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100 thoughts on “Teachers & Teens Play “Never Have I Ever”

  1. Why do teachers believe you when you say you didn’t cheat and the answer was correct, but they do believe you when you say you didn’t cheat and the answer wasn’t correct?
    (Hope this makes sense lol)

  2. I cheated in school, the assignments they gave had mostly come from the internet in the first place
    I cared more about the grade than I cared about trying to learn something the teacher didn't care about either

  3. When in life do we look at something and think, “wow! It’s a solid!” And then do this long historic algorithm to figure out how it was created. Like when in life are we going to do that. “Omg it’s a liquid! Woahhhh!” Like…explain

  4. One of my teachers did the posting the grades on the door thing but we had our own number that we didn't share.
    For example I think I was number 23 so the paper would look like 23: A- 91

  5. The guy in the green shirt and dork glasses seems super cool. I'd want him as my teacher.

  6. 1:02 I’m a student rn and there’s a teacher I have who we hate each other a lot I have to go to her lesson today can anyone cheer my up with replies? Idc about likes I wanna make friends

  7. Best type of university teachers is the one that takes cigarette breaks with you😂 honestly, like smoking is allowed on our campus, and whenever my friends and i feel like we need to take a smoke, we let the professor come with us. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Emotional Health Days should be considered valid sickness absence especially when you have a job as well. Taking the time to reset and deal with being overwhelmed means you'll be better set to take on college the next day.

  9. Teachers yelling at me don’t get me to cry, but instead they get me so mad I have to calm down and my mood is off for the rest of the day.

  10. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT of things teachers do that goes undiscovered that would get them easily fired or even in a lawsuit but kids don’t know law and what they can and can’t do

  11. I'm going to say this my experience in an Indian School has been very different then them, I can just tell from the way they think…

  12. "Have u ever fooled a teacher"

    thinks back to when I pulled an April fools prank in year 5

    Aaaaah the good ol' times

  13. Does anybody ever do the reading? So far my entire uni experience has just been "hey did you do the reading" "no, did you" "no, thank god im not alone". This one lecturer sends us about 300 pages a week to read and its for one module and its too much

  14. the fact that the guy teacher and his teen never made mutual eye contact somehow made me more uncomfortable 😂😂
    edit: "I think we see eye to eye on a lot of things" PFFFT I DIED like in a literal sense they didn't lock eyes for two seconds, and then he says thAt-

  15. Surprisingly I lied to the principal because I threw water on him and hit him with a bucket. I was like I’m so sorry. I was lying he deserved it 100%

  16. 4:40 i had a teacher who did the same thing, she posted our grade on a wall but it had our ID # where our named would be.

  17. 0:52
    I cheated once
    and still asnwered badly…
    on history
    my favourite.
    elementary school tho I didnt like it that much those days as now.

  18. The girl in the blue shirt reacted like she was just amused because the teacher said "well we like to party"…

  19. HS teacher: Says I have to having a crush on a student
    Student next to him/her: Also says they had a crush on a teacher
    Both of them look at each other
    Cris Hansen:*appears out of nowhere* Hi I’m cris Hansen and your being recorded live

  20. the girl in blue is literally me. Whenever I cry I literally just say I have allergies. I also have ANXiETy.

  21. Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s always at least a couple Asians at ur school that are way more responsible than you

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