing them read the question out, it's literally easier than what I do lmaooooo. and yes i am asian pleasedontjudge

  7. Yo I could’ve easily passed that.. I graduated high school a few months ago and I still remember how to do all that. I wasn’t even in the best math classes

  8. 1) x = 5
    2) w = 14, l = 18, area = 252
    The dinner bill one) $125 was the total bill
    f(x) = (2x)^2 – 5x ; f(-3) = 51 (The precise notation of the problems is crucial to getting the correct answers, and it's sometimes difficult to know how the problem is written based on how they say it. (2x)^2 and 2x^2 give different results. f(-3) = 33 for the latter.)
    (x – 3)/2 = (x + 9)/5 ; x = 11
    They didn't go over the rest of the questions in enough detail… I'm sad, I wanted to see if I could still solve them all 13 years after graduating high school.

  9. This video makes me want to jump off the patio, it's so depressing. This pretty much makes me feel the math I grew up with will never matter; even though i was told " YOU NEED THIS".

  10. …is the singaporean/ asian education system way harder than US or is the US education system easier than everywhere else
    cause that was like sec1 math, (13 yrs )

  11. Not bring and to do basic math is the equivalent of not being able to read. Yet being illiterate is unacceptable and not being able to do math is almost bragged upon

  12. all the questions that were read out or could be made out from the video, i could solve them when i was 13. these were way too simple…

  13. Dude, those seniors probably studied and took the sat only a couple months prior. The math seemed pretty basic, I would have thought that they would do better

  14. LOL im from sg, and the first qn i answered it immediately within seconds (it was common sense) XD those were like KIDS math tbh.
    could easily scored full marks

  15. I'm okay with the teachers not being good at math – it's not their field of strength and it's been a while since they've touched math. But jesus, the high school SENIORS struggling with simple questions meant for students 5 years younger than them made me chuckle.

  16. Everyone saying this is easy needs to understand what it’s like to go without math for a couple of years. It’s my first year without math and I don’t understand anything anymore. It’s hard to retain information and formulas, especially if you were never talented at it in the first place. We get it. You’re good at math.

  17. what do u even learn in those 4 years of highschool, i mean…. a simple equation? areas that are solved only by using the formula? percentages? In europe we get out of highschool not only knowing basic math, but also complex math, even if you don't need it for your degree… trigonometry, areas, functions and limits are required, and if you study science, you know everything about derivatives, integrals, equations with a mix of everything (limits and trigonometry), imaginary numbers…gee.

  18. Yall are allowed to talk? They should of put them in a empty classroom with a scary protor to get the full experience

  19. i bet you when they were casting people for this video they were like "no left handed people"

  20. A senior in high school doesn’t know what perimeter is? Those simplification factoring questions with variables was taught in senior elementary and junior high school lol.. American education is way too behind and it shows 😂

  21. I remember when. I was in school I was the top student in math. But if you ask me now I don't remember any of that stuff. Most likely because I never had to use any of it in my daily life so I forgot most of it. Not everyone is gonna remember something they learned years ago. Especially if there is no repetition.

  22. I don’t know but am I the only one that imagines scenarios and just laugh about it??

    Me: teacher I know what X equals

    Teacher: what?

    Me: my current boyfriend

  23. They let them talk through the test?! If I were those teens I’d be so mad. Those adults clearly forgot the hardest parts of test-taking, no collaboration and NO reading allowed. If you don’t agree @ my teachers.

  24. the education system fails students. educators don’t even know how to do math (unless they’re math teachers). this is such simple stuff, although I’ve taken math through multivariable calculus so maybe i’m a bit biased

  25. Sometimes I think about how teachers say the math test is easy
    My mind:you just know the answers to all the questions😑

  26. Some teachers forget what they are thought too in any kind of subject. Our memories are not stable as we thought it was

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