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Teachers Guess Who’s High (Bo) | Lineup | Cut

– I still don’t think
you’re high right now, but something tells me you do smoke weed. Nevermind, he’s high. Take it all back, this man is high. (playful music) My name is Bo Donaldson,
and I am a teacher. I’m an underpaid counselor. – Yes, absolutely. Like, all types of kids know about weed. – (chuckles) Every day, I work with kids. (group laughs) – 1,000%, and I know
this for a kind of fact, because kids are assholes. You gotta train ’em to not be dicks. That’s what my job is. – Alright. – No, get ready. Is this your first time doing this? – Yeah. – Yeah, no, yeah I see,
I can kinda tell you’re. – I’m fine, I’m fine. – Yeah, no, I mean, you’re
totally, yeah, 100%. – Immediately, this man is high. (laughs) I honestly think you’re kinda high. Is that okay? – I mean, that’s okay that you think that. – Okay, cool. – Hey. – Hey, how ya doin’? I think he might be intoxicated. – Yeah, what do you look
for in your students to find out they’re high? – Mostly, in their eyes and their dialect. Your eyes are actually quite white, so I don’t believe you’re high. I’m sorry. – Bo! I’m James. – Nice to meet you, James.
– Nice to meet you. – What’s your favorite song? He’s not high. (laughs) He’s not high. What’s your favorite cartoon? – I like some Zap Comix
stuff from the 60’s. – Oh, okay. I still don’t think you’re high right now, but somethin’ tells me you do smoke weed. Nevermind, he’s high. Take it all back, this man is high. (laughing) Yep, and that confirmed it, so, thank you! Good to know, and he just
left, and nobody said anything. So, this is great. I’m winning, kind of. I think you’re high. – Why so?
– A little bit. This comes from my father,
it’s called the nigga glare. (laughs) And the fact that he’s
laughing right now means that he’s probably
understanding what I’m saying. – I feel that. (laughing) – Yeah, I think you might be
high, is that okay to say? Is that cool?
– I mean, I feel like you’re profiling me. (laughs) – He’s high as hell! (laughter) He is high. (laughs) – Why do you think I’m high? – Mostly ’cause I can
tell around your eyes, like, into your lids are kinda red. (chuckles) That diva turn! Hello! – Hello. What’s your favorite
crunchy food of snack? – Chips. – Have you ever had, like, a
cucumber on top of a Dorito? – Probably. (laughs) – I don’t think you’re high, but you seem really fun to smoke with. – That is true. – Yeah. So, have you ever busted anybody in your class for being high, and, like, what do you do if you have? – Most of the time it’s
just calling the parents and being like, “Uh, you’re
the one that dropped them off, “so what the hell’s goin’ on?” – That is fucking bleak, man. – It’s very bleak. – Alright, well, thanks. – No problem. – Not high. – Not, prob-, not high, I’m gonna say. Hello, high! (laughs) I’m so sorry. – Is that a racial thing? – No, it’s not a racial thing. (laughs) What? (laughing) When I’m high in front of other people, I try to be as sober as possible. You seem like you’re trying to be as sober in front of me and the,
with the smiling included, in front of me and the camera, and so I can kinda tell you might be high. When you do get high,
if you ever smoked weed, what would be your chip of choice? – I like Cheeto Puffs. Do you like Cheeto Puffs? – Yes, you’re high. (laughs) Have you ever had ham wrapped around a Cheeto?
– No, I don’t like ham. I don’t like meat.
– You’re missing out. Well, what about, like, bologna? You don’t eat meat.
– No. – You just said that 30
seconds ago, I’m so sorry. – Yeah, I think you’re high, are you high? – I wish. – I don’t believe you. – No, that’s cool, and that’s very. – Is that cool with you? – Yeah, that’s very okay. I feel like this is a trick. – Oh, fuck off. What are your favorite snacks, actually? – I like cookies, Sun Chips. Honestly, the cucumber and
Dorito, that sounds so fire. – Oh, it’s great. – Yeah. – When did you start drinking? – I would say, like 14. – Are you still drinking today? – I don’t really drink like I used to or drink like a lot of people I know. I like to party once in
a while, but when I do, I go in, yeah. – That’s dope, are you high right now? (laughs) I almost got him! I’m gonna say you’re not high, but you really wanna get fuckin’ high. – Damn it! Oh wait, I got some of you guys right. You were high, I knew it. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. (laughs) – That’s just your life? (laughs) – It must be hard getting
jobs, I’m so sorry. (laughing) – This experience is quite amazing. This just goes to show,
you can’t just judge people by how they look. – Because school fuckin’ sucks! High school is in the
worst part of your life. – Don’t fuckin’ punish them at all. Well, I think the stigma
behind weed is ridiculous. It can help so many people,
but at the same time, be regulated. (applause) – Oh sweet, my bad. – [Producer] No, you’re good. – [Bo] Hello, everybody! Sorry, this is weird.

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100 thoughts on “Teachers Guess Who’s High (Bo) | Lineup | Cut

  1. I think he got fired because he said he gets high every day LMFAO
    In other video called: "Guess What I Netflix" he says he used to be a teacher 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. you guys should make one for muslim people who are fasting. you can tell a person who is fasting by their breath because it tends to have a strong odor and their tongue is white. just something for the upcoming ramadan

  3. i bet someone from the school he works at is like:
    UM………. Scus me I am HIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He 100% wouldn't be able to tell if I'm high. My eyes don't get red. The only time he'd be able to tell if I'm high is if I hotbox and I smoke ALOT. When I hot box or smoke a shit ton I start to get no feeling in my body, hungry and tired af but no red eyes.

  5. My Name is Bo Donaldson and I am a Teacher.
    I''m an UndERPAid Counselor
    somebody give this man some money

  6. Who even came up with this idea? In my opinion this video is just weird :/

    Also where did they get these high/not high people? Are the people pretending? Or did they actually get high before the teacher came in? If so, does that mean that the high people only got high just to be questioned if they're high or not?

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